Can Arsenal really forget Olympiacos ahead of Man Utd?

You can easily understand why Arsene Wenger wants Arsenal to treat the Premier League campaign as a completely separate entity to the Champions League, as we have been truly dreadful so far in the latter, losing the opening two games against teams that we were expected to beat without too much fuss.

The Gunners started poorly in the domestic league as well but have largely put that right and, as Wenger reminded us all in the press conference today reported by the Arsenal website, our last game was an excellent away win at Leicester City, a team that had started like a rocket, were playing very well and had not lost a game until last weekend.

The Frenchman said, “It is a special fixture because usually Man United are always fighting at the top. It has an even bigger meaning now because there are three points between the teams, and we play at home in a big game.

“We have just come from a big win at Leicester and we want to continue our run. We are the only team who has beaten [Leicester], so I don’t see why we should not believe we can beat Manchester United.

“At the moment it is too difficult to say that any team dominates the championship. It is so tight that one point more after seven games does not mean you will suddenly make a big difference in the league.

“It is settling at the moment and it is a very important time in the Premier League but you cannot come to a conclusion that one team is above everybody else.”

It is true that Arsenal could actually finish on top of the table after this weekend if results go our way and that is something that should give the players confidence as well as an extra incentive, but is it realistic to think that they could just forget about the trauma of the Olympiacos game?

It will be hard but then we do keep hearing about how the English teams, and not just Arsenal, struggle to adapt our game to Europe. So perhaps the Gunners can approach this big EPL game with real belief and remember that apart from the Chelsea game and the ridiculous refereeing of Mike Dean, Arsenal have not lost since the opening day and are in a good position to make a real challenge for the title. What do you think Gooners?

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  1. There’s certainly a big reason to give if we eventually lose – Referee -GOONERS.
    I’m not bothered though, we’ll win the league – forget Europe.

    1. The players are the reason Wenger lost 6 – 0 on his 1000th game, or did Wenger play that game?
      Show enough passion when you are on…SIMPLE

  2. Obviously, We will have to wait and see how the team and wenger respond against Utd.

    But was wenger hinting for a “point” there?
    I hope not, as it is 3pts needed from the utd game,
    We are playing at home Ffs ?
    If that’s his loser mentality then he may as well give up now!
    I’m expecting a win… No win… and I will join the wenger out brigade ??? just for the day ?

    1. I think what wenger is saying is that we are going all out for the 3 points he’s saying 7 games in getting 1 point doesn’t make a difference.

      I disagree Id rather us not lose and take the point

    1. Don’t worry about it, Moaning is good, it brings trophies to some managers ?

      So try squealing a bit louder!
      I’m sure some one will hear you ?

  3. So I enjoin you all to support your team, your players and manager. To say the least, and truthfully too, that’s about the BEST thing to do.

    1. There is a flat for sale there … if you are interested ?
      £660,0000 ?? Double Bulk… wenger style ?

  4. I’m very concerned that playing at home isn’t giving us much of an advantage

    Our away record is better.

    Players should use the home ground to push them to play with passion. They should think to themselves, “lets not embarrass ourselves or play poorly in our own stadium and in front of our fans”

    No team wins PL without an excellent home record so we really need to play better at home.

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