Can Arsenal still finish in the top four?

With just 14 games to go before the Premier League ends for another few month, the top teams are now preparing to do battle for the top four places to secure Champions League football next season.

It’s already shaping up to be an entertaining finish to the football season and, with many things still to play for, there’s almost certainly going to be a few surprises along the way. Who’s going to finish in the top four this season and who are set to miss out?

Manchester City

There isn’t much stopping Manchester City at the moment – Pep has definitely worked his magic and got the best out of his half a billion-pound squad. You could say that they’ve purchased the league with the amount of money they’ve spent but the reality is, many teams have tried it in the past and have failed. Pep has been the ultimate difference in why Manchester City are now competing with Europe’s elite for the Champions League trophy this year. Can he continue to work his magic so Manchester City finishes with bragging rights over their Manchester United rivals? They’re pretty much guaranteed a top-four spot already.

Manchester United

Manchester United are Manchester City’s closest competitors this year, but they still trail the league leaders by 12 points. It would be very hard for United to catch City from here on out, but they still look good for a top 4 finish. With that being said, they still have the likes of Chelsea and Liverpool breathing down their necks, so they’ll still need to play better football to ensure they’re mixing with Europe’s giants next year. Lukaku would also need to change his fortunes around and get back to goal scoring ways to give United a decent chance of a top-four finish. Realistically, United fans can best hope for a second-place finish this year, as catching Manchester City from here would be almost impossible given the current form they’re in.


Chelsea was pretty disappointing at the start of the season, especially seeing as they walked the Premier League last year. However, they’ve definitely changed things around since they’ve got rid of Diego Costa, and it looks like they’ll be battling hard until the final whistle. It would be hard to see Chelsea drop out of the top four, but it could still happen if the players became complacent in the next few games. Look at Chelsea’s next fixtures and look at to see if they’re worth having a chance on in the betting.


If Liverpool had Virgil Van Dijk at the start of the season, they probably wouldn’t have conceded so many goals and points. Ultimately, poor defensive displays have cost them the league this year because they have absolutely no problems when it comes to scoring goals. Coutinho has left Anfield now, but Firminho and Mohammad Salah seem to have things covered as far as an attacking mentality is concerned. Jurgen Klopp has changed things around for Liverpool fans because, after the Brendon Rogers stint, they looked uncompetitive throughout. If Liverpool can continue putting the ball in the back of the net and Virgil Van Dijk can fit in quickly, Liverpool will be serious contenders to end the Premier League season in the top four.

Obviously, there’s a long way off still until this season comes to a close. However, all teams involved at the top and bottom half of the table will be hoping for some positive results in the next few weeks, as that could shape the rest of the season for them. The above teams are the teams with a good chance of finishing in the top four this year, but you can’t count out the likes of Arsenal and Tottenham, especially with the firing power they’ve got when it comes to attack-minded play. Will the above teams seal their positions at the end of the season or will Wenger and his men have much more to offer in the coming months to give them a fighting chance? Of course, with Harry Kane in excellent goalscoring form, Spurs could also be the dark horse to break into the top four once again.

So… What about The Gunners?

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang flew to London on the 30th January to put the finishing touches to a drawn-out transfer from Borussia Dortmund that Arsenal completed on Wednesday, which signals the final day of the January transfer window. He would be joining a team that slipped eight points off the Champions League qualification positions as a result of the chastening loss in South Wales. Arsenal has just 13 games to claw back the deficit, or the Gunners will be out of Europe’s elite competition for a second straight season.

Could Arsenal’s new signings make the difference?

Updated: February 1, 2018 — 9:47 am


  1. I am worried about preserving the 6th place if we keep playing like this. Burnley is just 7 points off us.

    1. Yes, the way Arsenal perform currently is inconsistent, whereas Tottenham are more consistent. If our Supreme Leader does not change the way his team play, Arsenal could get no trophy this season.

      I hope the new German speaking spine have different ideas and hopefully they are not afraid to challenge our Supreme Leader’s obsolete ideas.

  2. There is no top 4 finish for us, we mess everything up against Swansea, and our defence is as sh**t as hell, look at spurs the way they played man u, strong in defence, dembele was fantastic not like xhaka lazy and always pass the ball backward sides. No top 4 and I didn’t see us winning the EUROPA league. Pls Wenger shud leave at the end of the season even he win the carabao cup but i dont see that happening cuz we can’t beat city and we r easy to be carried away when Wenger win us a cup. Win the carabao and EUROPA league he still need to leave, we need a change.

    1. so why not juz support city instead…

      or buy the club with your billions and you can do whatever u like

  3. mathematically we can

    or we can win the europa and qualify for champions league

    1. Mathematically we can even win the league. Wake up dude…

    2. I truly believe we can win europa and Carabao cup. However, finishing inside top 4 is a gone case now we would have to win 3 straight games while Liverpool, Chelsea and Tottenham lose those 3 games in a row. Quite wishful thinking.

  4. I think getting Auby and Mkhi will help us not go lower than 6th
    We are 6 points behind Spurs
    And 8 points behind Chelsea who are currently 4th place.
    Personally, I see Spurs getting 4th place, Chelsea getting 5th and us getting 6th simply because of our poor defense.
    I hope im wrong and Auby/Mkhi help us score loads of goals but our defense is very poor innit

    1. Actually after the way Chelsea played last night, we could catch up with them. We have better strikers. But again its our defense that really sucks, so maybe 8 points is too much to ask

      We need to focus on Europa League, I think

      1. Absolutely, actually we would need 9 points as they are ahead even on goal difference. Europa league back door is the only way we are getting into the big boys league.

  5. That’s an easy question to answer :NO…..

  6. 8 points from 4th, playing spurs away. no way we finish top 4.
    winning European cup? in our dreams. athletico, lazio, napoli et. are way better, and even if we meet a team that we are a little better of, every advantage will be cancelled by wenger tactics. have you ever seen him (besides the 2006 CL run), out-tactics another manager in a 2 games round?

  7. There are 5 teams above us who all have a realistic chance of finishing in the too 4. We would have to out perform two of those and I very much doubt we could.

    On a more positive note – what was even more satisfying than the partial squad rebuild in January was that the club have finally begun to release itself from Wenger’s shackles. I like the way PEA transfer was handled by others in the club from a business point of view and that Wenger was excluded from the negotiations. Hopefully this is the first step of many in beginning to stop being held to ransom by Wenger’s ludicrous policies and philosophies.

    1. I agree. Getting Mkhitaryan, PEA and even Mavropanos all seem like deals made without Wenger’s intake. Love it, restricting our dictator’s power.

      But make no mistake, resigning Song in the next week is 100% Wenger’s signing.

    2. Wenger has never handled negotiations ever except when a player is undecided and he steps in with a meeting/phone call. Gazidas and the likes of Dick Law/Board handled things before. An agent recently published his account of the Arshavin transfer where Arsenal were playing silly beggers over 1 mil. Wenger was pushing them to pay the extra but in the end the agent had to claim he’d pay it himself to get the deal over the line in time (he didnt pay it, arsenal had too and the board were apparently furious.) Never ceases to amaze me how incapable people are of reading between the lines.

  8. In theory, almost everything is possible. In reality, I think we will finish something like 12 points off 4’th unless we get rid of Wenger now.

  9. Highly unlikely the way we’re playing. We’re fine at home but away we’ve been terrible! Some of the teams we’ve lost to has been shocking!
    I hope we go on a good run now….

  10. We are 6 points off 5th and 8 off 4th. Everton and spurs coming up.
    6th is best we will get. The upside is that Wenger is on the way out. His input into the signings has been minimal and his tactical awareness has been sussed out long ago. Wenger Out !

    1. That’s one way to look at it. Another way is us acting in the same manner as most other clubs, acting how we did when Dein was here. They may be trying to lesson Arsene’s workload by not involving him in the talks, and they may be finally taking responsibility on their own heads. Auba we tried to sign before Mislintat arrived, Mkhitaryan we tried for too, supposedly. I believe we did take a look and I believe Arsene rates these players. I also believe that if he didn’t rate them they would not be here. Mislintat is the one that made this possible, in this window, it’s a difficult window so without him I’d expect a spanner in the works.

  11. Forget top four! It’s a pipe dream as things stand. Our real hope of getting back into the CL is winning the Europa as it was with ManU last season. If we mess that up, then……too bad!

  12. I think it’s Europa or no CL I’m afraid. Would prefer to get in that way for obvious reasons but unless we cut out the mistakes I can’t see us beating a confident decent European outfit.

  13. WE Have a strike force for top 4
    Defence for mid table
    And apart from Wilshire we have a midfield for relegation
    Xhaka and elneny ???

    1. I agree, and there is a mental problem… look at the Mustafi and Xhaka against Swansea…. like they were stoned.
      and whole tactics thing almost without a single crossing into the box…

  14. Top 4 was out the window as soon as Wenger signed a new contract and decided to leave the cloud of his two best players not signing new contracts affect the season.

  15. As much chance of top four finish as the Nobel Peace Prize for Donald Trump.

  16. Arsenal team have a mental problem facing lower ranking teams and that can not be turn overnight by two new signings. This is a job for the (new) manager.
    So I am afraid without consistency we wont win anything (EL or 4th place in PL).

  17. Can we get top 4?
    Yes, that is my honest opinion.

    Will we get top 4?
    Maybe. Players should have a boost now that AFC have shown some ambition and considering the Alexis issue, I think we have done very well in this window. Not perfect but we do appear to have stepped up.

    2 WC players coming in and AFC have made their interest in Manolas known on the last day, kinda frustrated Gazidis put in a silly offer from reports but hey, this could be another Sven recommendation and he is a WC CB. IMO it is moral boosting for the players and now things are getting resolved, they can focus more on football.

    There is no doubt that the players we have are capable of getting us into the top 4, even at this point where it is a uphill battle, they have to perform along with Wenger picking the right tactics…

    Wengers tactics is now my biggest concern.

    I used to fear AFC losing all the talented players and becoming a feeder club, I was hoping day after day that Gazidis would get some expertise in, some people who knew about football. I wasn’t foolish enough to believe Wenger would live forever so we needed people in who can replace Wengers football knowledge at the club.

    Now we got that in Sven and will be adding Raul Sanllehi… Wenger/New Manager becomes more of a priority for me.

    Wenger has to fight for his remaining 12 months now so he needs a good end to the season.
    If the players want him then they will fight for him and we will get top 4.
    If the players are looking past Wenger and waiting for that day to happen then they wont and we will not get top 4.

    If we get top 4 then I would be happy for Wenger to stay the last 12 months and let Sven push Gazidis for some more WC players and give Wenger 1 last year to try and go out on a high. Almost like when he 1st joined, focus on being a manager and go out on a high. Respect for all the years he has given us but no more contracts as he also needs to respect us fans and let us move on.

  18. The only one I will agree with is Midkemma because of his analytical mind. 8 points is just two losses and a draw. If Arsenal determine to go for top four we shall get it. Remember we are meeting Spurs at Wembley which is our second favourite ground after Emirates. Yesterday Chelsea were utterly defeated by Bournemouth at Stamford bridge, so anything is possible. Ultimately what is going to decide the top four will be the spirit and determination.

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