Can Arsenal stop Alexis joining Bayern Munich? I doubt it!

So the season is finally over, and we will finally soon find out the truth behind the Arsenal transfer rumours regarding Alexis, Ozil and Oxlade-Chamberlain, amongst others. Obviously for Arsenal fans the biggest worry we have is that Alexis Sanchez will be allowed to leave because we refuse to match his wage demands, or simply because he wants to go to a club that will win trophies and have a real chance of winning the Champions League.

One such team is Bayern Munich, where Sanchez’s friend and Chilean team-mate Arturo Vidal, is already playing, and Vidal has made it clear that the German giants are keen on signing Alexis. “When [Bayern] have asked me, I have always said that he is the player that has to be here,” Vidal told Spanish publication Sport.

“He has a year left on his contract. Everybody wants him because it is easier to pay that money now than if he had three years left.

“Let’s hope he makes the right choice for him and for Chile too, because he is a player that helps us a lot.”

“Of course I would like to him to come because he is an extraordinary player.

“He is doing great at Arsenal but I think he needs to take an extra step to fight amongst the best in the world and that is why he has to come to the best team in the world.

“He would do great here. He is a player that trains hard, who has a lot of talent and who is still young.

“We hope he will get the chance to come here because if he comes he will show all his talent.

“[Arsenal] aren’t as strong as the other big teams around right now, if Alexis wants to measure up against the rest he needs to come here where the strongest players are.”

It is hard to disagree with Vidal that Arsenal are nowhere near the level of Bayern Munich right now, as we witnessed by our humiliation in the Champions League this season. His friend Vidal is there. The have the money to get him from Arsenal, and they can guarantee that Alexis will win trophies. How will Arsenal persuade Sanchez he would be better off staying at Arsenal?



  1. ArseOverTit says:

    He is already learning German, French and Italian.

    Auf wierdersein, au revoir and Addio Alexis Sanchez.
    Enjoy winning stuff.

    1. JembutArsene says:

      A winning team comprises of a combination of factors. Good players – i.e. expensive players – of course is one of them but that’s not the only factor. A winning mentality is very important. Ambition is very important. Tactical knowledge and the ability to adapt and change as necessary to affect different games, different opponents – all that is also very important and that what Arsene has done recently with his recent winnings.

      1. John0711 says:

        Most of those things wenger doesn’t have Admin

      2. Janssen says:

        I agree with your list (pity, we always seem to disagree) and I acknowledge Wenger should be recognized for changing to a back 3 (I will reserve my “buts” for another time).

        Next season will tell if the back 3 resolves our seasonal trouble of failing in the big moments and our problem of mental weakness.

  2. Matt says:

    One positive from our entry into Europa League is that we will not be embarassed by Bayern Munich and Barcelona next season. Hahahaha

    1. Janssen says:

      No, it will probably be some team we never heard of that embarrasses us.

      1. Matt says:

        I smell a Panathiaakos or PSV humiliating us 7-2 on aggregate ….. lol

      2. JembutArsene says:

        So Vincent…

        Tell us with your power brain with this top 4 failure….


        Your still in denial who’s the real problem?

        1. odein4 says:

          Cos he’s also used to failure!!! D failure syndrome that is also affecting you.. I Wish I could get a drug that kills that sickness

        2. Janssen says:

          No not in denial at all. It is Kroenke’s lack of ambition to win major trophies that keeps a “past his best” Wenger in place. If Wenger had developed with the game he would still be one of the best managers in the world instead of a good manager.

          To me, Arsenal should still be one of the biggest clubs in the world with one of the top managers in the world, Wenger is no longer that. Where he used to have the ability to raise a team above the sum of its parts he now does the opposite and fails to even get a team to play to its potential let alone above it. To me, that is on Wenger and not on Stan.

          Honestly, perhaps I should read your posts more carefully but you create the impression to want to blame Stan and exonerate Wenger. Wenger has to take responsibility (and he did) for what happens on the pitch.

          You might not have noticed but even as early as in the beginning of the season I have supported this squad as a great squad and I honestly believe it is one our best, yet I don’t think reasonable fans can deny this squad massively underperformed. How can that be Stan’s fault and how can Wenger go free on that?

          That’s my big brain for today.

    2. Nebsy says:

      Someone commented on youtube that now Bayern will finish 3rd in UCL group stage and still play us in Europa League. 😀

      1. odein4 says:

        That’s witch hunting… I pray that never happens am kind of glad we are in the Europa that’s where we belong we now have to play teams that are at our level so we should expect Ramsey, Walcott, Giroud, Sanogo, Asano n d rest to shine

  3. Nebsy says:

    All we should concentrate our prayers on is Usmanov buying out the scummy spud-fan-in-secret kroenke the lizardman. Please Usma, give him 3 billion ponds, if that’s what it takes.

    1. Matt says:

      Wake up!!! The message from Stan is clear my brother! NOT FOR SALE

      1. ArseOverTit says:

        SK is a whore for money. He has his price!

        1. Matt says:

          Do you think he will sell?
          Probably if its a steal ….
          Must be a lot of money to convince him

          1. ArseOverTit says:

            Not sure. But if the carrot is big enough from Usmanov and the heat from fans continues everything is possible.

      2. Nebsy says:

        Everything is for sale for a right price. He is a greedy lizard-person. His prostate was probably tingling as crazy when Usma offered that tasty billion. Only if he is such a die hard scum supporter, that he’s in Arsenal with a sole purpose to destroy it, then I guess he’ll never sell.

  4. Janssen says:

    Guess in theory we could force Sanchez to sit out his contract but that would be bad business and him going to a PL team would be less than ideal. (Unless we trade Wenger/Sanchez for Conte and Kante).

    So I am happy for him to go to Bayern only problem is they don’t pay over the top so don’t expect 50 million.

  5. JembutArsene says:

    We have Stan Kroenke the leech, a billionaire businessman with no sporting ambition, and his son Josh, who knows as much about Arsenal and English football as he does about performing complex spinal surgery on bats. There is a shortfall here that must also be addressed if Arsenal, as a football club, are to progress.


    Your still in denial who’s the real problem?

    Arsenal need to put those people in place. They have to completely modernize the footballing structures within the club to make themselves ready for an era in which managers/coaches move around with much greater frequency. Three or four seasons, then it’s off to somewhere new. Right now, they’re not in good shape in that regard. Bayern’s chairman is Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, an ex-player with a deep understanding of football and the club. Arsenal’s is Sir Chips Keswick, a merchant banker and little more than a figurehead. Bayern’s sporting director was Matthias Sammer, until he left in 2016. Inspirational captain Philipp Lahm has been tipped to take over the role when he retires at the end of the season. Arsenal don’t have an equivalent role at the club. Ken Friar, a true Arsenal man, has seen many changes down the years, but at 82 he is not, with the greatest of respect, a man for the future. And then we have Gazidis, a well-connected and a competent administrator but, as illustrated previously, someone lacking either the conviction or authority required for a role of his stature. Unless they start putting in place the structures they require straight away, the impact of wenger’s departure may be even more significant than people think.


    1. Juhi McLovin says:

      True true, our board and staff is full of people who puts money above everything else. Including our manager.

      Kroenke OUT, Keswick OUT, Gazidis OUT, Wenger OUT.

      1. JembutArsene says:

        Still you and Janssen did not or ashamed to answer the BIG QUESTION:


        Anyone care to answer?

        1. Juhi McLovin says:

          Probably because Wenger is the best man for the job in Kroenke’s eyes.

          Arsenal FC is his cash cow, and Wenger is his cowboy. He wants Wenger to sign because he knows Wenger will:

          A) Bring money into the club (and more accurately, into Kroenke’s pockest)
          B) He will do this without questions or resistance

          These are the reasons I reckon Dein left and Usmanov is not allowed to be on the board. Too many different opinions.

          Now that we are out of CL and future is uncertain, well the situation is complicated for everyone I guess. Should Kroenke sell and triple his his money with Usmanov’s bid? Should he renew Wenger’s contract who might continue to manage this club solely for the purpose of making money for him? Should he let Wenger go and bring in another manager, preferrably another yes-man?

        2. Nebsy says:

          Wenger is a yesman. Wenger is a good boy. That’s why the lizard person will want to extend Wenger’s contract.

        3. bran99 says:

          so simple to answer, Stan wants money and cares less of club success, Wenger wants money and can’t achieve any success, don’t you see this match is made in heaven?

        4. Janssen says:

          Didn’t see this question until this afternoon. I think probably a combination of factors; I don’t think Stan understands “soccer” too much so he probably thinks Wenger will continue to get the club into the cash-rich CL. It will take a few years before he realizes this is not the case. Combine this with his general lack of ambition on the trophy front and Stan thinks all is ok for his investment.

          Financially, if you get into the CL every year you hit the sweet spot. Winning major trophies requires additional capital for buying exceedingly expensive players with no guarantee of success. So the incremental investment is high-risk money with initially minimal payback. You win major trophies frequently and you get the award financially. Man U and Barca are probably worth north of 2.0 billion if you believe the valuations of KPNG that’s about twice our 1.2 billion valuations.

          However, IMO and as a fan, aiming to stay in the top 4 is high risk. My conviction or fear is that once a club like Arsenal falls out of the top 4 you don’t get back in so easily. We have one serious shot next year after that our pitch that it was a one of gets thin and starts to eat into our ability to recruite and our TV exposure and brand recognition and image etc.

          I think this will all dawn on Kroenke and the board when it is too late and I believe Wenger thinks he can get us back to the top 4 next year which I don’t believe (but really really hope).

          What do you think the reason is?

    2. Janssen says:

      Can’t give you thumbs down for that. I think there is a great value to instill the DNA of a club into its system by keeping ex-players involved. Ajax has the likes of Overmars and Sporting Director any many ex-player (including Bergkamp) involved at the various level of the coaching throughout the age groups. All these players have been raised the Ajax way and know how to pass that on. Ajax even won a few Dutch titles in recent history with Der Boer as ex-player.

      Our own beloved Van Bronkhorst, an ex-Feyenoord player just was the manager of Feyenoord who won the title for the first time in 18 yours.

      I agree with you haveing the right organization in place is crucial and to that includes bringing ex-players into your coaching system at all levels.

      Sadly our ex-players coach and manage mainly in other places.

      I am also not sure after recent statements by Wenger, how many people with actual football knowledge he is willing to allow at the club. He seems very thin skinned these days which happens when you get older (believe me) so I am not sure how he would react being challenged or questioned by experienced football people who sit on the board.

      But I agree with you having Josh sit on the board is silly (remids me of Ivanka sitting next to Merkel in “important meetings) and our board needs a major upgrade but would Wenger agree to that?

  6. You saw Vanpayslip in Belly with thoughts like that says:

    I think the club has much bigger inherent issues than losing Sanchez. The mess that is there now has been coming for a few years and Sanchez is just a symptom of what happens when no one checks or deals with these issues for such a long time

  7. End the dictatorship says:

    Kroenke has said he wants
    to win the Premier League.
    If Kroenke really wants to win the Premier League
    why does he employ a manager who has not won the league for 13 years?
    13 years is the longest any manager in top tier football
    these past 140 years has ever managed one club with out wining the title.
    He believes Arsenal fans are too dumb to see through his lies.
    He is basically saying “my club my rules what ya going to do about it”.
    The only way anything will change is if some one buys him out.
    Usmanovs 1.3 bill apparently is still not enough for Chronic Kronk.
    he bought the club for profit not to win titles. It’s plain as day to see.
    If Kroenke truly wants to win the Premier League
    he would sack Wenger who has not won the EPL for 13 years.
    If he does not sack Wenger now then the winning the
    league talk is just a pack of lies.
    Another ten days and we will find out whether Kroenke
    is telling the truth or a big fat liar.

  8. adi says:

    I think losing Sanchez felt alot like losing Fabregas and RVP, at that time those players are so crucial to us, and now Sanchez is the only player keeping us afloat. The only difference is that Sanchez are much more respectful compared to the others, since he always kept silence and maintain focus on his club and contract, for the moment.

    If Sanchez leaves, its not the end of the world, believe it or not, we’ve lost alot of key players over the years yet somehow we manage to still be top 4,or compete for UCL and EPL. .

    1. Juhi McLovin says:

      To be accurate, we haven’t competed for UCL since 2006.. We have merely participated in it..

      Depressing to write the truth..

    2. bran99 says:

      It’s not the end of the world but whoever leaves, goes to win titles with other teams coz that’s what they feel lacks at Arsenal..

      “somehow we manage to still be top 4, or compete for UCL and EPL”, as a fan, this statement shows how some fans are satisfied with Wenger trophy and participating in the UCL (forgetting how we get thrashed every season by Bayern and Barca), how would we regarded as a big club with this mentality of yours? is there a trophy for competing in the UCL for 20 season? is there a trophy for 4th position? ooh sorry Wenger trophy for you

      6th richest in the world and somehow Leicester showed everyone how its done even without money, just manager’s quality and winning mentality

  9. John Ibrahim says:

    Umanov needs to up it to 5 billion pounds or more

    Maybe 10 billion Kronke will definitely sell

  10. Break-on-through says:

    Arsene saying only two more signings needed to catch Che, this is getting a bit much by now. Just sell some bloody players. The reason why he only wants two is so he doesn’t have to lose any of these ones, he’s grown too attached, somebody like that should not be in the managers chair. Someone should ask Arsene one day, do you think players can give more if their place withing the team or club depended on their own performance.

  11. dutchy says:

    Kroenke is never gonna sell AFC, not even if Usmanov bids 3 billion pounds. Kroenke has married into Walmart money so he already has too much of it. What he is looking for is valuable assets. I don’t even think he is really a sports fan, he just uses his sport franchises because it is a sound investment. Unlike almost all company’s clubs will be far more likely to survive in time because there main product is playing sport, with the benefit of selling shirts and tickets and you don’t even have to convince consumers to buy your product, they support the club so they will come back anyway, good times bad times. Maybe his son is a fan of sports but he is incompetent so that will only work against Arsenal. Arsenal supports were f*cked for life when the shareholders sold to Kroenke. If for some miracle he deceits to sell the club we will be Arsenalski which will be nice for the short term, I guess but not so sure if his ownership will fit Arsenal’s profile, him being a Russian billionaire and all. If the Russian president decides he’s done with him or he strokes out Arsenal will still be f*cked. Sorry for the doom..

  12. gmv8 says:

    Getting pretty fed up with all these Sanchez stories .. first we are told he wants more money, then we are told he’s off to Bayern Munich who top earner earns less than he does at the moment, then we are told he’s after trophies, then we are told he’s going to Man Utd … who were actually less successful than us this season!

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