Can Arsenal sign Morata as Man Utd want Kane transfer?

Strikers eh? No matter what you may think of them, and personally I see the modern forward as something close to a ballet dancer with father issues, any team with hopes of trophy success needs at least one star man up front to put the ball in the back of the net.

Arsenal are no different and a lot of us would say that our need is greater than most, especially if the Arsenal transfer rumours about Alexis Sanchez buggering off are true. But the reason why strikers are often a bit prima donna-ish and why they cost so much bloody money is that they are a rare breed and so the best are wanted by every club in the world.

How much is a player like Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi really worth?

Anyway I digress and so to get back to Arsenal and our own hunt for a striker, I want to ask whether you guys think we should be looking at Alvaro Morata, who was being linked with a transfer from Real Madrid to Manchester United but may now be available after Jose Mourinho changed his focus to the Tottenham and England star Harry Kane, according to The Mirror.

Although I would rather have Kane I see that Arsenal signing the best and most important player from Tottenham is not going to happen but I do think that Morata has the skills to be just as prolific and important. The thing is he has not had the chance to prove it and that is why Arsenal could sign him this summer.

It would be a risk but I think one worth taking. How about you?


Updated: June 26, 2017 — 8:01 am


  1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back.

    Morata? ?? No thanks!

  2. Morata? No thank you.


  3. Arsenal fc always try to sign all the best player during transfer seasso, and at the end no one the best player they signed, all again they always say if something happen that “we about to sign him before”, its boring when you hear about something same way,

    The question is :
    1.why we have to fight for the player who always demand and not willing to join us at the Emirates std?”
    2.why only the France striker ? I think theres a lot of high quality player more than them.
    A lot of player who want to play for Arsenal fc such as Auebameyang,Thomas Lemar.They are kind of best player too, and willing to join us.
    My advice is do not waste your time for some thing is impossible, better you open your eyes and see how big the world is and use your intelligent thinking .We are not “Steeping Stones” club for them.

    1. The 3 players Arsenal need to compete this season is in the EPL. There is Martial on the lef, Marhez on the right, Alexis upfront and Kevin Dybrune in the middle of the park. If we get those 3 players we will break in the top 4.

      1. Are we playing Championship Manager on the computer now !!

  4. Morata is not the best for Arsenal, Arsenal need a proven striker who have been scoring a minimum of 25goals each for the past three season. Mbappe is a risk whot taking, he has what it take as a striker who could excel in Premier league even though he is not a proven striker but the risk is whot taking

  5. muff..di...di...di...diver i now stutter cos this club made me suffer

    no point asking for lewandowski auba or aguero
    they would all say no to us

    1. That’s a defeatist attitude
      We can offer them higher salaries if nothing else and who knows? Maybe that will be enough

      Champions League should not be a huge issue. United got Pogba, Ibrahimovich without CL

      Ambition is about taking risks and starting at the top to get the best players

      1. Muffdiver wants change...not for arsenal...for.the vending machine, I'm thirsty as f###

        Ibra was what 34 at the time with a huge ego
        Pogba wad priced out of barca etc

        Defeatist or realistic those strikers could go anywhere why go to.fifth place an a team that never competes in highest trophies. Other teams pay more aswell

        Gotta get some perspective here

        1. “why go to.fifth place an a team that never competes in highest trophies.”

          They wouldn’t be going to a 5th place team since they didn’t join us the season we finished 5th. Next season is next season. Our players are capable of finishing above 5th which is why we did so for the last 20 or so years. If a player like Aubamayeng or Lewandowski were to sign for us we will be instant title challengers so the fact we finished 5th Last season would be a non issue. When Chelsea finished 10th it didn’t deter Kante from leaving the team that won the league and had champions league football, from joining them and lo
          and behold they won the league the season he joined. Why? Because it was a different season.

    2. Morata is as wasteful as his price so capital NO

  6. Is he better than Giroud though? Can he link up play and hold the ball up?

  7. I honestly believe Lacazette will be a good signing for arsenal.. not everyone is keen on him.. but I have watch a lot of French football over the last year or 2 and Lacazette has an eye for goal.. he is not afraid to shoot (and let’s be honest we haven’t had that in a striker since rvp/Henry days) he is a quality pen taker.. something we don’t seem to have is a decent pen taker apart from mayb cazorla.. ozil and Sanchez don’t fill me wiv confidence wen they step up to take a pen.. he is quick and hungry.. I think we need to get this deal done in the next week.. and then we need to be moving on to signing a tough tackling.. physical presence in the midfield.. a leader.. but wiv a cool head and temperament.. and above all energy and stamina..

    Most our midfielders are in the similar small frame.. not particularly strong in the tackle and lightweight if u ask me..

    Would a cheeky bid for ALABA and play him in DM roll.. where he plays for his national side.. surely worth a shout??

    1. you are so particular about pen takers as if most of arsenal goals come from pen.

      how many pen we got last term?
      5. scired 3 missed 2.

  8. I am not very certain if lacazette is an upgrade on Olivier giroud. I shudder to think if we have to pay in excess of fifty million for lacazette yet the manager of the French football seem to play giroud in preference to lacazette. I genuinely think if arsenal are willing to spend over fifty million on lacazette well then they should spend a little more to get a quality striker. I think morata is a better player.

  9. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter

    How many times has it have to be said that Griessman keeps Lacazette out of the French first 11 not Giroud? If Arsenal signs Lacazette there is no reason why Wenger can’t play two up front with Giroud along side Lacazette similar to France. If Sanchez stays he would be great threat coming from behind or wide.

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