Can Arsenal take advantage of Chelsea and Conte’s transfer crisis?

A lot of Arsenal fans would gladly take a bit of the trophy success that Chelsea have enjoyed over the last decade or so, with Premier League titles, domestic cups and both the Champions League and Europa League to celebrate, but I am not so sure about the way that their big spending billionaire owner Roman Abramovich gets through managers.

The likes of Ranieri, Avram Grant, Ancelotti and most recently Jose Mourinho have been let go after what many would call successful spells in charge but even so you could forgive their current boss Antonio Conte for expecting hi8s remarkable debut season at Stamford Bridge would have bought him power and influence at the club.

Instead, according to reports from various reliable sources like The Guardian, the Italian and the Chelsea board are at odds over the manager’s wish to have a big say on transfers.

Conte is apparently not very happy about the lack of action so far and from an Arsenal point of view let us hope the situation continues or gets even worse. Not only will it help the Gunners to keep hold of players, such as Alexis Sanchez, who Chelsea may want, it might also give Arsene Wenger the chance to secure his own signings without too much competition from the EPL champions.

So keep rowing please, Conte and Chelsea, and get your finger out, Arsene, while the coast is clear.



  1. They are probably going to sign bakayoko, who is a player I think we need, viera type of player, but we didn’t want him, we are not after the same players, there are plenty options in the market, the question is can winger pay what the clubs value their player? Or even close to what they want, nobody is stopping arsenal but arsenal..

  2. Even if all other 19 Premier League teams have one-legged players Arsenal will still find a way to bottle an inevitable victory!

  3. This is yet another one of those articles that hopes that the universe will some how help ‘ole’ Arsenal.

    It’s the ‘wishing your neighbour ill will’ kind of articles so you can feel better about your sh/tty existence.

    Maybe someone at AFC will actually make something happen as opposed to waiting on the hand outs of others.?

  4. Question why do we sell cheap and have to pay over the odds for our players all other teams do it the other way second if no overseas club want Sanchez tell him he can leave on a free next year but will stay permanently on the bench or reserves no player is bigger than a club but Arsene must take some blame why himself and so many players on their last year of contracts COYG

  5. This is wishful thinks.There r so many world class player out there but i know Wenger has his own value for each player dnt b shock to c Groud as the lone striker next season

  6. We are back to buy……buy……buy season…….yes we need to buy some players……but…….what about trying to solve some of these needs from within ……….our youngsters……….give some of them chances…..even risky ones……….paying over £100million for Mbape is insane……….but can be good business ………so can giving one or two Arsenal youngsters that chance………..lack of opportunity and countless contract terms controlled loans have mentally stagnated the progress of these youngsters…………throw them in……….that’s how stars are made………..there are quality players in the youngsters side………..

    1. Is your………………….. key stuck?

      It makes it difficult to read your posts, please stop!

  7. what crisis? I think we have the biggest crisis among the top six at the moment; sanchez, Ozil, Ox , Ospina,Szcezny, Barca unsettling Bellerin lack of UCL are enough crisis to manage rather than thinking of creating additional one through bidding war with Chelsea.

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