Can Arsene Wenger PROVE his latest wild claims?

OK Arsene, “The banks insisted that you stay for 5 years to secure funding for the Stadium?” by KD

So prove it.

OK, on the BBC website, Wenger has come out with what has surely got to be one of the most ludicrous statements the man has ever made: “When we built the stadium the banks demanded that I signed for five years,” said the Arsenal manager. “Do you want me to say how many clubs I turned down during that period?”

Look personally, I think the guy has seriously lost it. I mean seriously, as in I think he may have a medical condition that needs treatment. Look I am not trying to imply this in any way, but it is a fact that something like an STD untreated creates mental problems.

But whether you like him, agree with him or want him gone, surely it is not an unreasonable request to ask him to provide proof of these statements?

Right …
so which bank asked him to stay? What was the name of the person so that he can be contacted for verification? Is this written in the loan documents? Banks do not make conditional loans without making sure that those conditions are in writing.
Was this “requirement “written down in any way? Contract documents, letter to club, email? Or was is via a phone call?

Similarly, yes I would like you to say how many clubs you turned down. Which clubs were they and as above, is there written proof of this? Are there emails, letters etc.? Or again was it perhaps phone calls? Even phone calls can be traced.

Look, many of us in the Wenger Out brigade feel that the man has been deceiving us for a long time now, so this is the perfect opportunity for Wenger to prove to us that he is not full of it.

It’s quite simple, give us the specific details and names to back up your statements.

On the other hand, if it is, as I suspect BS, then it just adds further proof to the mounting evidence that everything he says is rubbish and at odds with the facts.


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  1. by the way @soopa you called me out that i were the one who supported wenger during the match, but sorry to tell you that the other one was right i have no plan where london is, i’m a tamil from switzerland 😉 but it makes me proud that i have made a name for me here lol ?

    1. yep and @ozgunner and @rkw i dont see why it angers and agitates you so much when i insult fans who abuse wenger, look i am not the kind of naive guy who thinks everybody should be nice to eachother of course that would be nice, but when i hate some opinions of some people i do get annoyed a lot of times and i do show it and its truth i am not a supporter of the belief that one has to respect all opinions equally because i am firm believer that there are dump opinions for example when a conservative talks about homophob things i am pretty sure that i will insult him and some will say its wrong and will say its right its your opinion but back to your point.. yeah i did say that you shouldnt insult wenger and i did insult some fans in turn but thats not hypocritical cause i dont just insult somebody ’cause he is a wob, i only insult somebody when he imo undeservedly abused/insulted a player or the manager of arsenal, you guys cant keep insulting everybody and expecting no backlash and reacting butthurt if you are being insulted in return, i am not here for niceties, thats the problem with you guys, you keep insulting all and everybody but if wenger criticise you for example you cant handle that and react abusive, thats just childish

      my stance on wenger and this season is pretty simple: this season was a terrible failure, giroud, walcott, sanchez all failed to deliver and wenger has to take the blame for it and should be rightly criticised for it BUT a failure in football (an entertainment industry) should never ever warrant such abuse to a man, you guys should all chill out a bit if one reads some comment of some guys on here one could think wenger were the name of some rapist, pedophile or some serial murderer…

      1. in your opinion, wenger should stay so that should preclude you from any other reasonable discussions, and if you are proud of being put down on this site, this that explains why you support mediocity

      2. krish: “i dont see why it angers and agitates you so much when i insult fans who abuse wenger”:

        actually krish, admin has a policy of blocking users who insult other users on this site. but there’s no policy on insulting wenger (as there shouldnt be since he’s a public figure).
        we dont insult other users on this site.

    1. That is it. Without that block Arsenal would have dropped even more points to yet another lower table team.

      Normally, when Arsenal goes 4 games giving up only one goal to lower table clubs they would have earned 10-12 points easily. But that did not happen. Sad.

    2. My highlight was the Ozil belter of pass, really thought Alexis was going to finish it though, it deserved a finish.

      1. Yeah man, that pass was something of extra quality, never saw him do that before, it really deserved to be a goal, Sanchez should have converted that to complete one spectacular assist of the season

  2. Sure, there may have been some casual conversations about Wenger staying on so there would be no immediate disruptions in the club when transitioning to the Emerites. I can believe that

    But that is NOT the same as a legally binding agreement that would hold up to any kind of legal scrutiny. The only things keeping Wenger at Arsenal would be loyalty, money, contract, money, job security, money, love for the job, money.

    Stop, Arsene. Just Stop.

    1. AW said “When we built the stadium the banks demanded that I signed for five years,” He also added “The banks wanted the technical consistency to guarantee that we have a chance to pay them back,”

      I assume that he signed a five year contract, similar to his current three year contract. It would be as legally binding as any other similar contract.

  3. He’s not going to just pull something like this out of his ass, of course it’s true. Banks aren’t gamblers and football is a giant gamble. The club having stability would have been one of the top issues brought to focus, any fool can realise this. The huge sums involved were never loaned out to a football club in England before this. Banks want assurances, it is obvious that Arsene had a big influence.

    Questioning this just reminds me of the idiotic belief that Arsene is only in it for the money, Jesus, like seriously.

    1. Tre… since you invoke the name of the lord, so you can also read minds now? …idiotic belief that Arsene is only in it for the money…

    2. trevor: what makes u think he wouldnt pull it out of his ass? many things he’s said have later proven to be false.
      sad thing is, i dont think its malevolent intent; just delusion and exaggeration.

      1. When has he ever made a claim about a situation happening that has “later proven to be false”? The worst he’s ever done is get his facts muddled.

  4. Interesting points to consider:

    1) Did the bank’s insistence on Wenger staying lead to the credit crunch?

    2) Why would the bank want someone who can’t remember his PIN to stay (it was reset 37 times in the 30 days prior to the loan)?

  5. Whogives a damn. No one is chained or is at gun point to support arsenal. If you feel pissed off pack and go. Leicester is just about to be crowned champs, they need supporters. Jeez!

  6. Let`s get one thing straight, there is nothing wrong with Wenger`s mind and even if there you`d be hard pushed to prove it. My old doctor, and dear friend, once said to me, “there is one branch
    of medicine that I find hard to accept”. Unless a person is throwing tantrums and obviously out of control then it`s difficult to assert that person has a mental problem. That doesn`t mean he or she doesn`t have one it`s just difficult to prove and we rely on “a branch of medicine hard to accept”.
    Out of respect for Arsene Wenger I would ask supporters to drop this `mental capacity` witch hunt. Incompetence yes, misguided, yes, greedy maybe, but do not delve into a mans mind which none of us are qualified to do. Lastly, I`m one who thinks it`s time for him to retire gracefully I hope.

  7. What do we gain from proof keiran is asking for? You talk of mediocrity. What do you call that?

  8. The last few games have been so predictable it’s actually been really boring to watch.

  9. 1. Do I believe the banks wanted AW to sign a five year contract? Yes because at the time he was rated as one of the best managers in the world and the banks would want this type of assurance.
    2. Do I believe he had lts of offers from other clubs. Yes and I expect that some were for more money.
    3. Do I believe that AW steered the club through a very difficult period whilst paying off stadium debt. Yes, we could easily have gone bankrupt with the stadium sold to highest bidder, probably tottenham.
    4. Do I think we owe AW a lot. Yes for the above reasons.
    5. Do I think AW should finish at the end of the season, yes but only if we are able to get a great manager to replace him.
    6. Weill I get thumbed down for the above, probably yes
    7. Will I get comments calling me deluded etc, probably yes
    8. Am I in the majority? Probably yes based on protest yesterday.

  10. Rajab, Aussie Jack, Jonm and others, my hat doffed for you not because you ain’t pissed with what has gone wrong with our club, but by being objective, seeing things the way they really are and though discontent as everyone is but show support nonetheless to the team and manager until their time is up.
    You amongst others are the few sterling example of what proper loyalty should be. We demand loyalty from players yet, as fans, we can’t give it. We want our best players stay with us during our bad patches yet we can’t stay with the team when not at their best.
    Many accused Wenger to have blamed fans for our woeful home records, everyone and his dog came out with clubs, daggers and guns to have him lynched. Whereas, on this forum , more often than not it has been debated that the Emirates stadium is quieter than the national libraries of the world. There is no gainsaying that our fans have not made Emirates a fortress, a fearsome ground to come to for oppositions. Kudos to our away fans who, through good, bad or ugly times stood for and sang their lungs out for the team. No wonder our away records fair better than home records.
    Having said that, the future lies in our hands. Support and show love to your manager and team and you will see how players and good manager would want to be a part of us in the future. Vilify them and see the opposite happens.
    We are the Arsenal, not glory-hunting club.
    Kudos to Leicester for achieving a feat no one dreamt they could.
    Victoria Concordia crescit. #COYG

  11. Why is Wenger bringing up this issue now,haven’t Arsenal FC completed the payment of Emirates stadium? What has that got to do with our years of poor performance. People in the media should ask him questions of the present situation/s,he can write everything that transpired from highbury to Emirates in his biography.

    1. It”s still a factor today. We sold a lot of world class players in that time & sold a lot of mediocre ones- needing to make profits on our transfers. We are still playing catchup, but two more of the mediocre signings, at least, will exit this summer- Arteta, Flamini.

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