Can Arsenal win the title WITHOUT buying?

AFC poll….Premier league title 2015/16. by Gooner100

I think it’d be really interesting to see where everyone really stands on AFC at the moment. The debate is heated and there is still a strong lobby on JustArsenal for at least a top quality striker.

However, assuming we DON’T go out and buy a top striker (or DM), where do you think we’ll finish the season ahead? Clearly injuries could play a part, but we have a reasonably deep squad and have hopefully made good progress with our fitness programmes and physio.

The questions are not can, could, might etc but WILL. So the question is what do YOU think WILL be the outcome.

YES…..AFC will challenge for the title WITHOUT buying. ANSWER 1.

HMM…AFC will be top 3 WITHOUT buying. ANSWER 2.

OOPS….If AFC don’t buy, we will be fighting for the ‘Wenger Cup’ or Thursday night Europa league football. ANSWER 3.

WTF….If AFC don’t buy, we will not make the top 5. ANSWER 4.

So what do you think Gooners?


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      1. Well, we CAN win the title without any additions – but is it likely? Signing a striker or a defensive midfielder makes it alot more, thats for sure.

      1. We won’t make top 3 without any new signings we need a Minimum of two players to even be considered. Sure we beat Chelsea awesome result and to tell you the truth I am surprise and I think that result might not help us in the season because now Wenger might not want to buy any one else but if we sit and think this team is good enough we are all delusional. We need 2 more players Walcott up top won’t do it because he will struggle with the bigger teams he has to play with a centre forward. I am very optimistic about this season I hope we all don’t call for wenger’s head. I think we ought to be like Manchester United fans that don’t accept failure and why should we have sacrifice enough I have been a fan for the past 15 years I am now 30 I am sick of us not competing for top honors.

      2. If you cannot say at the beginning of the season that you have a chance of winning the champion league,then I am sorry , you can only dream of winning the league.

        We played chelsea and for more period of the game than us , they had us pinned in around the 18 yard box ,and had more time on the ball in those dangerous areas than us .
        What that tells me is that we are still very light weight in the midfield and we do not have the best strikers either.
        We are definitely going to drop points because of these weaknesses

    1. @really budd?

      u know full well what this post meant, stop being a d*ck

      if u think its useless dont get involved.

      1. And will not get involved, do you see me voting for such stupid so called polls? Have fun though in taking part.

    2. Ignore the title Budd…it wasn’t mine. For clarity, the question is where will we finish if we don’t buy anyone else.

      1. Strange. This site is filled with debates over whether we need a top striker or DM. The window has another month to go, so anything could still happen, but one thing is for sure which is that we won’t be starting the season with a new CF or new back up for Coquelin.

        I doubt any gooner would turn down Higuain, Cavani, Benz etc but that is not the point, at the moment we don’t have any of them, and it may be that we do not get one.

        The simple question I was asking is where will we end up if we DO NOT buy. You may think we will buy, you may think we won’t but the question is about today, this current squad and how competitive we WILL be if we don’t bring in further players.

        Personally…I think we will be 2 but could be a 1, if injuries are not excessive, we start positively and our existing players perform to the level they have shown they can.

          1. Are you for real? Budd, you’re not stupid, so I think you must understand the question being asked and fully realise that I am not saying we haven’t bought.

  1. Nobody can be certain that we are going to the league even if we sign Messi. But adding 1 or 2 more quality will rise our chances of winning it.

    1. Agreed, anyone who comes in will only help the cause. What is worth noting is:

      July 15th Wenger said “Akpom stays with us this year, he will not be loaned”… he’s on loan at Hull.

      Asked if we’re interested in Benzema Wenger says “No, honestly no I don’t know where that comes from”…..Best not to invest in the party lines heard in the media from managers or anyone else.

      Literally NO CHANCE Arsenal finish the window with just Cech added. I’ll bet any figure you like.

      1. @Champagne Chalie,

        Well said in your comment.
        I think Wenger will add a winger to our team not a striker. Walcott will be playing CF with OG & DW ,Wenger won’t pay 140k a week to a winger.

        One more thing I don’t understand is most of the TV pundits are saying we can’t win the league this season it will be chel$hit winning the league again.
        They do say buying Chec will earn us 10/12 points a season. So where do we fall short then . Last season we were 12 points behind Chelsea after all the injury , the season before we were 7 points behind Man City . If chec can win us 10/12 points a season we are the champions then, where is the problem? I don’t see us being runners up then

  2. Can we win the title with the current team? Yes and No. Can we win the title with one or two additions? Yes and No.

    The title isn’t guaranteed even with new additions but it’ll definitely take us further

    1. Good start 2. Flexible tactics (depending on the opponent) 3. Hardwork 4. Cohesion 5. Limited Injuries 6. Determination 7. Luck and of course SELFIES and good Harmony among the players will definitely help us win the league.

    Let’s kick off with a great start, the same way we ended the league. We had an amazing second half (2015) of last season….

  3. Nobody can be certain that we are going to win the Premier league even if we sign Messi. But adding 1 or 2 more quality players will rise our chances of winning it.

  4. Of course we can, but it will be much less difficult and more likely if we do buy a striker/defensive mid.

  5. Whether we are champion material depends on 4 key issues for me.

    1. DM: Arteta is good for the dressing room but passed it on the pitch against quality opposition; Flamini, I wont say much there; and Coq cannot play all the games alone, his type of play is aggressive therefore its easy to pick a knock, get worn out or easily get a suspension. No sympathy here Wenger should secure a back up DM.

    2. ST: Theo, OG, Welbz. Good and dynamic force though non of them are WC if we are to be honest. In a very long time now PL or UCL winning teams have had a WC strikers or strikers in there ranks, this is no secret and if we are to emulate them, we need to get one! That would be the difference between fighting for 4th or crowned champions.

    3. Consistency: Both by individual players and the team as a whole. If we can maintain the good form we showed towards the end of the season, have our players focused and switched on, we can actually push for the title. A good start, stability and a good finish is key.

    4. Injuries: Our worst enemy in the recent past. Hope our medical staff wont be as busy as in the past now. Hope they can nurse Jack, Theo, Ox, Welbz, Gibbs and the other injury prone players into good health. Rotation will be key for the coaching team as well.

    From the 4 listed, 2 can easily be fixed by going into the market while its still open, the rest will have to wait till the games start.

    1. Good analysis 007…
      its no use complaining when the transfer window is closed…AW has to buy now.

        1. @ Gunner and Muffdiver, only wish Wenger would see things this way, been stubborn has not helped in the past.

          I admire his belief in our players but he should also learn how to respect there limits aswell!

          Its not easy securing a WC striker, but the team trying or showing signs of atleast trying would be welcomed by the fans (hope something is brewing in the background). Backup DM shouldn’t be too hard, most DM’s out there would be upgrades on Flame and Arteta at this stage of there careers.

  6. If we stayed injury free I think we could challenge, however an injury or two to important players and I don’t feel there enough depth in the squad to sustain a challenge.

    Stiker and DM and we’d be there, but if I know Arsene he sees his squad as complete and ready. Only time will tell now.

    1. honestly im more fearful of the dm situation. an injury to le coq an our season could derail.
      its annoying that this itty little thing could chnage it all.

      everytime he gets fouled im gonna get a panic attack….please francis get up..please

      1. Or if he picks up a red. He was on the verge of that against Chelsea and many others last year. That’s a 3 game suspension and it could involve big games where 3 points are needed. At the 58’th minute it would be nice to sub him off if playing on a yellow.

  7. sad state of affairs really …. here is a simple poll question would fans prefer we invested in a stadium or a squad that wins stuff

    1. Long term revenue would have been under threat if we stayed at Highbury, to secure a solid future the Emirates project was born.

      I think any fan who expected us to keep winning silverware through that period of transition is dillusional, whilst Chelsea and City were investing hundreds of millions in their squads, how could we compete.

      But that said, we’re running out of excuses now!

      1. To be fair Arsenal
        has been sponsored by
        oil investors for a long time.
        Ivan Gazidis said.
        “The original deal with Emirates was a key facilitator
        of our move from Highbury . Critical to keep us
        at the top of the game in England and Europe.
        Emirates is the perfect partner for Arsenal”.
        As part of the deal Arsenal’s home will
        continue to be known as Emirates Stadium up to 2028.
        Emirates is an airline based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
        The airline is a subsidiary of The Emirates Group,
        wholly owned by the government of Dubai.
        Arsenal the oil club. Who new?

  8. A DM? Yes buy one.
    If our strikers stay healthy
    we do not need any more.
    But will they stay healthy?

  9. Yes we can win the league we have a great group of players providing our injuries are at a minimum and academy players can provide adequate cover in the case of injuries
    On the squad sheet we have 26 players
    With the rules of home-grown players ?can we really add 2 more players ????
    off topic new rules concerning the offside rule and general behavior it should be interesting the new offside rule will generate debate on tv shows

  10. Certainly anything is possible. But, I think it is unlikely that we will win the EPL without buying at least one more player, possible two. With the current squad, winning the EPL is possible if some matter of misfortune (injuries, etc) falls on our top competitors (Chelsea, Man U, Man City). If that doesn’t happen, I think we need one or two more players to win the league

  11. With Akpom going to Hull we now have our 25 man squad if we are going to buy anymore players someone has to be sold or put out on loan.

    1. We have 24; Bellerin, Chambers, and Gnabry don’t count because they are under 21.

      Perfect to add that one last signing right on deadline day!

      1. If Bellerin, Chambers and Gnabry don’t count we could add 2/3 more players to the squad. According to the team on

          1. Even next year they don’t count because it’s 21 and under at the beginning of the season when you register the squad.

  12. At the moment, we are looking at winning the title. But is that going to be the picture when we are well into the season and we are statistically more prone to injury than Chelsea (and CIty?) Going for the title without any more signings is a bold move.

  13. Some Fans are ok with Arsenal Striking force,this is foolishness on their part.Giroud and Walcot plus Welbeck can not win us the EPL tittle let alone the UCL. We need an upgrade.DM situation is manageable not the ST position.sorry if am impeding on other fans believe.

  14. Some Fans are ok with Arsenal Striking force,this is foolishness on their part.Giroud and Walcot plus Welbeck can not win us the EPL tittle let alone the UCL. We need an upgrade.DM situation is manageable not the ST position.sorry if am impeding on other fans believe

  15. yeah!
    without 2 more players we are doomed!
    with only 2 more human beings, new to the team, we will win the league!!
    We just beat Chelsea without Sanchez but it doesnt count cuz Chelsea didnt really want to win it, plus they were without Costa, so OBVIOUSLY without those 2 new players…we are sure fighting for 4th!!
    remember…only two ore human beings in the team we win the league…thats 3 spots ahead of 4th with only two people!!
    come on Wenger !! make it happen!!

    (for all non between the lines readerds…joke with sarcasm)

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