Can Arsenal’s Alexis beat his five rivals to PFA Award?

Alexis Sanchez is Arsenal’s only nomination for this season’s PFA Player of the Year Award, but has he done enough to be considered as a potential winner?

The Chilean has been key in our season thus far, and has been on-and-off the top of the Premier League goalscoring charts for most of the campaign, but has fallen five behind Everton’s Romelu Lukaku after a lapse in form.

Our club has also struggled for consistency over the past couple of months, and we look need a huge upturn in form if we are to secure our place in the top four. Should Alexis manage to start finding some form, and help us to climb above our rivals to save our season, could he be named Player of the Year?

Personally he is already ahead of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who despite impressing strongly considering his age, is missing way too many chances that a top striker should be putting away.

I’m not sure how to rank Romelu Lukaku and Harry Kane in their bids to lift the personal award, although I think the latter’s only chance would have been if he could have fired his side to top the table, and unfortunately for him, the award is awarded strangely awarded prior to the nitty gritty of the campaign.

The two clear favourites currently are N’Golo Kante and Eden Hazard, who have played key roles in firing Chelsea clear of their rivals. The Blues have a seven-point gap on second-placed Tottenham at present, with only seven matches remaining. The former was recently awarded the Premier League Player of the Year at the London awards, and is a short-priced favourite to lift the official PFA version also.

With the announcement of the winner coming in the next 10 days (stupidly), I don’t think our superstar has a chance of being crowned Best Player, but should find himself in the Premier League Team of the Year if that comes as a consolation.

Would Alexis have a chance of winning the trophy if it was rightly awarded at the end of the campaign? Do you think he has a chance regardless?

Pat J

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    1. lukaka?
      are u saying lukaku is kaka? or he plays like caca?

      confusion waits for no man

      send your answers in to:

      your mum
      po box 8 million a year

  1. Usually someone from the
    winning EPL team has the
    best chance of the award.
    However there are some top talent contending.
    Arsenal. Sanchez
    Spurs. Ali/Kane
    Chelsea Hazard/ Kante
    Man City. Sane/Aguero
    Man Utd. Zlatan
    Liverpool. Coutinho.
    Everton. Lukaku.

  2. Alexis would have had more goals if he was consistently up front
    When he was up front he was consistently scoring
    Its less tiring than LW because less defending in CF position

  3. Considering how shocking Arsenal have been this season, Alexis’s stats hold up up very well, but Kante has to win it because he has affected two clubs. Leicester kept all their stars, apart from Kante, and look how much they have struggled. Then look at the massive improvement at Chelsea since his arrival.

    Kante deserves to win it, but Alexis, and Lukaku should be in the running as well.

  4. Don’t think Sanchez has a chance of winning the PFA award, it will surely go to Kante or Hazard which I think is probably right.

  5. Just seen the latest comments from Arsene Wenger about AS7, and how he isn’t going to break the wage structure over him.

    This is another out of touch, out of date policy persisted by Wenger. Why pay people who are never on the pitch 70k a week, people who might as well not be on the pitch (Ramsey) 110k a week, and people who are 10 times as skillful, and put in 20 times the effort, 140k a week (AS7)? We will end up with no players on the pitch, because skill and effort is simply not rewarded. No wonder players don’t put in the effort, because they are simply not rewarded for it.

    Wenger runs Arsenal like a communist state, where everyone is paid the same despite their ability on pitch, complete with dissidents like Lucas Perez and Jo Campbell, while he behaves like Joseph Stalin.

  6. Short answer – no. Alexis hasn’t even been all that great lately either. Don’t get me wrong he’s a top class player but with the whole team in decline it’s affecting his game as well. Hazard and Kante are going to win the league so that’ll tip either of them and though Kante has been far more consistent over the past 20 odd games so far it’ll probably go to Hazard because attacking players get more recognition.

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