Can Arsenal show some backbone away at last?

Can Arsenal finally show character away from home? By Konstantin

The top 4 lies no longer in our own hands. We blew golden chances to take advantage and now we hope and pray Chelsea don’t win at Old Trafford. But before that lies the small matter of Leicester away.

Emery has so far been pathetic with his rotations. He has ruined the chances we had and the reason to let Auba out of the side for the Wolves game was another example. Not that our attack is the main issue away, but for me we have to play our strongest squad.

Not that even that is good enough for the top 4, but at least we can try. The defeat at Home now really hurts. Leicester is a ground where we have won before, but last season we lost and I don’t see us winning this time either.

It means, showing guts. Defending not like idiots and caring for the shirt. Something, those players are incapable of and we also have a manager whose best achievement is winning the Europa League. Sometimes it feels like we’re aiming to play in it again.

Regarding the line up, I would play 3 at the back – Kos, Sokratis and Monreal or Mustafi, both are bad choices, but it is what it is. Kolasinac and AMN as wing backs, Xhaka and Torreira, Ozil in front and Lacca and Auba.

If we don’t win, we deserve the Europa League. Let’s pray that those players show a miracle and deliver a win, then it’s up to United to shut Chelsea, and maybe we can have the top 4 in our hands again.

Even I don’t believe that those ifs would come up, but maybe, just maybe, they can prove me wrong for once. Sokratis said the players are not stupid. I would like to see that on the pitch.



  1. Well it would be very welcome right now…. the thought of a 3rd defeat on the bounce is making me feel rather queasy right now!
    Arsenal – please turn up today

    1. Sue, the thought of three defeat on the bounce??.. Baby the thought of playing Europa league next season is killing me?? Never have I enjoyed any game in the Europa league, Thursday night football is a vibe killer for me, All we had to do was win one and draw one out of those three loss, but we ended up pulling a Spurs ourselves, bottling every chance we had, now we have to hope United win today

      1. Hi Eddie, I can’t stand playing on a Thursday either, it’s absolute pants!! It’s always the way, isn’t it? Go to pieces in a must win game, we never take our chances.. so why should today be any different?
        All I know is, if we lose today & are awful (once again) I will have the mother of all meltdowns (it’s brewing now!)
        Would a 0-0 draw be better for Chelsea/United?

  2. I can understand your frustration, but I think you may be overly harsh on Emery.
    I dont always agree with his selections, but I never doubt that there is a reason why hes made them. Theres a lot of matches and a lot of tired players at the moment and I also believe that Emerys team selections are trying to overcome certain deficiencies in the squad. Whether its defensive issues, a lack of chances or a lack of control in the middle of the pitch.
    But to be perfectly honest, whilst I always want Arsenal to win their matches is it actually desireable for Arsenal to be in the Champions league at the moment? I accept that the extra money from the Champions league would be nice, and that it would help a little with recruitment, but be honest with yourself, with a defence like ours, what do you think the scoreline against Bayern, Barca or Real would be?
    Can Arsenal beat Leicester? Yes. Will they? I dont know, Im not that optimistic.
    Fingers crossed that Arsenal dont lose heavily this afternoon. Anything more than that is a bonus.

  3. I like Pochettino’s philosophy, which is to be brave in every match. He enforced his team to build the attack from the back, be more confident in using high defensive line and frequently produced risky passes/ movements

    Therefore it would be better if we use more midfielders/ attackers than using more defenders in the back. Three CB formations are good for defending, but I’d prefer Arsenal to take higher risk by playing with 4-3-3 or 4-1-2-1-2

    That’s what I want to see from Arsenal, because fortune favours the brave

  4. This writer wanted Emery gone, And all the players. Would rather he try being the arsenal director of football and see how that works in practice 😉
    Me, I still think Emery “might” succeed, but every fan has a different definition of success. Every fan has different expectations after all.

  5. I hope for a positive result today. If the players can’t dig deep and motivate themselves for these 3 final games then I really don’t know what to say about them.

  6. 2-0 down and 2 min left.The gunners bette
    get used to the europa.
    Soon Arsenal wil be another London club.
    Forget about being among the elite cl clubs
    with a penny pinching owner.
    Of course winming the europa trophy is plan b.It aint easy

  7. It’s funny how Arsenal is going down every day. We should get used to Europa league very sad

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