Can Arsenal refocus for Premier League title challenge

Arsenal are not out of the race yet, even though we only managed to take a point from our last Premier League match. That is because our north London rivals Tottenham did us and everyone but Chelsea a big favour by beating the current league leaders.

So although it would obviously have been better if Arsenal won, the fact that we fought back from a three goal deficit can now be seen as a positive, but only if the Gunners can now refocus and push on again with a serious assault on the Premier League.

While it would be nice for Arsenal to win the FA cup again I really do not think that will cut it for most Gooners, and you have to think that our European dreams will soon be ending once again after the luck of the draw went heavily against us with a knockout round against Bayern Munich.

The title is what we want and need at the club and another faltering attempt to win it will be hugely disappointing after blowing perhaps our best chance of it last season. Arsenal need Chelsea to slip up and if they don’t there is little we can do but if they do and we are not there to capitalise then it will start to look as though it will never happen, at least not without big changes.

January gives Arsenal three very winnable league matches against Swansea, Burnley and Watford and the end of the month could see us with renewed momentum, form and belief, but any dropped points will spell disaster and if Arsenal are anything like we were in the recent games with Preston, Bournemouth, Everton or Man City then it will be another season down the drain.

Do you think the team will be focused and on the ball from now on?



  1. Eddy Hoyte says:

    You think you are having a difficult time in
    this life? Appreciate life the way you see it:
    Today : Manutd vs HULL
    Jan 22: Chelsea vs HULL
    Jan 26: HULL vs Man United
    Feb 1: Man United vs HULL
    Feb 4: HULL vs Liverpool
    Feb 11: Arsenal vs HULL
    If FA no longer need Hull they should say it
    loud and clear please???

    1. Twig says:

      Haha. I’ll like to see their goal difference after this ordeal 😛

    2. Trudeau says:

      Could say they are going to hull in a hand basket. Ba-boom! I’m here all week.

  2. Budd says:

    Stop dreaming. 8 points adrift may not sound a lot but it is a lot. The game at Etihad pretty much thrown us out of this. Arsenal is finding form only in March, historically. We needed to take maximum from the games until we met Chelsea (and that included 1 point at Everton and one at Etihad because that was realistic) and only by luck we are not 9 or 12 points behind.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      It is a more than healthy lead, could you imagine what our fans would be saying if it was us who had it.

      But just how big a lead it is, depends, on which team will have the better form over these next ten games. We went from top to six behind in space of week. So it is doable if you deserve it.

  3. RSH says:

    Writing was on the wall and not since city/Everton games but since we drew to Tottenham. It just confirmed we aren’t real title challengers and are scared of finishing teams off and pushing for the top of the table. Second we drew I could see where the season was heading. Our next 3 EPL matches are against average opponents, but with Arsenal you just never know. One thing is for sure though, and that is that our title challenge is dead.

    1. antbadapple says:

      To be realistic.. Title challenge is not dead but as of previous years there are problems still here to see; i get that it is easier to deal with writing us off now … however unrealistic that is…
      …i won’t be stating its over till it is!

      1. RSH says:

        you are much more optimistic than me then. For me, we’ve just been down this same road too many times and it doesn’t look like things are going to be any different. I will always hope I am wrong though.

      2. bran99 says:

        it’s always over when sh*t looks like this. when did we ever turn around such good looking table? we’ll end up at 4th, but we can’t do better than this. same sh**, different season

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