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Can Arsenal still claim a Top Four place?

Will Arsenal Claim a Top Four Place?

Even as the Premier League season draws to a close, the race to secure a top four place continues to gather momentum.

While it may be argued that league leaders Chelsea and Tottenham have already secured their spot next seasons’ Champions League, there are at least four other teams competing for two remains places.

Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Arsenal are currently separated by just nine points, while the latter two clubs have games in hand on those above them.

The Gunners, who can reclaim fifth spot and close the gap on fourth place Manchester City with a victory at Crystal Palace, are also looking to seal Champions League qualification for the 19th consecutive season.

The question that remains is whether this lofty ambition can be achieved in the face of such relentless competition?

Will it Be a Season Too Far for Arsenal?

Make no mistake; the bookmakers believe that Arsenal and Manchester United remain genuine outsiders for a Champions League place, with the Gunners priced at an average of 15/8 to finish in the top four.

This is despite the Gunners’ run of 18 consecutive seasons competing in the Champions League, and the fact that they and Manchester United have reached five finals between them since 1998.

So why are the Gunners relatively unfancied this season? Much of it has to do with uncertainty surrounding Arsene Wenger’s future and Arsenal’s failure to evolve as a side, with a perceived lack of leadership, steel and defensive resolution continuing to plague the team.

The club has also been caught off-guard by the improvement of their closest rivals, with Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City and even bitter neighbours Tottenham now having arguably overtaken them in English football’s pecking order this season.

This paints a bleak picture for the Gunners, but if the last 18 years has taught us anything it is that the club tends to find a way of securing its place in the Champions League regardless of the obstacles facing them.

The trip to White Hart Lane on 30th of April and the home game against Manchester United will be crucial if they are to repeat recent history, but there is no reason why they should be discounted so long as they continue to win their matches.

This Season and Beyond: What Next for the Gunners?

While there is no doubt that this season represents Arsenal’s biggest challenge yet in terms of Champions League qualification, the club retains the quality and the experience to claim a top four place.

The Gunners may even represent a tempting betting option. For anyone looking to place a wager, offer a number of promotions which could be appealing, particularly if the odds continue to lengthen.

Perhaps a more pressing issue is what will happen to Arsenal beyond this season, with Wenger expected to leave in the summer and the futures of Alexis Sanchez, Mesut Ozil and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain in serious doubt. This could well put the events of this season in the shade, but there is no doubt that Arsenal would prefer to enter a new era with Champions League qualification behind them.

13 thoughts on “Can Arsenal still claim a Top Four place?

  1. The troll formerly known as Robin Vanpayslip

    What’s the point of 4th? Just to get thrashed next Feb again?

    1. Fatboy Gooney

      As always,The point is the money and There’s £45 million at stake, as well as £5 million in bonuses for the players. So I’m expecting to see the usual fight and determination that we normally see when the Wenger trophy is in doubt or in danger of slipping through our hands ???

  2. Midkemma

    CAN Arsenal make the top 4? Yes.
    Will they? I hope so.

    It is in our own hands.

    We HAVE to win our games in hand over Liverpool and get some goals, that will put us above them.
    We have to play UTD and as long as we keep winning then that would put us 3 points ahead of UTD, this to me is the biggest game left and our biggest risk.

    Not looking to other teams to slip up either.
    It is all down to Arsenal.

  3. Fatboy Gooney

    Realistically, we have a good chance of leapfrogging Liverpool in the battle for fourth, yet I wouldn’t be surprised if the Spuds bottle it again like they did last season and I’m sure that heartbreaker must be playing in the back of their minds lol.
    There’s still plenty of points to play for and I’m expecting the Norm which GroundHog has been serving out for the last decade or so, In other words we will finish in the top four and probably above the Spuds,wait and see ??
    What’s more worrying is the business that will take place during the summer, Wenger wants to renew the contracts of the British core, including Gibbs lol.
    The Ox could be leaving for free, Sanchez could be heading to Chelsea or even City who are prepared to pay £50 million for his services and there’s also reports that Mo wants Ozil at Utd ?? while we are linked with some Nottingham Forest kid who is valued at £10 million lol

  4. Arsenal_Girl

    People are talking about liverpool but City and United could take 3rd and 4th too. Liverpool dont have any games in hand either. They have played 32 matches.

    I think the top 4 will end up
    1. Chelsea
    2. Spurs
    3. City
    4. United

    I hope we take 3rd or 4th but it will be very difficult

    I hope Arsenal and Liverpool take 3rd and 4th

  5. Fatboy Gooney

    Postman Sanogoals⚽️⚽️⚽️ Delivers hat-trick in the space of 19 minutes for the reserves today.

  6. ThirdManJW

    Wenger has been treading water for years, and now he is finally sinking. I don’t think Arsenal will make the top four this time because of four factors:

    1) Firstly, I’ve never known us to be this bad. Arsenal have been woeful against any decent team this season, and we’re even struggling against the lesser sides as well. There doesn’t seem to be any tactics at all anymore, and I’m not even sure the players know exactly what their roles are. It’s a complete shambles!

    2) I don’t think Wenger has completely lost the dressing room, but there’s certainly unrest within the squad. Usually, this will only have a negative effect.

    3) Is he staying, or is he going? The uncertainty surrounding the future of Wenger isn’t helping either. The fans need to know, as well as the players.

    4) Finally, I think the amount of top quality managers in our division will be the final nail in the Champions League coffin. As I said earlier, Wenger has been treading water for years, but the sheer amount of top quality managers has pushed Wenger so far down the league, that we’re currently a whopping 21 points off the top, and only in sixth on goal difference. Truly embarrassing, especially considering Wenger’s net spend this season.

    The only glimmer of hope (for those who actually want Champions League, I personally do not want it), is that Wenger always makes the top four. It doesn’t matter how bad we’ve been, he always does it.

  7. Big G

    Yes but only with a huge dollop of luck. Next season No because every club above Arsenal will strengthen their squads while Arsenal will add more average players and tell the fans they have bought world class yet again.

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