Can Arsenal win a trophy if get all our main targets?

This amazing transfer window has been very exciting with the arrivals of Fabio Vieira, Gabriel Jesus, Marquinhos and Matt Turner at Arsenal so far, so I just thought it was worth a look at the sports betting to see what prices are on offer for Arsenal fans if they fancy a bet.

Liverpool and Man City are practically certain to fight out the title race again next season unless something strange happens, but Man City would probably be my pick (around 4/7) after bringing in Erling Haaland although Liverpool can never be written off.

Chelsea, Spurs and Man United are also ahead of Arsenal in the betting so the Gunners are extremely unfancied to win the title at prices up to 66/1, but hopefully as Arteta’s impressive young team grow together we may have a better chance a few years into the future.

Arsenal only missed out on the Top Four by two points this season so it is quite possible that we can improve on that with our new additions to help us, so perhaps we can only hope that we can make it back into the Top Four in the next campaign.

The Gunners are a reasonable price of 2/1 if you think that Arteta can improve on that points total next season. If you visit your go to website for football tips you are unlikely to find many postive predictions about Arsenal, but I do have some faith in Arteta to keep us in the fight for Top Four for most of the season, even if all our rivals have also invested this summer.

It is probably fair to say that we have more chance of winning a domestic Cup and obviously Arsenal’s great record in the FA Cup cannot be denied, having won it 14 times, including Arsene Wenger having 7 winners medals and Mikel Arteta winning one in his first season at the club. For me, this is definitely worth a little investment at around 12/1.

As for the League Cup, the odds of 14/1 could be attractive, but with our youngsters certain to be used we would need a fortuitous run of luck in the draws, but with a much better class of backups for Arteta to rotate next season, it is by no means an impossible task for our squad players to progress a long way. Every trophy counts after all…

Would you be tempted to have a bet on Arsenal at these odds next season?

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  1. Yes Arsenal can win a trophy.
    What’s harder to answer would be “Will Arsenal win a trophy?”
    I’m not sure, but I hope we can. A 15th FA Cup would be great. Getting into the top four would be great too. Maybe even better?

  2. We’ll see, once all the right pieces are assembled…Make or break time for coach Arteta.

  3. Of course we always have a chance of winning a domestic cup although the league cup has managed to elude us weirdly since 93. I really think we should be aiming to win the EUL this season, being it’s an avenue into the CL whilst also lifting a trophy the same time, our European pedigree isn’t what it should be considering the size of our club and is the reason we are not put in the same company as the likes of RM, Barca, Bayern, AC Milan, Man utd,Lpool. The Europa League would be a welcome start in changing that.

  4. I see a regression since Wenger’s sacking so I’m hoping things change. Neither Emery nor Arteta have done anything he couldn’t have i terms of performance on the pitch. This season we must do well eIse it will be Iike we’ve wasted time with Arteta. I wish him well.

  5. Now that we have Gabriels, Jesus and Mohammed. I think we only need to sign Micheal and win the EPL, EL, FA CUP, CARABAO and CL again next season

  6. I don’t think so, since most of our targets are diminutive technical jack-of-all-trades

    Suppose we get Raphinha, Martinez and Tielemans. We still don’t have quick-impact players like Weghorst, Ward-Prowse and Traore

  7. It’s more than just “the right players” but other changes as well.

    1. Timely and impactful substitutions
    2. Tactical adjustments & a plan B
    3. A more direct and attacking style of play.

    Artetaball simply can’t compete consistently, and it’s negative tactics absorbing pressure is better suited to defending a lead than winning a match.

    I hope to see an evolution in Arteta’s thinking, tactics, and approach; otherwise simply changing players with same stale tactics isn’t a winning recipe.

    1. Don’t hold your breath.

      I’m expecting much of the same as the last two years.

  8. EastLDN Gooner. You seemed to have forgotten to include Roman Abramovich’s owned Chelsea in your list. Chelsea who for almost 2 decades were very successful in winning ever trophy domestically. In Europe and the world that was contested for winning.
    As for our dear own Arsenal FC, I will like and want to believe my wish for Arsenal to win the quadrupled of trophies of: EFL Cup, EPL title, FA Cup and ELC next season will come to pass. And Arsenal will again have another Inviolable to the season win of the EPL title next season too.
    If Arsenal continue with their re-strengthening this summer wherein they’ve brought in 4 new faces so far in the window. And who are top quality additions.
    I think and believe the sky will become the limit for Arsenal in winning trophies next season. More so, if the club continues with their trajectory path of re-strengthening their 1st team squad with 2 more top quality and 2 world class new player recruits this summer.
    By the way, who is Zhegrova at Lile FC who Arsenal are currently been linked with for a possible signing this summer?

  9. Question was “Can Arsenal win a trophy?” My answer is an unequivocal yes. The word can suggests probability which is different from certainty. That notwithstanding, I believe Arsenal has the capacity not just to win a trophy but trophies. As to whether or not it will happen that’s another matter because it depends on different factors such as coach’s tactics, injuries, refereeing decisions, team selections and generally luck. Looking at our team from the outside one feels confident that it will deliver results.
    On another note, I don’t believe anything is cast in stone here. It is very erroneous for anyone to assert that Man City and Liverpool are up there in their own class. Any team among the big six can upset that set up and I hope it will be Arsenal.

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