Can Arsenal UCL place beat Man United to Carvalho transfer?

There was a new twist to the Arsenal transfer rumour linking us with a move for the 22-year old Portugal international William Carvalho earlier this week. It said that the defensive midfielder was waiting to see whether the Gunners would make it through to the group stage of the Champions League before deciding whether to come to north London.

With his current Portuguese employers Sporting Club already in the draw, Carvalho did not want to miss out this season, apparently. Assuming that Arsene Wenger really is keen on signing him, the narrow win over Besiktas should leave the way clear for us, except that there is now another complication according to a report in The Independent.

The usually reliable paper claims that Carvalho has been a long term target of Man United and they are now preparing to go for him after injury concerns put them off a move for the Juventus star Arturo Vidal. If this is true it could force the transfer fee back up after the Portuguese club apparently dropped it earlier this week. Unless, of course, the player sticks to his guns and refuses to join a club with no European football this season.

As we have seen with Angel Di Maria this week, however, money can often speak volumes.

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  1. According to the reliable @di marzio we have had a €15m + add ons rejected by dortmund for defender Sokratis. Apparently we are still interested with talks ongoing. If this is true we should definitely go get him. He’s physical but also quick and can play DM and CB. Did a job on messi in an international. At 26 he is also very experienced (captain of Greece). Hope we get this guy!

      1. Why? It came from a reliable source, not caughtoffside. Crazier transfers have happened. Sol campbell to arsenal from spurs? Gotze to munich? DI MARIA TO RELEGATION BATTLING UNITED.

        those were all more unrealistic than this transfer.

    1. Sokratis will be good, as a defender. we still need a DM like Carvalho…I just fking hope we sign him. come on wenger prove us wrong and sign the son of a gun

      Manchester United £401.2m
      Manchester City £344.15m
      Chelsea £341.8m
      Liverpool £245.8m
      Arsenal £209.5m

      Even Liverpool squad cost more to put together than us.
      If we buy Falcao, Vidal, and Hummels we will still be less than Chelsea and the Manchurians.
      Manu and Pool are still spending, we are still watching.

      1. Transfer fee is not always a good indicator of the quality of the squad.
        It only clearly indicates we promote more from within while the rest buy players from other clubs.
        If we look at the value of the squad
        Ramsey – 30 – 40M
        Wilshere – 20 – 25M
        Gibbs – 15M
        Chesney – 10M – 12M
        Koscielny – 25 – 30M (15 – 20M more than what we paid for him)

        Our squad value would be somewhere over the 300M mark.

      2. I agree, why cannot we buy vidal? We have UCL and Sanchez… Lots of money including 25+ of the UCL qualification… By all means we can! It is up to vidal to come to us!
        And Falcao would be awesome, though Madrid are favourites…but you never know.
        Carvalho is great too, i just dont see why do we have to follow the stereotype the media put on us and settle for players, chelsea, madrid, manshitty, barcelona dont want….We are one of the best clubs ever, settling turn into a lot of stars out and 0 titles.. Time to make our mark and reset our presence at the top.

      3. Jim. Does the Pool sum include the money for Suarez, or have they actually spent much less.
        Same with the Chelsea sum.
        Utd have certainly lashed out, but, they are in meltdown and need to spend big, not that they can afford it really.

  2. Also ronaldo got away with punching godin in the face twice! No one is talking about it. Media did not broadcast it. If it was suarez everyone would be going mental! No sanction is being mentioned. Goes to show that uefa are indeed uefadrid.

  3. OT: Why are some of Arsenal fans complaining about the Price of a player as if they’re the ones paying it direct from their pockets … why are Man U fans not complaining, or Real Madrid fans complain about James and Bale cost? …if we can pay Falcao’s salary and the £20M and Wenger is willing, bring him on.

    All I want is a strong Arsenal.

    1. Recently been confirmed by many sources falcao is going to madrid on a season loan for €20m.

      That will be a tough team to stop.

    2. totally

      i see no reason why Arsenal cant bring in these players to strengthen and rotate

      Strikers Cavani and Falcao

      Wingers Draxler and Reus

      DM Carvalho and Khedira

      Centrebacks Howedes and Hummels

      we still a proper quality and experience backup LB for Gibbs and Debuchy tooo

      1. Probably because the government wont bail us out after we get into deep debt. Spain have madrid covered.

    1. Dont be complacent

      no Rojo, Ronney, RVP, Di Maria, Mata and Vidal playing….

      wait till the first team play and Arsenal may not be able to win….we struggled to scoreagainst them last season…..

      1. For once i agree with Hafiz. They were using their first team. Remember when we almost got humiliated by Reading but somehow came back?

  4. It should be a no brainer for carvalho! You get to play for a “big club” arsenal and play on the big stage “the championsleague” man u cannot give him this! Come on and be “gunner” son! Coyg!

  5. Our team is going to be absolutely shattered.. Within a space of 22 days we play:
    Man City (H) – PL
    Dortmund (A) – CL
    Villa (A) – PL
    Southampton (H) – LC
    Spurs (H) – PL
    Galatasaray – (H) – CL
    And of course it all culminates with..
    Chelsea (A) – PL

    Don’t think we can play Alexis for all of these games Arsene, and none of these teams can be taken lightly – we need another striker, not just a stand in!

    1. Gosh City next week….

      Sanchez struggling

      Hold up play Giroud out

      Mail man Sanago failed to deliver….

      Wenger refuse to spend big on striker

      this is worrying

      1. Sanchez is starting to get there, be patient. Nobody knows how you bright stars would adapt and how long they would take to form a unit. Be grateful we are in the CL, Besiktas were not an easy side to knock out…

      2. One thing about great players is that when everything is not going perfectly they are still influencing. Sanchez influences. He keeps defenses honest because they must respect his speed. He allows the rest of arsenal to get into the attack because he can create on his own so the defense must wait on their heels. He plays both sides of the pitch and is relentless. This influences the rest of the team to perform with a similar effort.

        The magic that you want to see will come sooner than you think. Every game he gets better.

    2. @agent edward just tweeted saying we are interested in danny welbeck. Not sure how i feel about that. Obviously wanted a more prolific proven striker. Bare in mind he is only 23 and played out of position on the left because of rooney and RVP. Remember sturridge? Constantly played on the wing. One season as a striker for liverpool and he turned into a beast. But they are two different players, so it is essentially a gamble. Rather welbeck than nothing… Or worse.. Mighty zigic and his world class HOLD UP PLAY.

      1. Arsenal has Sanchez Campbell
        Ramsey Chamberlain Sanogo
        Podolski Cazorla Gnabry Akpopm.
        Wilshere Ozil and Giroud
        when he returns. 12 goalscorers.
        5 DM’s/B2B’s Arteta Flamini
        Wilshere Diaby Chambers Ramsey.
        Rather we buy a top class CB.

    3. Wenger is delusional if he thinks the squad is strong enough. He is the most stubborn man I have ever seen. He thinks he is smarter than the entire footballing universe who are calling on Arsenal to strengthen. His refusal to sign anybody last January probably cost the team any chance at the league title. The blame lies on Wenger’s shoulders alone if he doesn’t add to the squad. The Gunners needed another striker even with Giroud. Without Giroud, the need is even greater. Wake up Arsene!!!

      1. Agreed, inside 3 days we play man city at home and then dortmund away!! And then villa a few days after. That will be a huge ask. Rotation and options will be key

    4. Here is your reply….
      Wenger on SKY “He [Giroud] had surgery today. It went well but he will be out maybe until the end of December or beginning of January.

      “I don’t know yet [if Arsenal will sign anyone]. We are looking around but we want quality. We h…ave [Theo] Walcott coming back soon; I think [Yaya] Sanogo will make an impact this season and we also have [Lukas] Podolski and [Joel] Campbell.

      “To find players who are better than we already have could be very difficult now.”

      1. I find it really frustrating borderline insulting when I hear wengers response to the question of needing a ST especially now Giroud is injured!! He obviously felt we needed one last season or why the failed bids for Suarez and Higuain? Who did we get then……Sanago? This season now with Giroud out its even more of a necessity his response is we have sanago we have Campbell we have sanchez, Walcott etc. How many goals has sanagbo scored for us competitively? Or Campbell who is untried at this level? These guys are not ready to lead the line and score us 20+ goals this season so stop throwing their names around like they are good enough!! We need proven quality up top!!

      1. C’mon Norris is 74
        Wenger won’t buy him.
        Loan maybe.
        Bruce Lee is dead so Wenger
        is more likely to sign him cause he’s free.

  6. Chuba Akpom needs to be given more playing time than Sanogoal. His record of scoring in U-21
    is fantastic. He could be our new Ian Wright.

  7. I won’t mind a cheeky bid for Christian Benteke although I don’t know when will he return from
    serious injury.

  8. You wrote an article on Falcao, next moment Falcao joins Madrid
    Now you write an article on Carvalho, won’t be surprised if Man Utd signs Carvalho by tomorrow…

    I think we won’t make any more signings

  9. Okay guys TAKE A DEEP BREATH. Falcao just followed @mikesanz19 on twitter after he tweeted “retweet if you want falcao at Arsenal”. HAHA COULD IT REALLY HAPPEN?
    Would be the biggest shock transfer ever!

    1. twitter is so unreliable though. Didnt a similar thing happen during the Higuain transfer saga as well?

    2. I just saw that! I actually had to create a twitter account just to see that. Is it sad? perhaps but that’s how much i’m dying for us to get a top class forward lool

  10. we dont even have to BEAT United. Just make an offer and we have him. Carvalho wants UCL, and no guarantee United will even be there for the next season. Can we stop stalling, Monday fast approaching…

  11. Maybe we can swap Wenger for Falcao. Monaco want Wenger back. Then we will compete with Chelsea year after year. Other than that, send Wenger to some asylum somewhere and swap him with a resident. At least we will make sense of some of what his replacement does.

  12. Arsenals Premier league games before and after each CL fixture….

    Dortmund (A) – (H) Man city
    Tues 16 sep (A) Aston Villa

    Galatasaray (H) – (H) Spuds
    Wed 1 oct (A) Chelsea

    Anderlecht (A) – (H) Hull
    Wed 22 oct (A) Sunderland (

    Anderlecht (H) – (H) Burnley
    Tues 4 nov (A) Swansea

    Dortmund (H) – (H) Man Utd
    Wed 26 nov (A) West Brom

    Galatasaray (A) – (A) Stoke
    Tues 9 dec (H) Newcastle

    1. The first 2 worry me the most but Man City and Chelsea will be in the same position as us with UCL fixtures as well – might not affect them as much as us with their much vaunted deeper squads but there squads ain’t so deep they can leave their key men out.

    2. if wenger only belived in rotation, we have enough for two teams but he has to trust the bench
      Team Red against man city:
      debuchy koz mert gibbs
      flam ramsey
      walcott ozil campbell
      Team Yellow against dortmund:
      chambers koz mert monreal
      arteta wilshire
      ox cazorla podolski*
      only the positions marked * in team Yellow are marked dropoffs in quality from team Red
      (shows where we have to buy, esp since we have 5 competitions and injury-prone players)
      we could mix those players so they only are on for 60min .

      if wenger would only play his bench properly, we could have fully rested players against ManC and against dortmund

  13. Seydou Doumbia of CSKA Moscow is actually a very good striker. I wouldn’t mind if wenger brought him in.

  14. Just Imagine this line up

    ————- Falcao———–

  15. Didn’t Falcao recently have a ACL surgery? I’m a bit worried that he would be recovering all year at Arsenal’s expense as we already have a problem with player injuries.

    Maybe Cavani is a better opinion?

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