Can Arsenal take solace in Juventus’s 4-0 defeat? (Opinion)

Juventus were pummelled 4-0 by Chelsea in the Champions League last night, an identical scoreline to the one which we suffered at the weekend, but what does it mean?

Of course, the actual result has no actual effect on us given we are not playing European football this term, while the Blues qualification to the next round of the competition will also have little effect on our campaign.

Chelsea were in a rampant mood, beating Juve to almost every ball, overpowering and outplaying one of the biggest clubs in the world, highlighting just why they are one of the teams to beat in both the Premier League and the Champions League.

There is very little between the west London side and Liverpool however, who are also playing some of the best football their club has ever seen, and their win over us was very similar to that which was witnessed last night.

The Anfield club put on a spectacle, brought the perfect game against us and we had no answers. Their pressing, much like Chelsea’s yesterday, was deadly, and their ability to transition straight into attack when in possession was astonishing. Both sides were almost identical, while I personally believe we at least managed to held our own a little more in the opening half, while the Old Lady simply appeared to attempt to allow their rivals to come at them.

Arsenal at least tried to bring the game to get out of the situation, while we didn’t really see any positive play from Juve until the scoreline was 3-0 late into the second-half.

The bottom line is that the current Liverpool and Chelsea sides have this in them, and they cannot be stopped with home advantage and that level of performance. Juve beat the same team 1-0 in Turin with the same tactics employed last night, and we can expect a much more level playing field when they come to the Emirates, but we shouldn’t beat ourselves up too much after coming up against one of the forces of the game at present.


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  1. When Brentford knock of City, Pool and Chelsea in the same fashion they did us, then and only then will I find solace…IJS

    1. @NY_G.
      Yes I agree and they need to make a decision, my only doubt being that it’s unlikely they could be paired together as neither are that dominant in the air whereas Gabriel is.
      Unless Arteta plays a back three, then it could work.

  2. What a stupid analogy!!!

    Chalk and Cheese comparison.

    Perhaps the author means our only chance of winning something is to join Serie A.

    It sounds like it

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