Can Arsenal replicate Germany’s Ozil experiment?

To be honest I do not think that many Arsenal fans have ever thought about using the Germany international star Mesut Ozil in a deeper lying central midfield role, as the mercurial play maker is not exactly well renowned for his tracking back or his defensive awareness.

That does not mean that Arsene Wenger has never considered using the German there and after his international coach Joachim Low played the Arsenal number 11 in that unfamiliar role against a very young England team at Wembley last night I am sure that the Frenchman will at least think about doing the same.

Strangely enough, if you believe all the negative hype about him being lazy and something of a luxury player, for Arsenal at least, Ozil performed well in the middle, rarely giving up any possession and making the team tick with his movement, vision and passing ability.

Perhaps it is the extra responsibility that made Ozil more careful with his passing, but we should remember also that the stats have proved time and again that the German actually covers more ground than most in Premier League games. Maybe Wenger could use him there in a game where Arsenal expect to dominate anyway, but it might be interesting to see if he can perform for Arsenal in the centre as he did for Germany don’t you think?

Sam P.


  1. gotanidea says:

    Many fans on this site oppose the idea of having Ozil as a deeper midfielder. I said that we would never know unless we try.

    Just like before Cazorla was installed in a deeper position, Ozil got a lot of pressures from the opponent’s defenders in more advanced position. The place behind the striker requires Sanchez’s skillsets, movements, mentality and close ball control, the things that Ozil doesn’t possess.

    I believe Ozil could work better in a deeper position, if accompanied by a good defensive midfielder like Coquelin. But maybe it’s too late to do experiments now, because Ozil seems to be moving to another club.

    1. Remember Resource? says:

      Our management sees this as a positive note with regards to ozil’s valuation. Since there is no shortage of quality no:10’s in the world, our management believes that this experiment carried out by Germany is a serendipitous one. We will be able to claim a decent valuation for the player inspite of him being in his last year of his contract come january. We have ready replacements for Ozil in the form of wilshere, iwobi and erikesen. We also believe that the imminent signing of arshavin in january will be a great addition for a nominal fee. Our club captain Thomas Vermaelen will be leaving to barcelona in january if all goes well, otherwise over the summer. We see ourselves netting a handsome amount of money with regards to direct transfer net spend over the next two windows. Robert pires will not be offered a new deal because the manager does not believe in hanging onto ageing talent, he will move to ajax. The club will still keep hold of William gallas and henry. We continue to believe in our manager Sir Arsene Wenger and head coach pat rice.
      As an owner I try my best to be involved with the daily operations of the club and I try not just focus with the overall strategy of being the top feeder service in europe. Since football is a sport and I’m a Fanatic of Arsenal just like all our Fanatics.
      I love the club and the players (As shown by my knowledge of the squad itself).


      1. jon fox says:

        Good attempt at bitter humour but too, sadly, true to be funny. The thought that the rfeal Stan Kroenke would be remotely interested enough in Arsenal to be on a fans site is too laughable for words. So then, fake Stan K, the obvious awful truth we all know about the real Kroenke has blown your ill disguised cover.

  2. Waladi says:

    For me I feel bad arsene didn’t get the best out of oezil.our lack shape,balance,and you don’t know who will start and where.oezil plays so well at no 10,even the year he produced 19 assists,he was no 10.since then Wenger have been shifting him,now plays as winger in 3-4-3 formation..that lack of central midfielder who command the game affect oezil a lot..overall,Wenger,is done enough for the club,he should go..

    1. chris says:

      Ozil does not play as a winger.

      1. arie82 says:

        He is, he always run drift in the right side, and if y see the formation, he has same place with alexis, we dont use 2 am, but 2 winger, alexis and oziel.
        3 defender
        2 wingback
        1 dpl
        1 cm
        2 winger
        1 striker

  3. puntamarina says:

    Ozil is a professor footballer who is not a kid. He is not performing for Arsenal. Je dpesnt want to play for Arsenal. Drop him and move him on and stop wasting peoples time.

  4. John Ibrahim says:

    Ozil like Giroud and Ramsay…plays well for their national team

    They look different when they are with the national team…

    but when they are at Arsenal, they are inconsistent

  5. Roy says:

    Germany hasn’t got the likes of Walcott in the team to pass and connect with .All the German players seem active giving Ozil more options than Arsenal do.Having said all that they still never bloody scored .

  6. ThirdManJW says:

    For whatever reason Ozil, and Arsenal just don’t go together anymore, especially in tough games. We can talk all day long about it what to do with Ozil, but nothing is going to change…Wenger will continue to pick him, and Ozil will continue to disappoint. Fans need to accept this!

  7. tatgooner says:

    ozil needs a team that settles into a passing rhythm.
    Ozil needs intelligent players sorrounding him.
    Not players who miss a dozen chances or players who have the ball at one moment then loose it the next.
    An arsenal team that might settle into a passing rhythm would be
    mustafi koscienly monreal
    iwobi xhaxa ramsey kolasinac
    ozil lacazette sanchez

    in the europa league or cup games

    1. tatgooner says:

      no you can try that in the league

    2. tatgooner says:

      giroud likewise needs a team with lots of movements.

    3. tatgooner says:

      I dont know if wenger has realised but playing kolasinac and bellerin on a rightback role eans your team has 5 defenders in it

  8. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Wenger couldn’t organise a piss up is a brewery. Doubt he can do much with Ozil

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      he probably could organise a champagne brunch with the French….

      time to bring back the French Flairs…..

  9. Declan says:

    Deep lying central mid is where Jack should be playing. It’s where he played so successful for England few moons ago.

  10. sanmi.marvellous says:

    Ozil is not built for EPL

    1. stubill says:


      What he lacks is desire, work rate and heart.

  11. fishface says:

    To get the best out of Ozil , play with a flat back 4
    Bellern Mustafi/Holding Kos Kolas
    ozil Coq Jack
    Rambo/Iwobi Sanchez

  12. Bobshinery says:

    Off topic…

    When Giroud scored for France against Wales, it had me thinking why Giroud scored so much for France and not Arsenal. I now remember some people making excuses of no good enough players around Ozil for him to perform to his ability. If Ozil can get such excuse, I think the same have to be said about Giroud coz he seems to thrive around good enough players.
    To me, Ozil is no different from Giroud coz they both thrive around good players.

  13. jon fox says:

    Facts are this. Ozil now well into his fifth season and overall a big disappointment , given the huge natural talent he was gifted with. He is mentally and physically weak and I have given up hope he will ever change. He is not suited to the power and physicality of Prem football and to me , that is now amply proved. No doubt whatever about his huge talent but what matters, today, tomorrow and always is how effective you are week in and week out, year in and year out On that reckoning he has failed but with a minority of blindingly brilliant games here and there. But THAT does not win titles and CL and being one of lifes realists i have long ago accepted he is not right for us, unless we want continued drift, which is what we actually have right now. Who can kid themself otherwise?

  14. Frank says:

    It doesn’t matter where he plays, he is a defensive liability. He doesn’t work hard off the ball, track back, tackle or even man mark.

  15. Tat says:

    This is getting weird…
    Ozil and Alexis could leave in January, we shouldn’t be talking about where to play him.

  16. ZA_Gunner says:

    If Wenger knew how to use Ozil he would’ve done by now. There’s no use trying to figure Ozil in our setup after 3 years as it’s now too late and he won’t be staying. Should have figured it out before we signed him than buying him for his fame and name.

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