Can Arsenal REALLY win a trophy in 2015?

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that I do not believe that Arsenal can win the Premier League this season. I know that may be a shock to some of you Gooners out there, but even if the Gunners do go on the sort of run that we are capable of, the first half of the season has simply left us to much to do.

So it looks like a battle for fourth in the league again, but Arsene Wenger has been very upbeat about out situation and has declared, in an interview reported by ESPN, that he is still planning to get his mitts on a trophy in 2015. The manager is confident that our bad luck with injury problems, most of them caused by accidents and impacts according to him, will ease and that will give the Frenchman a strong and talented squad in his chase for glory.

Wenger said, “2015 can be very exciting if we manage to get our injured players back and have a good run,” said Wenger. “We have the Champions League and the FA Cup and the Premier League, where we want to come back to a much stronger position and I think we will.

“I believe when the [injured players] come back, we will have a much stronger squad than we had in the last few months.

“We have had more injuries than planned this season, but most of them are joint problems and accidental problems. They are post-World Cup traumatic injuries.

“The only muscular problems we had consistently this year was Arteta and Ramsey. Ramsey is quite is surprising. He is young, he has good stamina and we haven’t found out why.”

We have got a fantastic draw in the Champions League and should go through against Monaco and be much stronger for the quarter-final. But there are teams like Real Madrid and Bayern Munich in the way so you would have to see that as a very long shot to win.

Realistically, our hopes must rest on the FA cup again, so there must be no mistakes when Steve Bruce brings his struggling Hull City to London in a couple of weeks.

So assuming the boss is right about the injury list and he does some good business in the January transfer window, how do you rate the chances of another trophy heading to the Emirates?

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  1. We can win the FA cup trophy. We can win the CL but the odds of that happening is probably 100/1. We can’t win the premier league and quite frankly do not deserve to win it. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a wasted season.

    1. I’d pay the money if the odds were 100/1 but I’m afraid is a bit better than that. I would put right now 100 quids on the fact that Arsenal would win CL, just imagine 🙂

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  3. So long as we build and are better next season I don’t mind. We won a trophy in 2014. Two if you count the community shield. We don’t have a divine right to win trophies year after year, we have to build a team and earn our silverware.

    1. We don’t have a divine right, no. And with regards to the question stated of course we can win a trophy by virtue of being in 3 competitions…but the real question is how likely are we to win a trophy???

      That’s got to be the target for us as a club, to maximize our likelihood of winning trophies. As of now we aren’t likely at all to win anything, whereas Chelsea/City are very likely.

      Boils down to the same line we keep rehashing, equip the squad with more quality and better balance to give us more chance of winning. Roll on Jan 1st….investment needed.

    1. Seriously ? Even though Dortmund are second from bottom in a weaker league ? You may well say it’s the best time to get him, well yes it is because he’s probably about to get sacked for doing a bad job.

      1. No he isn’t……. Not even close. The Dortmund fans and management aren’t a bunch of babies, and actually support their team instead of acting like entitled little pricks every year. Klopp and Wenger are the same coach. Half of these people don’t even really know anything about Klopp. Love the guy, but he isn’t an upgrade so much as a newer version of what we have

      2. @Gunner Mac, seriously, has Wenger done a good job this season? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        In paper we have better team than last season and we were on TOP of the league last Christmas. Please, do not give me excuses about injuries etc, we have had those the most since 2004, who to blame than Wenger, who has overplayed and played players in wrong position and did not purchase the RIGHT players in RIGHT places during summer, defensive midfield player and center back to cover Verminator.

  4. Home form has been excellent so another draw with every FA Cup game at home and there’s a good chance. Draw a decent team away from home and it’s all over though. Champions League will be either Bayern or Real. Both have been on unbeatable form. Real have won 22 in a row !! Bayern have conceded 4 goals in 17 league matches and won 14 of those matches (no defeats).

  5. Depends on who he gets in January
    Defensive reinforcements and some major fire power. 2-3 signings will do the trick

    Defense: Schar, Hummels, Reid, Schneiderlin, Carvalho, etc

    Firepower: Cavani or Reus

      1. Defensive Midfielders we are linked with:

        * Schneiderlin (Best Choice)
        * Carvalho (will not happen due to Mendes as agent)
        * Lars Bender (great choice has been linked with us for years)
        * M’Vila (yes he is being mentioned again)
        * Marcelo Brozovic (from Croatia, only 21 years old)
        * Christoph Kramer (Loaned to Bor Mun Gladbach makes this transfer very diifcult)
        * Sami Khedira (talked to death, will it ever happen, injury prone)
        * Grzegorz Krychowiak (Seville, high price for player that played 6 months with them)
        * James McCarthy (can’t see Everton selling him)
        * Lars Bender (great choice has been linked with us for years)
        * Moutinho (Not a defensive midfielder realy plus Mendes is his agent)
        * Lucas Silva (From Brazil, young, unproven in EPL, Real Madrid is interested)
        * Moussa Sissoko (New Castle, maybe a summer target)
        * James Milner (Can he play the CDM role)
        * Tolgay Arslan (Hamburg, out of contract soon)
        * Pogba (Keep dreaming)

        So realistically I would say to win something this season we need to go all out for Schneiderlin. Bender would be best but he is cup tight.

  6. Arsenal will win the 4th place trophy. The only reason wenger and the club haven’t come under too much scrutiny is because brendan rodgers and liverpool have been appalling and the press are happy writing stories on them. if liverpool improve over the transfer window, wenger is in for one hell of a s h i t storm.

    1. Hardly putting yourself out on a limb or am I missing a subtle piece of sarcasm. I would also say don’t hold any hopes for January window.This is Wenger we’re talking about.As for fourth place not a chance I’m afraid. If Liverpool are rubbish where does that put us.

  7. there is no difference between jan window and summer….

    just spend and sign the players

    Wenger out!!

  8. All depends on January.

    IF wenger signs a top class defender and CDM then I think we can defend our FA Cup Trophy AND seriously challenge in the CL. Quarter final, maybe even semifinal.

    IF Wenger only signs an average CB or doesn’t sign anyone then I doubt we’ll challenge for trophies.

    But gotta be optimistic, it’s Christmas time. coyg

  9. Arsenal has already won a trophy. The trophy to the Medical Facilities. Arsene Knows Best how to send the players there.

  10. Did this guy actually just say hes going out on a limb and that it may come as a shock to some Arsenal fans that we can’t win the PL. lmfao WOW you’re such a risk taker! your really living life on the edge there moron!

  11. Yes with some signings we can.

    Defense: Schar & Reid. Schar is fast aggressive defender like Kosielny. Reid could pose some competition for Mertesacker this season.

    Midfield: Schneiderlin

    If we sell Podolski, Campbell, Rosicky I can see us going for some attacking talent like XHERDAN SHAQIRI. He is the right price and age for Arsenal. Cavani I can not see happen.

    Sanogo on Loan.

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