Can Arsenal tempt Enrique to replace Wenger as manager?

First of all we need to assume that the people in charge behind the scenes at Arsenal FC are actually thinking about putting a new manager in charge, rather than the usual default setting of letting Arsene Wenger having yet another crack at the Premier League despite the Gunners slipping further and further away from mounting any sort of challenge in recent years.

Failure to win the Europa League and kill two birds with one stone by giving the fans sime silverware to celebrate and getting the team back into the elite Champions League tournament will certainly give the top brass at theclub some food for thought, but let’s assume that they are looking for a new manager.

One man with a very good track record and who also happens to be available is the former player and manager of FC Barcelona, Luis Enrique. Enrique led the Catalan club to nine trophies in his three seasons in charge, including the continental treble in his first campaign, breaking various records during his spell at the Nou Camp.

He stepped down a year ago but now sounds like he is ready to go again. As reported by Metro, Enrique is not going to take just any job, so any club wanting to get him needs to make it an exciting prospect.

The Spaniard said, ‘I do not know. It will depend on someone loving me but it has to be something that makes me very excited.’

I reckon that the chance to take over from Wenger and get Arsenal back to the glory days could be an exciting prospect, especially if the bioard promised to back him heavily in the transfer market. All managers fancy a crack at the EPL, but can Arsenal persuade this former Barca man to come to north London? Would you even want them to?



  1. Mikekobi says:

    All I want is for Wenger to leave by the end of the season, look at chamberlain performing well at Liverpool, our players are not doing well under Wenger and thats why he need to leave, I don’t really care who comes in, Enrique won’t be a bad idea

    1. lcebox says:

      Sorry but cant agree with that hes had a couple of good games.

      He had done the same for us and when we played much better ball he looked as good with us.

  2. Ozziegunner says:

    Like Durand, I am also a long term gooner (56 years) who lives outside the UK. As a sports nut, having played five sports competively the last squash into my forties, I support American Football (San Francisco 49ers). Like Durant, ks-gunner and others, I was aware for many years before he bought a controlling interest in Arsenal FC, of the toxic ownership history of Stan Kroenke.
    Therefore one has to ask the question as to how much “due dilligence” did the then board members show, when they sold their shares to Stan Kroenke? Were the only interested in the money and how bad was their perception of the alternative Usmanov? How little regard did they have for David Dein that they ignored his council and left him no alternative than to resign?

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      By the way Admin, although I shortened my name, I still have a number of comments awaiting moderation. I feel I am wasting my time posting.

      1. Admin says:

        Try adifferent email address too. Last hope I have….

        1. GB says:

          Ozziegunner as much as I miss Dein and so does our club, it was of course him who first introduced Kroenke to the board.

          1. Break-on-through says:

            Setting up meetings is different to selling the club down the river. Dein was right, for us to keep pace we needed to bring in investors like the ones that arrived at City & Che. That’s all Dein was doing, trying to not get out done by the new money. The board slaughtered Dein for talking with them, then they see the money and pick the wrong guy. I don’t see Dein as doing anything wrong, all he done was put feelers out and try to get some meetings so AFC would not get left behind. Its that douche bag board’s fault, and Bracewell bitch. They wanted the money and to stay on the boards payroll, sack the lot of them.

  3. Sue says:

    The board must have someone lined up surely…. but I wonder who!!

  4. Daniel Sutherland says:

    All we need is for the specialist in failure to leave, and then we can actually dream about winning the league again.

  5. AndersS says:

    It is a strange situation. The longer and further Wenger is allowed to drag us down, the more difficult it becomes to get a real top manager.

  6. John Ibrahim says:

    seems to most fans….

    the new manager will spend big, sign several quality world class players and automatically win titles

    1. Phil says:

      Not at all.Most who want Wenger out recognise quite clearly the job thenewManager has is not easy.Wenger has allowed complete apathy to set in around the whole club so whoever is appointed will have work to do before we can even dream of being title contenders.You come across as a very typical Wenger lover who knows his time is up and is almost wanting the new Manager to fail.Guess what?The fanbase are not easily fooled but will accept a transition as long as we progress.We still have the core of very very good players who are more than capable of being competitive in this league and with the right additions we can be a force.But we need a Manager who MANAGES AND COACHES THE TEAM.This is clearly beyond Wenger and has been for too long now.It is quite clearly shown by our current league position of SIXTH.And yet you still continue to accept this.The Club needs to raise its expectation levels or else even mediocrity will be beyond us.

      1. jon fox says:

        Looking into the medium term future, if Wenger stays, true mid table and then lower still is inevitable. The slippery slope we have been on for years already leads to less club money and fewer still decent players and thus lower in table. Sure as night follows day. I simply cannot conceive how certain people (who you would presume are, otherwise , intelligent) cannot or WILL NOT see this obvious certainty! What is the mysterious hold Wenger has over their brains and sense? Serious question, WHAT ?

        1. Midkemma says:

          For me it isn’t obvious, for me there are MANY factors that come into play and the new manager will benefit if AFC can resolve some of those issues ASAP.

          Signing players, that has been something which has been lacking at Arsenal for a while and we have read how many articles about Wenger missing out on this player or that player who made it big because Arsenal didn’t pay enough?

          People have blamed Wenger for that but was it Wenger or Gazidis doing his usual penny pinching? He did it with Auba and left how much time for a CB signing which Wenger wanted?

          For me, Wenger is like a pastry chef who has been given a bucket of cheap vegetables and asked to make a world class soup… If we want soup then get a soup cook and buy fresh ingredients.

  7. Nayr says:

    He is not that good.

    he can go to psg or chelsea if he wants.

    we should be tempting people like allegri,simeone,jardim.
    luis enrique is a level below.he did nothing as roma manager.

    1. Midkemma says:

      Yet the very next season he took Celta from finishing 17 to 9th.
      Managers and teams need to have the same goals, teamwork and trust. Not all managers will do well at club X but perform for club Y.

      Enrique averaged more points per game than Pep while at Barca, it was Raul Sanllehi who was doing the transfers and Raul is now at Arsenal… I do believe he got Barca scoring more goals per game than Pep as well, although his Barca did concede a bit more per game XD

      As for his Roma days, have a look at the squad he had… Roma the season prior fin 6th and after fin 6th, Enrique Roma fin 7th. Enrique Roma wasn’t so reliant on Totti and TBH going through some transitions…

      Also… It was ROMA! Not Bayern Munich who was top dog in their league. What do you think he was going to do?? PMSL!

  8. Chiza says:

    Julian Nagelsmann is the man!!!!!

  9. Joey Mack says:

    I don’t think Enrique is the manager for Arsenal. He inherited an incredible team, and then lost one of his most important players to PSG. Allegri, Simeone and Low would all be great. No to the ridiculous idea of Brendan Rodgers too.

  10. Midkemma says:

    Enrique got more points per game than Pep, Enriques Barca team scored more per game than Peps, to dismiss his achievements because Barca… Barca had a couple managers between Pep and Enrique and they wasn’t winning the UCL, Pep won it then next Barca manager to win it was Enrique.

    Enrique did do well prior to Barca at Celta, taking them into the top half of the table after battling relegation, finishing 8 positions higher than the season prior, so it wasn’t just with Barca that he done well.

    Can we tempt him?

    Of course if Gazidis steps up his act, if he lets Raul deal with transfers and open up the cheque book easier, this could happen as Gazidis and Raul are RL mates from what I read. Gazidis could trust Raul judgment more than Wengers and Enrique will have Diamond Eye Sven working for him…

    He could build a legacy with us, that could tempt any manager with ambitions, we just need to match that ambition.

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