Can Arsenal win spark another change of Chelsea fortunes?

There is a widely held theory that the match between Arsenal and Chelsea at the Emirates stadium in September was a big turning point in the current Premier League season. Now as we approach the second EPL clash between the two London rivals we could really do with this one being another turning point.

At the time of our 3-0 win over Antonio Conte’s Blues it seemed to be something of a milestone for the Gunners and Arsene Wenger. It marked the Frenchman’s 20th anniversary in charge of our club and after some years in the relative doldrums we seemed to be getting back to where we want Arsenal to be.

That was the first league win over Chelsea in years and after a slow start to the season it suggested the Gunners could finally reclaim the crown of English champions. As it turned out the game actually marked the start of something special for the losers, because Conte then changed his system to three at the back and they did not lose again for 14 matches.

A Sky Sports report this week suggests that it might not be the system as such, but the added belief it gave to the Chelsea players and if that is right, then maybe another loss to Arsenal would cost them more than just three points.

Perhaps it would damage their confidence and momentum while pointing the way to other clubs on how to beat the Blues. Of course we have to win first. Weenger needs to get his team and tactics right and the players need to implement it, but if the Gunners do emerge victorious, could it be the second big turning point in this title race?



  1. zion says:

    It does not matter if we win or not now! Everything is done and dusted because we are designed to fail at the right times!… I am thinking the last match I will see for the season!

  2. G-Rude says:

    Of course its not all over!
    If Arsenal win it will plant a doubt in Chelseas mind and give us the confidence to go on another winning run.
    There’s a long long way to go yet!

    1. highbury44 says:

      We have no chance of winning .Less not forget this is Feb and we all now what happens this.Failure that’s what

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