Can Arsenal use Chile woe to get Alexis Sanchez firing?

If Arsenal are to make any sort of success of the new season, and prove Arsene Wenger and our CEO Ivan Gazidis right with their claims that the Gunners did well in the summer transfer window, then you would have to say that we need our Chile international star Alexis Sanchez to be firing on all cylinders.

It is too soon to say whether that will be the case or not, because even though he was a bit below par in our last game, which saw Arsenal humbled 4-0 by Liverpool at Anfield, it was his first game of the season at club level and the whole Arsenal team played poorly.

Alexis usually performs at international level, though, so there will be Arsenal fans out there who are concerned about the striker after his last two games for Chile. They suffered a shock defeat at home to Paraguay and a lot of people suggested that Sanchez was not in the right frame of mind, which is hardly surprising as he had just found out that his summer transfer to Man City would not happen.

Last night Chile suffered a second defeat in a row, away to Bolivia and that has put their World Cup qualifying at risk and seen criticism aimed at the Arsenal man, to which he responded in a post on social media reported by Sky Sports in which he says he is tired of the questions and the pressure of having to carry his national team.

So if I was Arsene Wenger I would certainly try to use this to the benefit of Arsenal. Tell Alexis to simply play and enjoy his football with the Gunners and that the better he plays the more likely it will be that he gets a move in January or gets the best possible move next summer.

If the striker is feeling the pressure with Chile can Wenger make his club football more relaxing and get the best out of a player that the Gunners really need to be at or close to his best?



  1. Crazygunner says:

    I am hoping chile does not qualify for the World Cup…and Pep gets the sack at city…lets see if he won’t change his tune about leaving ..

    Personally l couldn’t care less if he stays or goes,..if he stays will we win the league?..if he goes we we win the league?..he has been here for 3 years have we looked anything like winning the league?..

    As fans we keep hoping…but it won’t make a jot of difference if he stays or goes if you’re like me and winning the league is all that matters…

  2. Me says:

    Who cares really?
    He wants to leave and the manager made the financial and strategically bad decision of keeping him at the club.
    He doesn’t want to play for Arsenal – he is a tantrum throwing child who throws his arms up in the air when things go awry.
    I am glad when he goes as I will be glad when Wenger leaves.
    He asked himself whether he was capable of leading Arsenal to glory.
    A self proclaimed $140 million loss as a consequence of the sanchez farce and a terrible start to the season has answered that question.
    Arsenal are a complete shambles…

    1. GunnerJack says:

      Sanchez has a fit when he sees other players not playing with the same intense desire to win as he does. I remember Walcott remarking after a loss that ‘the other team wanted it more than us’ which is a disgraceful thing for a professional footballer to say but nicely sums up the attitude of the Wenger darlings. I hate to say it but there are many in this team who would not even get near the bench in an Alex Ferguson team – a bunch of piccadilly tarts he’d probably call them.

  3. ayodeji says:

    Sanchez should have been sold early in the window and either lemar or mharez brought in to replace him

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