Can Arsenal REALLY rely on England trio this season?

Of course we always want the best from the Arsenal players, whether they are playing for club or country. Not only does it give us an interest in the international matches not involving our own country, it is interesting to see how each Gunner does with other players around them.

When it is your own nation playing that becomes even more important, so being English I hope to see the likes of Jack Wilshere, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Theo Walcott playing well, but all three have had problems of one sort or another in their international careers recently.

Arsene Wenger has been talking about that and as a report in the Evening Standard explains, he is hoping that their need to get their England careers up and running again may well help Arsenal to get the most out of the trio in the coming months.

The Frenchman said, “It’s a massive season for them because they have not been regularly involved in the English national team and they all belong to the English national team.

“There’s a new possibility for them because there’s a new coach [Sam Allardyce] in the English national team.

“But especially, I think what is most important is for them to do well for their club. They have been frustrated last season on that front. All three have a point to prove.”

They certainly do, but the question is if they will react in the right way to this pressure, or even whether their form will be good enough to see them play regularly for Arsenal in order to make sure of their inclusion in the England squad.

Wenger did not even mention Kieran Gibbs, so does this mean he is not really in the manager’s first team plans and so unlikely to get another chance with the three lions? And will the Ox, Wilshere and Walcott go the same way or respond in the way Wenger wants?


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  1. Theo: His international career is over, there are simply players out there better than him. He is a good counter attack weapon, but nothing more.

    I expect him to be a super sub in tough games where we sit back, not a starter.

    Ox: Huge potential to be a World Beater, but has never used thus potential. Goals not enough,assists not enough, he gas skill, pace power, but gets rushed and final ball is just not there.

    Not a starter for us unless there are injuries, and I hope he takes the chance. Maybe a loan to Westham or something is what he needs.

    Jack: Pretty much the same as ox, injuries are mostly his own fault though, he needs to stop enticing bone breaking challenge.

    I think his deep English role is what we need at Arsenal, less injuries and then he can actually grow and will be WC, the odd game he can move up and do his magic.

    Jack has best chance for international career at this point
    Ox has potential but is just that for years now, do or die time.

    Theo: Meh wgatever

  2. why do i always get the feeling that when it comes to English players

    “Arsenal” and “Injuries” are synonymous


  3. Their down falls or what they need to improve their games are:

    Theo Walcott_________Concentration.
    Oxlade_Chamberlain________Decision making.
    Jack Wilshere________Fitness & Timing.

    They are all good footballer with different qualities.

    I still believe in them to succeed.

  4. Theo 10 years a pro and
    he’s no better than when
    he first signed on.
    But he is 40 mill better off.
    Jack has been at the club since he was 9.
    Been a pro since he was 17.
    After 7 years he is an injury wreck.
    Again very wealthy for doing F’all.
    AOC has been a pro 5 years and yet to improve
    on the day he signed pro forms.
    Very lucky, wealthy young man because
    he has so little football talent.
    Gibbs Chambers and Wellbeck same
    All six have been stealing a living for years.
    I think these will be the last of the overpaid
    underperforming deadwood.
    The club is moving toward signing 2 mill or free players
    like Iwobi Holding Bielik Kelechi and Adelaide and pay them
    a whole lot less. About time too

    1. Is not like Wilshere broke his legs doing step dance. All injuries when he played for Arsenal. This season is make it or break it for everyone. Wenger will leave, the British core too, btw, you forgot to mention Ramsey in your tiny idioti c list. All clubs are moving forward, is not some discovery you made.

  5. Typical Wenger, changing the subject, As per usual.
    Anyways, I’m sure that Fat Sam the new England man, will pick all of Arsenal’s English core player’s, just to piss Wenger off! ( Club verses Country) If you get my meaning? ??

  6. Leicester going through the champions hangover!
    Losing 1 nil at the break.

    Vardy looking lost at moment ?

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