Can Arsenal take the pressure and match the ambition of Alexis?

Can Arsenal match the ambition of Alexis? By Galen.

When I think of Alexis Sanchez I think of the word “winner”. Maybe I am a biased Arsenal fan, but is Hazard really as far from Sanchez as the media make it out to be? I have watched videos and games and looked at statistics and Sanchez has just been incredible. Did Sanchez miss out on Player of the Year because of the Title? Sanchez clearly wants to win, be it in training and during games but he needs help and support to take this team to the next level. A day before the FA Cup final he said “It has been a positive season but I have still got ambitions to win more,” . “I would like to be closer to winning the Premier League title and get further in the Champions League. Every time I play I do it with the same motivation. I want the team to grow more and to compete in every competition we play.” After our FA cup win our players celebrated and talked about the great season we have had. Sanchez on the other hand has called the season a “disappointment”. Sanchez must have watched his Barcelona mates win the treble and think we can do that at Arsenal.

Sanchez is clearly a winner, but like all top players if the ambition of the team doesn’t match their ambition they will go to other teams. Top players want to win trophies. We may call them money grabbers and stuff like that but they want to WIN. Many top Arsenal players have left us in the past. From the King To Judas.

This is a very strange summer for Arsenal because it is the first time pundits are actually saying that Arsenal will challenge for the title. On Breathe football Gary Lineker said: “With a few additions Arsenal will be the main title challengers to Chelsea”. Jose Mourinho said on BT Sport “I believe they Arsenal have a top manager, I’m not making fun here. They will be even harder to beat next season. They will challenge us for the title.”

Now the big question comes? Can Arsenal Handle the pressure? This is probably the first season Arsenal will go into without people mentioning the 4th place trophy. For the first time pundits and fans are seeing Arsenal differently. Like Wenger said: “you can feel the vibe coming from the team”. Can this team handle the pressure and match the ambitions of players like Sanchez?

Former Arsenal captain Patrick Viera spoke about the Gunners pressure in 2011 when he said: “When they are in trouble, they always concede a goal. A big team when it’s under pressure, it pulls together, it makes the trouble go away,”

“Sometimes you know you have diffcult periods, even the best teams. You accept the opponent is stronger, you defend, you stay strong, more compact. You accept you have to suffer. They play the best football in the last few years, But playing the best football and not winning, that must be so frustrating.”

According to another former Arsenal player Paul Merson: “When the pressure is off and you can’t win the league, football is a completely different game, When you have to go into a game when you’re top of the league or chasing teams down, the pressure is different.

“I’m sorry but, when the pressure is on, they don’t perform, and when it’s off they are the best team in the country.” is Merson Right?

Have we actually improved? Or did we have a good run because there was no pressure? Pundits say our points difference from 2013/2014 season was better than that of 2014/2015. Next season, fans will genuinely expect Arsenal to challenge from Day One until the last day – and do better than round of 16 in the Champions league. Can our players handle the pressure and match the Ambition of Alexis?

By Galen.

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  1. I love his mentality when everyone’s happy about a cup win he is already targeting championship and European glory. We need more players with his mentality and ability




    1. must bug him a little- year he comes to arsenal the team hes been at for years wins the league the champions league an there domestic cup…a historic treble
      even the team that wanted him from barca- won there league- an we’re in champions league final so i imagine fa cup will not be enough

      truth be told there he’s a small fish in a big pond.
      here he’s the big fish…

      1. A proper kick in the teeth I should imagine!

        We need more class players, to raise the bar and expectations.

      2. Muff your right he was on the bench most of the time in the shadow of many players but at Arsenal his the biges dickes if you know what i mean 🙂

        we have been fortunate that Francis Coquelin and Hector Bellerin matured in to great players saving up around 50 million if we was to but them and now we can sell Jenkins if we chose and one or two others what with the cash in the bank we can buy anyone and make Sanchez dreams come true

    2. I find it quite amusing how some fans are now on board with the idea the FA cup “isn’t enough”, plenty have stated this same thing but we heard it’s a major trophy blah blah.

      The second Alexis comes out and says this season was just ‘ok’ and that he wants to win the Prem and CL fans do a 360 and are banging that drum.

      1. So why wouldn’t we want to win bigger throphies we’ve proved we are the best cup team in recent years with our back to back success should we send still with that like the years we were finishing 4th

      1. He is right to be disappointed!. Coming 3rdIn the league! how do you think he as a winner and top class player perceives this idea?
        Ok we won something called the FA cup where we beat some minnows and an average Man U side, but for him he is thinking bigger things like League/CL.

        But that’s AS. He Wants that bit more, pushes that bit harder. If only everyone in our squad (& management/board) had this drive we would Número uno!

        1. Love Alexiss tenacity drive and abilities, i like him too, but there is an argument that he hasnt shown up in the big games. In defending him i pointed out that he offers so much more besides his goals assists, i have to say though that in some big games he has looked a shadow of himself.

          1. He looked jaded and tired. It’s no wonder. He can’t carry the team on his shoulders the hole season but because
            Of our lack of attacking potency and AW desire to keep him playing (probably due to the fact he had no-one on the bench who could hold a candle do him) he was expected to.

            Talking of players going missing. All players do from time to time but some do it more than others, especially in the big matches (coughs..Ozil).

            We simply need players forged from the same stuff.

  2. I’ll be happy with a Clinical Striker, Another DM and CECH not Casillas if available….Hope we get things right in the transfer window.

  3. Arsenal must have a football vision that can beat the best otherwise we Will continue to move backward. The recent rating shows that Chelsea and Man city are ahead of us in terms of value. They failed to invest in arsenal, hope they wont invest the profit from arsenal in another business. We must buy quality and keep our footballing vision.

  4. Not saying we have to sell before we buy but there are a few players on our books that really need to make way and everyone is aware who those players are by now. Incoming players have to be “WORLD CLASS” with maybe 1 or 2 for the future if not the present as well. I now expect us to make a real title push until the last game of the season and losing the league again by Christmas this time around would be totally unacceptable.

  5. We need a keeper that is dominant in our box…he needs to come out and collect crosses on a regular with real authority because lots of teams target set pieces or crosses from wide to score against us

  6. It’s going to be the longest summer ever!

    Wenger will get/or not get the transfers he wants and we will suffer until the. 1st Sep.

    Unless Flamini goes shortly expect no DM
    Unless Walcott goes expect no ST
    Unless Woljeik goes expect no GK

    Expect nothing and you won’t be far disappointed

    1. You’ve hit the nail on the head mate we’re not going to see any new “big names” this summer. Add all this evidence together and see what you come up with:
      1) AW states that Thierry Henry is wrong and that OG CAN fire Arsenal to glory next season.
      2) AW praises Coquellin and its rumoured that the Shneiderlin deal is TOO much money for Arsenal
      3) Chips Keswick states that we will only have 50 million to spend this summer its then rumoured that its 70 million.
      4) Flammini, Arteta and Rosicky have not been moved on and only Diaby has been let go
      5) Walcott is played down the centre for the FA cup which is extremely rare.
      6) AW states “we are not in Transfer mode”
      7) Mouriniho wont let Cech come to us or at least will demand another player back in return
      8) Dybala GOES to Juve, Lacazetta is linked to Inter Milan. Tevez is linked with Atletico Madrid Higuain is linked to Chelsea, Shneiderlin is linked to Man united Ings goes to Liverpool, Milner goes to Liverpool, ………………the list goes on but significantly Arsenal Football club are NOT linked with anyone in any real concrete capacity other than Cech.
      9) We need a world class striker and ANOTHER defensive midfielder
      10) We don’t really need another keeper per sey
      11) We are tenuasly linked with a Seville DM who ‘s club rejected a 9 million offer from Southampton does anyone here think he’s worth more and would AW offer more?? I doubt it.
      TWO PLAYERS IS ALL WE REALLY NEED TWO WORLD CLASS PLAYERS NOIT ONLY FOR WHAT THEY CAN DO BUT AS A STATEMENT OF INTENT!!!!!! What we’ll get is either cheap second rate options or……………………Fack all!!!!

      1. Yeh, early days but not looking good. I remember past windows passing by and getting panicky thinking, surely he will get some of the players in we need, surely we will hear something tomorrow!

        Based on the history books we will always fall short in the transfer window. Yes we have had Ozil (12th hour) Sanchez, debauchy and chambers recently (I won’t mention Wellbeck) but I suspect we have just lost the ability to identify, scout, contact and negotiate with top class talent.

        I pray we don’t miss this opportunity to close the gap and procure the armoury in which we currently lack this time around.

        But am not hopeful.

        1. There are hoards of fans who say “its early days” or we don’t need any new players or blah blah blah but in my mind it SHOULD work like this, Podolski, Sanogo, Myachi, Diaby, Arteta, Flaminni should all be let go, Rosicky should be kept as he’s a cracking little player, and we should be in for and getting Schneiderlin or Kondogbia and either Lacazetta or Higuian or Benzema (not a fan of Martinez or Cavanni) and possibly Cech.
          If Walcott wants 150 a week he can jog on and we should NEVER EVER have brought in Wellbeck.
          Sorry if this offends but hey ho.
          The above moves and changes would ensure we would have a skilled and versatile squad to challenge for the major trophies next season. Rest assured that our competitors will be and already are reinforcing their squads and if we don’t we’ll be back to square one again.

          1. I agree on nearly all except for Cavani.
            I think this guy would make a killing the premier league behind our midfield as he is made for the PL.

            Couldn’t agree more on Wellbeck! People say; yes he isn’t a gool scorer as such but he does so much good work for the team and is a great athlete.

            I say get forwards who score goals. Sanchez played mainly on the LW and bagged 20+ where as Wellbeck played 39 times and scored 8! Frigging eight!

            There was a reason people weren’t queuing up to buy Wellbeck and a reason why he was on the bench at Man U. I for one wish he was still there.

            No malice towards the boy but I just don’t think he cuts if we want class Footballers at AFC.

            1. Wellbeck has got a great work rate but in front of goal he looks like a scared mouse and he just doesn’t have that killer instinct. As you say I have nothing personnel against the kid but he just has no real idea when to pull the trigger and that’s what we need.
              OG is better but again his killer instinct seems to be lacking in some instances but with him I think its more akin to the fact that he’s comfortable in his role and feels that he’s always going to be first choice which is dangerous.
              I don’t dislike Cavanni per sey but he’s been well off at PSG and we both know that Wenger wont get him in cos he wants too much money for his services. I feel though that it’s a weird situation as Walcott is asking for too much money for what he does but AW will accommodate him, where’s the sense in that?.
              Its telling that there are no big teams lining up to take any of our players off our hands and that tells me a lot. We are almost the finished article but not quiet there and unless AW buys the key men we’ll be back where we where two or three years ago.

  7. Over the past 7 years Arsenal
    developed the excuse mentality.
    Other teams were too rich
    their managers were ars$holes
    their fans are plastic and they play crap football.
    Arsenal of course celebrate the amazing 3rd /4th place
    we play great football and our fans are class.
    This loser mentality justifying failure
    has become a debilitating virus at the club.
    The club has to be ruthless.
    If we have to park the bus and grind out the results
    especially in the big games so be it.
    We must stop carrying so much deadwood.
    Diaby Ryo Podolski Rosicky Flamini
    Sanogo Campbell should be gone asp.
    If we need Cech just get him.
    Buy the best DM and striker money can buy.
    Fear no one. Expect to win every game home and away.

    1. @davidnz
      Wont happen mate, for all he reasons you’ve stated plus one other important factor……………The club is a cash cow for the shareholders and the board. This Is the rea reason that AW has kept his job in an environment that otherwise does NOT tolerate failure, (this is not an argument to suggest that AW goes). AW’s nature and his philosophy totally compliments the boards ambition and until the old school wood panelled board room mentality changes the club wont ever win anything of note and we wont see the players at the club that we should. Smoke and mirrors and utter hypocrisy are the bywords of the club now and perhaps they always have been. David Dein was fired because he suggested foreign investment and then the board bring in the very man that he suggested in the first place. The wrong man in many peoples opinion because Kroenke is a soulless and profit obsessed American who has merely added another club to his coterie of sports ventures and who only cares about the money. He has no idea of the clubs ethos or history and he never will.

      1. The only hypocrisy is that you celebrated our consecutive cup glory only to then spit hiss and piss all over it. Arsenal are moving in the right direction, and with the right man at the helm, it hasnt been easy for him nor for us but we faced great competition and in the hardest of times. Its a new dawn.

        1. @YingYang
          Ive followed this club since I was four and during that time Ive served two tours of Northern IRELAND, ONE OUT IN Afghanistan and gone through a divorce, lol just because Id like to see the club move forward to compete at the highest level it does not mean Im a hypoicriteit also does’nt mean Im “hissing and pissing” all over the FA cup accomplishments in any way so roll your neck back in and stop yacking!!
          The club has the ordenance now to fire into the big leagues and I think its about time they used it to give the fans what they have dished out over the last ten years which is a competitive edgeand some chance of being back with the big boys.
          How is that pissing on the FA cup??? I never mentioned the FA cup in any way.
          At any rate if it’s a new dawn lets hope the day stays sunny cos if we don’t attempt to keep up with the opposition there will be thunder clouds ahead.
          I even hear now that with Falcao on his way to Chelsea that Loic Remy is now talking to West Ham, where is the news that Wenger is speaking to anyone?? And before you thumb this comment down or slag of Remy, was he not someone who Wenger was interested in a season ago???

        2. yingyang69,what the hell are you talking about?the fa cup was not mentioned by the commenter.But i will mention it i said it b4 the final and i’ll say it now THE FA CUP IS NOT A MAJOR TROPHY

    2. The excuse mentality???

      You’ve got the mentality of not being able to grasp the basic fact there has been no money. We’ve been lucky to have been finishing in such a high position during these years.

      Times are changing now player investment & if you don’t think winning the FA cup 2 years in a row is moving forward & you can’t even stop and enjoy these moments you’ll never be satisfied. Your the ones still living in the past get over it.

      1. no money!!!!!!! WHAT YOU MEAN IS “NOT AS MUCH MONEY AS OUR RIVALS” we have had money all through this time and that’s a fact too, we have the money now though don’t we?? how is it that other clubs have rebuilt without charging the earth for season tickets?? how is it we’ve paid Diaby Millions in wages and got NOTHING from him??? We’ve had money all right we’ve just always had a policy of making sure the top guys on the board got their money first.
        No money, we’re something lie the 4th richest club in the world.

        1. We where indebted over half the clubs worth. Maybe youd get creative and put Arsenals future into doubt but our board chose to look after Arsenals interest in the long term instead of going toe to toe with clubs of unimaginable wealth.

      2. There you go again
        we had no money
        be happy with the
        FA cup.That’s the
        excuse mentality to a tee.

        1. No I mean we had no money. The value of the club has nothing to do with how much money you have to spend not in the slightest. And the value of the club is high because all the money has been put into building the club securing the future ensuing we can compete at the top long term. We took on massive debt. Debt was being paid by club revenue players had to be sold, we relied on getting champions league money and that’s not even guaranteed. Nothing to do with an excuse mentality we’ve had the budget of a lower table club for years for that reason we couldn’t compete. Now money is available money is being invested in players and we are winning silverware again. I just live in the present and accept the situation We’re doing well and bigger and better thing are coming but you can’t even enjoy the moment.

          1. No ones saying that we’ve not improved and noones saying that winning the FA was a small thing, I don’t recall seeing that anywhere in this thread.
            What we’re saying is its time to improve and move forward and if that means being more critical of what we have and what we’re doing then so be it.
            Your like Parents who have naughty but clever kids who only see the virtues and not the faults in their offspring, grow up it does not mena we’re fake or plastic or wrong if we’d like to see some changes in the way the club does things. You lot are like Violet Kray who could never see any faults in “her boys”

          2. Alan Frank,you say ” The value of the club has nothing to do with how much money you have to spend not in the slightest.”,so why is it that the clubs worth the most are also the ones who spend the most?i think it is definitely related to their worth mate

  8. We must some how have to go for Peter Chez, that is a must
    The other areas which every one is talking about is some what not thatt which we can not cope with. Coq is exceptional and Arteta is back. If for some reason Coq is not available we can filed a combination of Ramsey and Arteta which is defensive minded.
    Striker also we are not really short, if Walcott signs, we can play him upfront.
    Giroud after all what crictcs are saying has continued his scoring streak and even scored in FA cup fnal
    I would be really really happy if we sign Kongbodia/Schilderin and Jackson/Huguine
    but I am saying the no1 target sahould be Peter Check .
    He can really improve our defence and can bring calmness
    The most imortant thing for next season is to keep our players fit

    1. Mate Walcott is not good enough for that TOP spot and that’s a fact, also “If he Signs” indicates to me that he’s really more about the money than the club, if he thinks he’s worth 150 a week let him prove it and stay fit and score 30 goals a season first then ask for the raise. This wont happen as he’s not the player HE thinks he is.

      1. Comments like this are delusional. The season before his injury he was one of our best players. He’s been at the club a decade, one of our longest serving players and is about to enter his prime. ‘indicates he’s more about the money than the club’ it’s not your money!! believe it or not the next contract he signs may be his most important one for him financially. he’s a professional footballer, of course the money’s important for him!!

        It’s fans like you who would’ve been calling RVP the man of glass asking him to be sold on before his phenomenal last season and then a season later calling for Wenger’s head as he didn’t extend the contract earlier…..
        ”Not good enough, that’s a fact.’ no. it’s your opinion. based on the precious few times he’s played there he’s scored two devastating hat-tricks and regularly got on the score-sheet.
        ‘Ask for 30 goals a season..’ ridiculous statement.

        1. @Josh37
          Yes mate “one of our best players” NOT one of the best players in the world, and as far as your comment about “Not my money” well it is as it happens, its mine its yours and its everyones who buys season tickets merchandise and everything else Arsenal related so yes I do care what I get for the money I pay for a season ticket, also why would anyone in their right mind care about what happens with Theo Walcotts bank account??? He’d be off like a shot if another club offered him 300 grand a week so don’t kid yourself in that respect.
          If Theo was as good as he thinks he is he would have shown it by now, Im not saying he’s rubbish or that Id rather have someone else in his stop BUT he is not good enough for the stop at the tip of the spear that may be cos he’s had injuries or because he’s not good enough but either way its pure economics that dictate if you cant do your job effectively for a prolonged period of time you cant expect a raise. Its fans like YOU that are part of the problem with the club as has already been stated by others it’s the excuse mentaility. Would you pay a plumber his money if he only did half a job putting in a new Khazi?? Even if he said that he’s been off ill for a month and its not his fault? If he said he needs the money for his retirement fund? The answer must surely be NO!!!
          Just maybe getting a new striker in would sharpen the theo and the OG’s game a little more and add to our options up front and that can only be a good thing, or is it YOUR money? And that’s why you argue the point???

          1. Oh well at least the Khazi your plumber put in flushes away the P!ss the Turds however are another matter lol

        2. “2 devastating hatricks”,one against a poor Newcastle in a 7-3 win an the other a few weeks ago against another poor side.Theo has proved nothing upfront,Wenger needs to man up an just tell him the truth,in the modern game(1 upfront)hes not equiped to play thru the middle against top teams,stay on the wing

  9. We need leaders in this team… we seem to crumble when the pressure is on…I want to believe the young guns of then (Ramsey,Theo,Wilshere,Gibbs,etc) have matured by now…winning the league is not just having new signings but having leaders in d team…we need the likes of Caz,kos,Sanchez to step up n lead d team

  10. OT: Does anyone know if Higuain is coming to Arsenal? A former Napoli player said he 90% sure he is going to Arsenal. I dont want to get excited too early if it turns out not to be true.

    1. would love to have him but i think Jose Mourinho will hijack him and loan him out to a team to damage his rivals

    2. There are stories. just wait for We have bn linked with everyone already.
      Dybala off to Juventus
      Vietto off to Atlethico de madrid
      I don’t get excited by the media. If Arsenal don’t confirm it then is just another story

  11. Funny how Im getting Thumbs down on almost all my comments when they are entirely in the vein of the conversation lol
    its appears that some “Fools” will thumb down anything on the premise that although its not to their tune of thought its about seeing the club succeed.
    Are you Tottenham in disguise??????

    1. Thumbs down or up is an indication of whether they agree with you or disagree… You’re arrogant enough to label anyone who disagrees with you a ‘fool?’
      I don’t agree with your views on Walcott. Not extending his contract would be a signal to him we’re not serious about keeping him and then if he actually finds the devastating form he’s capable of all the other top English clubs will come sniffing and throwing 200k/week contracts under his nose and we’d either have to pay a lot more or lose a top player….
      Do you ever question why Arteta is named captain?? He obviously does a lot behind the scenes as well and the fact that he’s been sitting with the coaching staff at a lot of games says a lot.
      ’11) We are tenuasly linked with a Seville DM who ‘s club rejected a 9 million offer from Southampton does anyone here think he’s worth more and would AW offer more?? I doubt it.’
      Krychowiak?? Are you referring to the midfielder who got into the La Liga team of the year competing with the likes of Barca’s and Real’s midfield’s?? The way you throw around potential exits and transfer targets as though it’s so easy an idiot could do it, yet you’re seriously asking if anyone here thinks he’s worth more than 9mil?? Maybe leave transfer suggestions to those who are aware of the world’s elite?? not just regurgitating some of the 100’s of targets names we’re linked with…

      1. I’m actually still dumbfounded you don’t think anyone here would value Krychowiak at 9mil… If we got him for 30mil I’d still call it good business…

        1. Haha go on Josh lad.

          I agree about Arteta I think people seriously under value him spends time with the coaching staff really good with the younger players hear he’s been coaching some of the academy teams while he’s been injured. People go on about Henry being a future arsenal manager He was probably our best ever player and I know he loves arsenal but would he make a good manager? Honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see Arteta flung into some sort of coaching role he’s a really smart highly professional guy and he seems to be highly regarded. Maybe even management material in the future.

          1. Exactly!! Just look at the united model which worked so well under Fergie. Their squad players were comprised of older, experienced players who have since stayed at the club at moved into senior roles, but were still players performed admirably whenever called upon.
            There seems to be this mentality in a lot of fans that if they don’t contribute on the pitch on a weekly basis then what is the point keeping them? Failing to see the bigger picture. We have soooo many young, talented players who need those experienced heads at the club to help them mature and develop as best they possibly can.

          2. well then let him become a coach then,hes not underrated,hes just not good enough for Arsenal

        2. Ahhh dear old Josh37
          Im not Arrogant in the slightest mate lol I really just want to see some forward movement and IMO we’re not gping to be able to move forward if we don’t add to what we have the funny thing about opinions is this…they are like AR$EHOLES, everyone has one
          The “thumbs down” comment comes from the fact I was unaware that you could thumbs down comment without being involved in the thread so perhaps not arrogant more ignorant of technology. at any rate only time will tell if We can make a challenge for either the EPL or the CL next season, I rather doubt it with the current line up but Im willing to eat my words if I’m wrong. we shall see

      2. My point about Krychowiak was that I really don’t think Wenger will go for him as he’s not renowned for spending money perhaps the point was noit put across clearly for that I’ll apologise but Ill be happy again to be proved wrong but I cannot see it happening. Now give me a roasting about that, tell me Ikm wrong and arrogant and then tell me how much cleverer you are than me .
        Go on Im enjoying this ……….

      3. im dumbfounded about what you said concerning Arteta,a captain is supposed to be on the pitch,Arteta can’t perform to a top level on the pitch so he should be sold,not clung onto blocking up places in our squad along with Flamini an co

  12. I absolutely love the fact that sanchez said that. It is a good thing that wenger’s lack of ambition hasn’t spread to Sanchez. We need to have more players with his attitude (atleast off the field).
    Thank u Sanchez for saying that. I’ll try to avoid abusing him from now on :p

    1. Spot on,an it Sanchez’s in built determination on the pitch which has driven us on this season an galvanized many of the team.I hope Wenger realises Sanchez hasn’t come to finish 3rd or 4th.If he he hasn’t then Sanchez will join a long list of players who will leave Arsenal due to Wengers complacency

  13. I dont think you can put this seasons league failure down to pressure. It was the beginning of season where we crumbled and everyone knows that it is the run in and in the big matches where the pressure is on.

    We had pressure when playing the bigger teams because due to our record against them and because everyone does ask can Arsenal finally handle the big games. The cup win away at utd and the city away where two big games with all eyes on us and we succeeded in dealing with pressures.

    I acually think the reason mour spoke well of Arsene and his team is down to our cup successes and in how we handled our big match encounters.

    1. te big pressure game against Chelsea we lost 2-0,the big game against Monaco we lost 3-1,stopp making excuses mate,we need more recruits every1 knows the positions,St,DM,GK

      1. i agree…but there what we actually need is a psychologist.
        I ve said it here and in some other blogs many times, we have a psychlogical issue, which is also a health issue. mental and physical health in Arsenal MUST be revieweed.

  14. If we get Cech, a top Striker (ie Martinez, Lacazette, Ibrahimovic) and top DM (ie Schneiderlin and Kondogbia) then we have full ambition

  15. funny stuff…
    went thru the article and had an idea, figured that by Reading comments i d grow more ideas…
    got here and totally forgot what the idea was…hahahah
    hey its also a complimento to the comments section!

  16. i dont know if Arsenal as a team can be up with Alexis, I do think they can.
    I dont know if Wenger as a coach can…i think so but I am less convinced.
    I dont know if the administrative staff and shareholders are up to it, id say some yes and some not.

    one thing is for sure:

    ***Arsene is on a bright spot right now, it is a momentum. And it will hardly come again soon.

    since he is not that Young and I dont think he will renew I do think he wants to leave with UCL and EPL trophies to him. Now…can HE pull it together with THIS pressure?? (leaving Alexis aside)

    (This remineds me of 2004-06 moments, trophies UCL final…we could have built on but then we had the Emirates stadium thing, so right now is even brighter!! even more pressure!!)

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