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What the future holds for Arsenal‏ by briantole

I have noticed that Arsenal no longer have the young talented squad we used to have for the long term basis, most of them decided to jump ship and others weren’t able to make it due to too many injury troubles. But something is beginning to make me feel worried. I look at the Everton, Tottenham and Liverpool squads and look at the young talent they have that are so good. I look at the likes of Kane, Barkley, Stones, Dier, Alli, Coutinho and Can and the likes. I begin to say to myself ‘wow what a talent these clubs have’. To top that, these aren’t like the injury prone snakes we used to have. They are more durable and much more competitive.

As for us we have Bellerin and Le Coq who are our youngest promising players. So there will come a time when our first teamers will need to be replaced by younger ones. Man City have already begun the process by the purchases of de Bruyne and Sterling. We also need to be doing likewise and I hope Wenger doesn’t leave us in the state that Ferguson left Manchester United.

Amongst all the young talent that we have it seems that it is just Chambers and Bellerin who are first team members who are injury free and only Bellerin is reliable. On a positive note is that over reliance on these youngsters by these rival teams might just be asking too much from them, and become problematic like the cases we had in the past.

But the worst part might be that they may begin a revolution on these clubs. Their growth may be so rapid that by the time they are at the peak of their powers they have become world beaters. Just look at the likes of Ronaldo, Sergio, Ramos, Iniesta, Messi etc. They may also turn out that way.

I think we should add more young players to our current bunch as Wilshere and the Ox have become so annoying.

If the likes of Bielik, Bennacer, Akpom, Niles-Maitland and Crowley make it, then fine. If there is need to purchase, then we should add the likes of Isco, Sergi, Samper, Stones, Grimaldo, Lukaku and others to act as security for our old outgoing players, or we may find ourselves dropping behind our rivals in the future…


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  1. Personally id like wenger to leave at the end of the season and pep to come in as its just been reported hes leaving bayern at the end of the season. Pep is know for bringing through young players and would attract a fair few i think imo

  2. we have a decent batch of youngsters

    gk we could do with adding a young quality keeper in his teens to challenge for 3rd spot eg dragowski(highly rated polish teen)
    def (chambers,bellerin are top prospects) we need a young lb who is inexpensive and willing to wait for first team chances eg grimaldo
    mid we have lots of quali coming through from midfield
    att its hard to judge them so young but we could do with a striker to replace yaya sanogoo

    1. Yaya so called Nogo doesn’t need to be replaced, he was never useful, so just need a CF genuine one, young?? May be. As for your Sir no goal we already have Akpom which is mills ahead.

  3. You said it all more especially about Chamberlain, he’s the most annoying player we have around, I don’t know what happen to his footballing brain, just hope that’s not the end of the road for him.
    As for wilshere its an injury matter not his choice or talent. So we have to feel for him too.

    How about Joel campbell isn’t he promising??
    And finally, I prefer an already established but ready to improve than a novice, because few make it out of bunch.
    #COYG the future is now.

  4. I think we know Arsene well enough to know while he’s in charge we will be surely bringing through some very exciting youngsters. I am already excited by the prospect of Adelaide and Zelalem, these two are going to be worth keeping an eye on. Iwobi Willock Sheaf I could keep going but what I think is that we have youngsters who will manage to one day soon enough make the breakthrough. Now though we have a great balance of experience and youth within our squad ..with Ramsey Theo Mesut Alexis among others still being young but also hitting their prime, then we have our experienced players along with a couple of youths looking to make the break through in the way that Bellerin Coq just did.

    I don’t know how you managed to write a bad article concerning AFC bring through young talent, in England we have been the forerunners in this field for quite some time. I would imagine a spud who is finally happy at seeing a few decent looking prospects writing such an article. Fear not, Arsene has this covered. With the money we have now I will expect us to get the ready made quality, I already know we are going to get many promising youngsters.

  5. AW would always youth as his first defense, I like that he now seems to be a manager for now, not the future

  6. Honestly what’s the point of this article . are u in any way saying that in a few years time Everton and spurs would be world beaters because they have some talented youngsters now. And did u say coutinho is never injured. Check his records.we will be fine .we don’t need to buy all those players u mentioned

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