Can Arsenal really win the League title and the Champions league?

As an ambitious Gooner, I’m sure you want the team to win both the Premier League and the Champions League. But can they really win both this season? The pundit and Ex-Everton keeper Tim Howard does not believe they can.

Howard suggests they should focus solely on the Premier League title chase, as he told BBC Sports: “For this Arsenal team, I don’t care about the Champions League. I don’t, because it’s nearly impossible to do the double. It’s so hard for a team trying to get over the hump, trying to win that Premier League title. The focus for them needs to be on the Premier League.”

The ex-goalkeeper’s remarks make sense to some, but don’t you think if Arsenal were to decide to ignore the Champions League for the league, it would demonstrate a lack of desire on their part?

For the last two seasons, the Gunners have been competitive, dominating their opponents and playing ‘beautiful’ football. But do you think this ‘beautiful’ football is pointless until it is crowned with a trophy? Not winning a League in the last two seasons, no matter how good our Gunners have been, should be disappointing.

Do you think Arsenal should win every competition they are in, or save their very best players to concentrate on the League title?

Darren N

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  1. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Potential banana skin ahead playing Sheffield away, who arguably are the worst team in the league at the moment but still it’s PL, anything can happen. Can’t get complacent.

    1. Already bottled against inferior team like fulham twice, west ham, Newcastle, aston villa. We can’t predict when we are going to bottle it again with which team. Beating Liverpool and mancity didn’t make any sense as we are still behind them. Performance doesn’t matter if we dont turn them into points. But one thing for sure is that Arsenal fan can held their head high as we have been the best overall team over the season and should have been few points clear by now if not for VAR or bad luck. Lets hope the tide can be turned this time around and we get what we deserve.

  2. i think we have had this one recently, granted in that time Arsenal have put in two strong PL performance and an insipid CL performance

    while my confidence in PL has grown my answer is the same

    can Arsenal win both PL and CL = yes
    will Arsenal win both PL and CL = no
    will Arsenal win either PL or CL = no

    that doesn’t mean we are not in for the most exciting run for Arsenal fans in the best part of 20 years, it is going to be edge of the seat stuff and I think we can take it all the way

    i just think out of Liverpool, Man C and Arsenal, it is us who are most vulnerable to inconsistency (e.g. Porto type result could kill us in PL) and injuries/squad depth, e.g. for me the Saliba injury was the turning point in PL last season

    CL is knock-out competition where a kind draw can make a huge difference (or an unkind draw, e.g. Bayern Munich quarter finals three years in a row) so with a kind draw, a bit of luck, Arsenal can make the final, then anything can happen, our A-game can beat anyone

    fingers crossed, but if we end up with neither trophy that does not mean failure, for me this season and last are the most exciting and fun to watch Arsenal in many many years, it is clear we are only getting better and better, and will continue to challenge as genuine title contenders for years to come – apologies Arteta haters, the fantastic transformation of Arsenal is largely down to him and he is here to stay

  3. Because anything is possible, yes. Arsenal can win both the League and Champions League this season.

    But Arsenal WILL NOT win both the League and Champions League this season.

  4. Yes we can but it is going to take a monumental effort.

    The timing is right, the outfit is hungry, team members like the Big German and Jorginho could provide valuable experience, Rice, Martineli, Saka, Saliba and Magahlase will puts youth in our favor.

    Have seen bigger surprises in my life time.

  5. Some fans getting overexcited again. A few good performances and the hysteria starts, a loss (like to Porto) and we go back to being also rans. As a realist I would err on the side of caution because quite frankly our team is a little up and down and as we have witnessed, especially this season, anyone can beat anyone. Whilst I’m confident we will get top four and will progress beyond Porto in the CL, anything else is just a wish and not a given.

  6. NO I don’t think we can win the UCL and Epl together. Arsenal don’t have the squad depth to do the two. Winning Epl isn’t in our hands at the moment we can only maintan our momentum while hoping teams ahead of us slip. Epl is a big possibility. As per UCL I just don’t think Arteta and his players has enough experience to lift the cup. However, never say never in football anything can happen.

  7. We are being asked in the article if we should forfeit advancing in the CL in favour of pursuing the EPL title.

    I’d be going for both. What’s the point of handing the tie to Porto so that we can concentrate on the league? You have to be in it to win it. In any case, the longer we can keep our journey alive, the better it is for gaining experience for next season.

    1. Agree. I rather we go into both to win it instead of sacrificing one. We are not guaranteed to win either whether we sacrifice one or the other as we have seen last season when we had only EPL to play for. Plus, When we fail to win EPL, the folks wanting to sacrifice CL will be back here complaining about why we didn’t go for CL. We are all fickle bunch and I guess it’s easy to be one when our job is not on the line.

  8. Very rhetorical question; not worth an answer imo.
    Let’s just enjoy the excitement that is building up and hope that it sustains.
    Football is such a fickle old game! If Arsenal should hit a bad patch any time, we’d all start doubting if they’d make top-four!
    Me I will take it game after game while urging my team on.

  9. We did get knocked out in the champions league and still “lost” the league with us being ahead. So I’d say stay in both and go as far as possible and that has to be winning every competition we are in

  10. No chance for Europe. The team and manager lacks European know-how that clubs like our opponent Porto have. They’re a pain to play against but we really played right into their hands and let them frustrate us with their antics. Teams like Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid, also use similar techniques to get marginal advantages and then go on from there. I think we will still get to QF, but unfortunately I do expect our naivety in this type of competition to get the better of us. We should really be going all out for Prem anyways. Even being third favorites our chances are exponentially better.

  11. To me, there is no point to say that, us Arsenal fans and supporters should choose one of Epl or Ucl title win this season. Because the Arsenal can’t win both titles this season.
    But why and who are those that have believed so? Tim Howard and his likes I believe are the ones.
    Notwithstanding what Tim Howard and his likes are believing about Arsenal’s quest to win the two big titles this season. But which is on the negative side of believe
    But the Arsenal who is currently in a good position campaigning to win both titles this season can win them. Irrespective of whatever negative believe that any one thinks as contrary to that.
    But the Gunners who are well stocked in top quality players capacity will win the most priced titles this season.
    More so, and more especially as the team big players, who have been on the sidelines with injuries. Are all on the verge of returning to team to resume playing. And boost it’s standing during the run in to the Epl season’s campaign. And also will help immensely to up the level of the team performance in the Ucl to that of Cup final winning status. Which will see the Gunners lift the Ucl Cup at Wembley in June.

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