Can Arsenal take heart from the Newcastle and Pardew saga?

It seems to me that Arsenal Football Club and the fans find themselves in this situation at least once a season, with Gooners everywhere fuming and calling for the head of Arsene Wenger. Last season it reached it’s peak when the January transfer window closed and the manager had covered for the injuries to Ramsey and Walcott and our lack of striking options by doing a loan deal for the injured and aging Kim Kallstrom.

And now after the Gunners gave away two winning positions against two eminently beatable clubs one after the other, the fans, or at least a good portion of us, want a new manager to take the reins and steer Arsenal back to glory. And although Wenger does baffle and frustrate me at times, I cannot help but look at what happened to Man United when Ferguson left. And then you have a lot of clubs like Spurs and Chelsea that have changed managers more often than their socks and struggled.

And we could also look at what happened at Newcastle United at the start of this season with Alan Pardew. The Magpies, like us, were crippled by injuries and could not buy a win. The fans were demanding Pardew out, were protesting at every game and even had some `Pardew Out` leaflets printed and distributed. But the owner stuck by the second longest serving Premier League boss and look what happened.

After five wins in a row, including Liverpool and the spuds, Newcastle have shot up the table and are now just a point behind Arsenal. They also knocked Man City out of the League cup and suddenly Pardew can do no wrong.

Do you really think that Arsenal will continue to toil as we have been? Do you really doubt that we can put a similar and better set of results together? And I think that nobody will be able to do that better this season than Wenger, as he knows the club and the players inside out.

What I will say, though, is that I think we should be looking at somebody like Klopp or Simeone to take over at the end of the season, because the same thing happens every year and we are not getting any better. What do you think Gooners?

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  1. Thando says:

    Paul merson on Daily star plz do read, this guy wow

  2. Mick The Gooner says:

    Look, at the end of the day we’re Arsenal. We’ll pick up form and get some wins to stay in the top four. The question isn’t whether we can do that, the question is if that’s good enough anymore. I don’t think it is..

    1. Raoh says:

      Totally agree with’s not good enough…Feel bad for sanchez who brings such a winning mentality when he steps on the field…if only our back was more!!With all those injuries, that summer transfer window seems close to failure then a success!

  3. angryblackman3 says:

    We most likely will improve, but it’s not enough at this stage. We should be trying to set up his replacement for January. However we know that wont happen either

  4. Twig says:

    Do you the 3 M’s for January? To fix the spine of our team once and for all? 🙂 To challenge Chelsea for trophies? 😉 First to get it right gets a thumbs up 😉


  5. Twig says:

    Thumbs up if you think Arsenal will win an EPL title before Wenger leaves, Thumbs down if you just don’t see that happening.

    1. JoJo says:

      Pretty sure not even the most deluded of fans think we’ll win a BPL trophy under Wenger.

    2. Gunner T says:

      We are never winning the EPL again with Wenger.

    3. GoonerG1 says:

      The upsetting thing is that the improved financial situation plus financial fair play have put us in the situation where we ought to be able to compete for a title (unlike years past where financial restraints meant we couldn’t compete). Defenders and a CDM don’t cost a lot. We can afford them. Wenger just refuses to buy them.

      We can’t win a title until we learn how to defend and we will never defend adequately with Wenger at the healm.

      1. Big Gun says:

        He bought Chambers and Debuchy and promoted Bellerin. Let us exercise some patience and faith until Jan and see what Wenger does then before jumping the gun. Sacking Wenger right now is probably the worst thing that could happen to us, it would cause instability and most likely lead to the departure of some players. I’m NOT saying Wenger is still the man for the job for the next decade, what I’m saying is lets us just hold on for a bit longer and give Wenger the chance he deserves. IT IS NOT A LOT TO ASK CONSIDERING WHAT HE HAS DONE FOR THIS CLUB

        1. Justsoccerfan says:

          Yes he promote Bellerin but did he really believe in him?

          Wenger did known about chamber struggle during last match but during the interview his said:” I don’t have a experience defender on the bench”. Wtf.

          Basically wenger only can play his 11 he like, the rest are back up for 80 over mins sub or his 11 injured, once they back the back up will go to the bench again. That how wenger worked.

  6. muda says:

    so now we are compared to Newcastle in one way or another. thank you arsene

    1. Gunner T says:

      Thank you. You actually got it. Disgrace of an article.

  7. Tas says:

    LoL watch Mirror/ youtube arsenal fan TV,
    we thought we are arguing here HAHAHA

    1. Big Gun says:

      Notice how the guy complaining about Wenger is actually complaining more about the team? Yes, Wenger needs to shoulder some of the responsibility, but really its our players on the pitch who are out there making costly decisions and playing the game, surely they also need to take responsibility? Look at Sanchez, hard working gives 120% and NO ONE is complaining about him. Why are people not praising Wenger for Sanchez’s great work ethic, but on the other hand blaming Wenger for the rest of the teams poor performance? You cannot have it both ways and this is why I believe our team need to start manning up, take heed from players like Sanchez and start grinding out results. When we are 1 or 3 goals up, tighten up and work harder and stop blaming Wenger for our players short comings. Yes Wenger should have done something about Chambers, but our players need to grow a pair and start acting like winners on the pitch.

      1. Justsoccerfan says:

        Sanchez is self discipline by himself and the rest need to be disciplined by the coach. If you got children that one is well behave and the other is spoiled, is it your responsible to teach or collect the one that spoiled.

        Sanchez just came from barca, his attitude is barca attitude but I scared next season will he be. Can he change the rest of them or the rest will change him. Carzola 1st season was so good but suddenly he become shi* what is the problem, may be that is the problem (wenger).

  8. HA559 says:

    Almost all of our players mentality is wrong, and that is mostly Wenger fault, but also the players fault as well. He keeps selecting out of form players, his favourite players and plays players out of position.

    He also didn’t get the physical player (CMF or DMF) needed in midfield and the third CB.

  9. Twig says:

    We’ve been strongly linked with Wanyama since his time at Celtic. He’s one of the best midfielders in the EPL at the moment. I wonder why we didn’t get him. Diame, Tiote, Capoue, M’vila, McCarthy, Schneiderlin are other defensive midfielders we’ve been strongly linked with over the years. Is it really a coincidence we couldn’t get any of them? Why haven’t we been serious about the defensive midfield position?

    1. Raoh says:

      Honestly we’re so healthy financially…that I don’t understand why business is not done quickly so that we can grab those proven Great/WC players…I hope that the numbers that are floating around are not the real budget Wenger will have at his disposal otherwise…let’s move on to next summer and hope until then we get to the top 4.Really in need of a DM (Carvalho/Khedira/Wanyama/Schneiderlin) and another defender (Laporte/Hummels/Schar)

  10. ArsenalGenes says:

    Exactly the article we need..

    1. Gunner T says:

      Clueless. What the heck will this article do? If anything its an insult to Alex Ferguson and an acceptance of the reality that we are almost on the same footing as Newcastle United.
      So we will improve at some point and then………what?
      Will we win the EPL? NO!
      Will we win the CL? NO!
      Will we win the FA Cup? NO!

      We have neither the players nor the the manager needed to win titles or to compete with Chelsea and Man City in the league or even the European elites. So this article as well as Arsenal’s season is utterly pointless.

      1. ArsenalGenes says:

        We were never going to win EPL this year..

  11. Gunner T says:

    What a RUBBISH article!! B.S!
    Whoever the F*ck wrote this garbage is talking or assuming that we have been raking in trophies year after year that when Wenger leaves it would be a massive hole. No F*cking way! He will only leave a hole the size of an anus.
    Does this author even look at the past seasons or know what the aim of a club like Arsenal should be? Why shouldn’t Arsenal fans be pissed?!!!!
    How can you compare Wenger to Ferguson? He hasn’t amassed half the status Ferguson attained nor what Ferguson achieved with Man Utd.
    Arsenal will look upwards once Wenger is gone rather than looking downwards or regressing or stagnating.
    And it shows how much of laughing stock this club has become for the author to compare us with Newcastle United.
    Truly, we and Newcastle are almost equals. So that is probably the only point that makes an ounce of sense in this shitty article.

  12. gmv8 says:

    It is a totally different. Pardew had consistently been let down by Mike Ashley selling off his best players, so he is running on a shoestring – he had no proper striker before Cisse came back. Arsenal have a much better squad than Newcastle, even through Wengers failures to address our short comings in the transfer market, just a manager who doesn’t appear to know what he is doing at the moment, behaving more like a hindrance than a help. TBH I think Arsenal would fare much better without Wenger all together, just have Steve Bould, at least the squad could play in their proper positions, with the possibility of incurring less injuries, and they should be able to adapt to changing situations better. Pardew was never at fault, despite what Newcastle fans like to say, his key players were continually being sold off while he had to cope with injuries. Our problem has been entirely with strategy and tactics – something that Wenger is purely responsible for. I can virtually guarantee that if we swapped managers with Newcastle ATM, the fortunes of both teams on the field would be reversed from what they are ATM.

  13. Dennis says:

    We’re moaning now, watch when RVP/Rooney and Falcao come to town next week. This club will be turned upside down and Wenger will really be under fire, i honestly hope for his sake he just resigns peacefully.

  14. SaveArsenal says:

    “I cannot help but look at what happened to Man United when Ferguson left.”

    Big big big difference, when Ferguson left he was winning and UTD were champions, Wenger isn’t, he is failing and has been for years so I just don’t get your logic on this.

    1. Big Gun says:

      If we hadn’t won any trophies last season, I would agree, but the fact is we DID win TWO trophies last season and were top of the league for the majority of the season. I really believe Arsenal is improving, we have begun to bring in world class players, something which we were all begging for years ago, and we are retaining our other top talent too. We take a bit of a dip in form and some fans want Wenger’s head on a platter. Give Wenger the benefit of the doubt till Jan and let’s see who he brings in during that window. Until then, have some faith and support. If Wenger fails to address our shortcomings in defense in Jan, then I would say it’s time for a change.

  15. kamn288 says:

    Are you crazy
    I want him out.
    After Ferguson left he won 5 trophies in 8 years
    Man Utd fans desire is still there but patience is so high they don’t need to win for another 4 yrs or so
    Chelsea demands results from managers and all of them have provided each season by winning a major trophy.
    I think this arsenal site should congratulate our opponents intentions and success cause wenger will be the one who is responsible for this and one day an arsenal press conference a reporter will ask a very embarrassing question.

  16. Aussie Jack says:

    With the possible exception of Chelsea, who bought well in the summer, the top clubs like Liverpool, Arsenal, Man.United and Man. City are struggling this year. Arsenal have a history of injuries some going back several seasons and I have no doubt the afore mentioned clubs are suffering the same fate. All of these clubs have one thing in common, they play a hell of a lot of football. where others don`t qualify for Europe and don`t have so many away getting injured in the name of “international friendlies” (we all dread them). The price of fame!!!.

  17. Giddy says:

    Are you talking about that Insane Manager who bought the injured midfield player last January transfer window when we clearly needed a striker? What tells you that he will buy in January when he clearly said he did not replace TV5 because there were no quality defenders in the last transfer window? Why do u think he will not use the excuse that all players he would wish to purchase are cup tied? Wenger can nolonger fool me am old enough into his games!

  18. goldfish27 says:

    Wenger Out for good…we miss our old winning Arsenal

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