Can Arteta really believe that Kroenke “is very passionate about the club”?

What will it take for Arteta to see what the Arsenal fans do?

I am sure Arteta, at the right level team, will be successful, but moving forward I do not think he is the right man for Arsenal!

I bet if he casts his mind back to his playing days, he, like many other players I am sure, will not have agreed with the prospects and plans the owners would have had for the club!

I have no doubt that as a player Arteta wholeheartedly disagreed with what the owners were doing, and I say this because you would have to be blind not to see how ridiculously thick and stupid the owners are.

They do not understand the club, the history, the honours or what the club stands for, hence why we are now in the worst position we have ever been!

I have known European football for most of my life as an Arsenal fan and for it to end like this and for the owners not to care, is absolutely shameful!

Arteta must see it! Or will he wait until he retires and becomes a pundit like Jamie Carragher and Phil Neville to really have his say?

By then it will be too late, but when the likes of Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola are not afraid to speak the truth, it says a lot about the individual person, and Arteta has a lot to learn!

Speaking to after the 2-0 win over Brighton, Mikel was asked about what Josh Kroenke had said to him at the game – in which he replied with; “The same that he says every time that we’re on the phone, that he’s very supportive, very passionate about the club and he wants to take the club to a different level. That’s the ambition and that’s why he’s here.”

Have they only just realised that after over 12 years in charge as majority shareholder?

All I can see is that Mikel “yes man” Arteta is still sticking by Josh and Stan Kroenke and whether that is a good thing or not I guess we will find out, but surely there is only a matter of time before their true colours are revealed to Arteta, especially if results and seasons continue to be as poor as this one and if European football continues to elude us!

We don’t know what the future holds but let’s not hold our breath, as this club and team have a long way to go to get to where they deserve, and if the owners think one season of “loyalty and passion” will win them back the fans they have a lot to learn!


Shenel Osman

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  1. hans andersson says:

    His job is dependent on Krank. If Krank goes, Farteta goes. Then he can move to Barcelona.

  2. gotanidea says:

    Kroenke is obviously not passionate about Arsenal

    But he’s willing to buy many expensive players, if he believes in the manager. Arteta was supported by Kroenke last season, so hopefully Kroenke does it again in the summer

  3. Vinnie2000 says:

    “But he is Willing to spend on players”…
    Dis is why Arteta should be pushing for specific, effective players who can make us Serial Match Winners!!
    But he seem he might b settling for less, so dat pple will not Expect too much from him@d end of the next season..
    Almost like A.Wenger!!🤨
    I hope dat Doesn’t happen tho..🙂

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      signing players depends on the scout recommendation

      the club has spend 300m in the last 3 seasons…

      thats almost 100m a season….

      Not every player wants to join the club

  4. Wyoming says:

    The owners of all 20 Premier League clubs bought their clubs as a business investment, or as an an ego trip.
    None buy the club with the fans or club traditions in mind.
    All of the sponsors and all of the TV broadcasters are interested in the business opportunity not the fans.
    Stan Kroenke has always been honest and stated openly that he sees his interest as a long term business investment.
    For 12 years since Stan bought the club Arsenal has run a successful self sustainable model unlike the financial doping of the oil and gas clubs Man Sheiky and Chelski in particular. The club under Kroenke and Wenger made top 4 and then top 5 under Emery.
    The club only slid down to 8th under Arteta despite Kroenke approving continued huge investment on new players and massive salaries.
    The table does not lie.
    8th last season 8th this season.
    A new manager is the best option but will the club have the courage to do the right thing or continue doing the same thing by throwing money at the challenge over and over and expecting different results?

    1. Micah says:

      Can’t really call it a successful business model if we haven’t won the league in almost two decades and now out of europe for forseeable future. We will only get worse unless things change

  5. jon fox says:

    Though it clearly does not need saying , except to the article writer who asks such a gormless question, it is EXTREMELY OBVIOUS that Arteta DOES know exactly how unambitious the snake owners are.

    BUT- and again that should be obvious to all(save the writer) -that to come out and publicly say that his employees are the snakes that he and we all know them to be would be professional suicide. And pragmatic, sane employees are not wise to commit professional suicide so willingly. Are they!!
    Apart from which, MA, like most other folk, has a family to provide for and cannot be expected by any reasonable fan to speak the truth as we on here are allowed to do(subject only to Ad Pats often draconian restictions on free speech).

    That is my view and I sincerely suggest that almost all fair minded proper thinking Gooners will agree and share my viewpoint.
    I am certain that privately MA, like all of us, will be desperate to see the ownership change hands in favour of someone who loves the club.


    1. JanV says:

      agreed 100% Jon.

    2. ozziegunner says:

      As you stare jon, Mikel Arteta knows “what side his bread is buttered on.” He will be a mouthpiece for his employers; a ventriloquist’s doll with Kroenke’s hand up his back
      As for the “lower than a snake’s duodenum” Stan and Josh Kroenke, I would not trust anything that passes from their mouths.
      Stan Kroenke slipped up once and told the truth, when he stated KS&E did not buy Arsenal to win trophies.

      1. ozziegunner says:

        “state” not “stare”

    3. Grantygooner says:

      I’ve had this very argument with someone else on this site. What annoyed me was Arteta singing the Kronkes praises. If, as Pep and Klopp had done, he’d voiced his opposition to the proposed ESL, I would have accepted that. He wouldn’t have been “slagging off” his bosses and he wouldn’t have been in danger of losing his job. He’s more likely to get fired for the crap performances on the pitch!

  6. Sean Williams says:

    The level of overall interest Kroenke shows to Arsenal is minimal. He has seven or more ‘clubs’ to ruminate about. Clearly we are maximum second in his thinking, because he has invested and borrowed billions towards the LA Rams Stadium, Olympic Stadium, and there lies his concentration….not Arsenal. The history of the Kroenke’s and the LA Rams show Kroenke be a ruthless, self serving man with his head up his own ass. If he loved the club…we would be full attention, full finance. Bloody hell, we are one of England and Europe’s top clubs. The Kroenke’s see us as a monopoly square game they play. To us at Arsenal they are a Mephistophelean owner who cares not if we are great or failing as long as his money is covered. He has no interest in us but will not sell to a group that really has an interest. Is that not the Devil of football?

    1. jon fox says:

      He makes the actual Devil, by comparison, look like a caring social worker IMO!

    2. ozziegunner says:

      And they have guns in Missouri.

    3. Highbury Hero says:

      Put yourself in his shoes. Why should he love Arsenal? He does not even love football for sure. Anyone who expect him to love or show interest will end up being just frustrated. He invested in the club to make money. Nothing less nothing more.

      If I was a millionaire and I went out and buy a cricket team of course I would not have any love or passion for it as a sport team, because I don’t like cricket. I would look to make money from it with minimum investment possible because that is all business is about isn’t it?

      But if I were to buy a football club of course a would want to see it succeed and climbing the ladders or lifting up trophies. Because I love the game.

      The club does spend (unwisely) and if Kroenke does put his money into it, it is for the goal of making more not winning things. If his and club’s spending lead to winning trophies it will be good but not the initial intent.

      As OG has stated above about what the man himself has said. In my opinion even if he didn’t slip up and say it, it is hialready very obvious.

      The great Arsene Wenger worked miracle to put us in Europe with his tactical genius and sincere devotion and love for the club. He covered for the board yes but he did it all in good faith to protect the image, values and finances of the club.

      Unai Emery had he be given more time would have achieved something with the club because he is a good coach. And I don’t think he would have covered for the board.

      Mikel Arteta I don’t trust his intention for the club yet because what he is doing now is protecting his job by going with whatever narration they are giving him for example the SL Grantygooner has mentioned above.

      Does he love the club and want it to succeed or does he understand his employer ambitions and using the club to learn his trade and move elsewhere? Only time will tell.

      1. jon fox says:

        HH,The major fundamental difference between you and I, is that you- to judge by your comments – think it morally acceptable for someine who does not love the club or even the sport his legally owned club plays, still to own the club but just for profit.

        I totally disagree and thinkit morally UNACCEPTABLE FOR ANY PERSON to own a club he does not care for and just to make personal profit. THAT is an abomination and I FIRMLY BELIEVE It is the moral duty of all who share my view to say so loudly and often.

        It is to your shame that you do not seem to care that a bad person owns a clubwhich is loved by countless millions of ordinary good fans world wide. THAT is our stark moral difference HH! If you had ever run an ethically controlled business as I have and seen the benefits to ordinary employees and to customers and clients, you may then rethink your immoral view that it is ok to run an unethicvl business and just to care about the owners profit and disregard the feelings of other fellow HUMAN BEINGS!

        Care to comment on the SUBSTANCE of the point I make and not just insult me, as you usually do, HH?

        1. Highbury Hero says:

          It is not about not caring Jon but understanding. Understanding who Kroenke is and what he stands for as a businessman.

          We are very different you and me Jon as Arsenal fans. My caring will not change anything but yours can! Kroenke will not hear my voice but he will yours as an English fan.

          Losing my sleep over Kroenke ownership does not make sense to me because I can not do anything to change it. But you can!

          Do I think it is morally acceptable to own the club or any business just for profit? No I don’t but business and morals are things which don’t mix together except in very rare cases.

          It is morally unacceptable for Kroenke to own Arsenal while he doesn’t care for it and using it just to make profit. But he owns it, he doesn’t care for it and he is using it just to make profit. You care about club ownership morals, he doesn’t. That is the truth.

          I don’t think and I may be wrong in this that billion pounds worth companies care at all about morals.

          He won’t sell it unless given an offer he cannot refuse, fans drive him out or the club make him loses instead of profits.

          He has been the owner for more than 10 years does it make sense for me to live in frustration because of Kroenke for all that time?

          Fans cannot hope for him to change because he won’t. That is why I say put yourself in his shoes and see things from his perspective . Why should he change? You have misinterpret that to mean that I support Kroenke and his ways.

          When Kroenke came to invest and buy Arsenal he did not do so because he love football or Arsenal fans. It was a good business opportunity to invest in.

          1. jon fox says:

            HH Firstly, many thanks for the courteous and serious reply to my pertinent question on that moral issue of our club ownership. I am relieved to see that you now seem to agree with my CENTRAL point that a bad person should not own us(or any club). Your first post said the precise opposite to that, which is the only reason I challenged that post.
            Secondly, I don’t know why you think I have any more influence than you on what Kroenke will do. You say it is because I am English. I find that a puzzling view and my own view is that even were I his USA countryman, I , you, and all other fans globally have zero influence, as individuals, on him. That seems very plain to me.

            En masse though we COULD, if we banded together totally, have a profound influence on him.

            I concur with all your other points though they are beside the point I made to you. Losing sleep over a football teams problems seems rather pathetic to my way of thinking and I certainly never do that. Some fans do though but the only thing one can do for them is to pity their plight over losing sleep.
            Your mistrust of billionaires is well founded and I MUCH AGREE WITH YOU. No normal and moral person needs to become that wealthy and it means using less financially astute , though far more moral folk, to make their obscene wealth and that needs calling out. So I do so !

        2. ozziegunner says:

          jon, maybe HH is a “realist” on this matter and certainly doesn’t accept nor condone KS&E ownership, as being good for Arsenal FC.

  7. JanV says:

    When Arteta arrived, he brought a swift change in attitude and a more cohesive playing style than Emery. I expected quick results and was sure he would do good things for the club. Then we struggled through the first half of the season and only started to regroup a little after the new year.

    Come the Villareal games and I lost my faith in Arteta given his seemingly strange selection of starting 11 and tactics. I judged him too light for the job primarily based on those two games. He seemed to buckle under the pressure.

    Looking at the second half of the season we improved. We didn’t finish too far from the Top 6.

    Although I would not have minded a “clearly” better manager I was and am not prepared to change Arteta for just any manager.

    Despite my disappointment with the way he handled Villareal, I think I have to leave room for a young but intelligent manager to show he can learn and improve his own performance and that of the team.

    To take aim at him for not publicly insulting the owner seems a bit cheap.

    Are we sure it is impossible for Arteta to grow into the job? I am not.

    So unless they bring us a manager who has a proven record in the PL or an Allegri, I prefer to stick with Arteta.

    Allegri won’t come because of our lack of a budget and it seems Brendan R won’t come either. Most other managers are as much a gamble as Arteta is. Ancelotti? Was has he done that is so special? Mourinho, proven winner, what he has done that was miles ahead of Arteta?

    1. Highbury Hero says:

      JanV nice post and I agree with what you have said. All of it. But you have mentioned something which most are mentioning that he is intelligent but what is this claim based on? Surely as a coach and manager he can’t be that intelligent since we had probably the worst season in history?

      Comparing him to another young manager who is said to be intelligent Nagelsman who actually took relegation contenders into Champions league what has Arteta done exactly to be praised as an intelligent coach?

      1. JanV says:

        Highbury Hero – point well taken.

        Ultimately, even if one knows another, gaging another’s intelligence is a subjective matter. Equally, equating a team’s performance to the standings in a league table to a manager’s intelligence is a bit thin. Was Klopp more intelligent than Pep last season but somehow he dropped IQ points this season? Unlikely. I still think Wenger is an extremely smart guy but that didn’t translate in results during his final years.

        I believe from what I have seen in interviews and read from others that Arteta is intelligent. That’s my impression. This hopefully translates into an ability to learn from his mistakes. Time will tell.

        1. Highbury Hero says:

          Let’s hope he will apply his intelligence to improve results and win things because in football that is what matters and required from a manager.

          Once again I do really like your initial post of not replacing an apple with another apple and expect a different taste.

          1. JanV says:

            Highbury Hero – Agreed. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

            We need a lot of “things” to go our way; a great transfer window; an eveloving manager; a quick start to next season; minimal injuries to key players like Thierny and Party, Saka and ESR and a few favorable VAR calls.

            That’s a lot to ask 😉

          2. Highbury Hero says:

            Except for injuries and VAR everything else is in their power. They should do what they should and leave the rest to destiny.

        2. jon fox says:

          Jan V Such a treat to find real and serious minded deep thinker on here. You are something of a rare breed I MUST SAY. NOT UNIQUE BY A LONG CHALK BUT FAR FROM COMMON. I found the “intelligent ” comment by HH to be incredibly unthinking.

    2. jon fox says:


      THE MA MUST GO NOW BRIGADE CANNOT TELL US HOW WE ARE GOING TO ATTRACT A PROVEN WORLD NAME MANAGER WHILE KROENKE STAYS! I would also prefer a world class name to Arteta but being a realist I know that is not going to happen.

      And being a supporter, while MA remains, I will support our manager until he has been given a PROPER chance and as yet he has not IMO, despite his undoubted mistakes so far.

  8. Uche says:

    I do not hold the view that Kroenkes are the problem. Our problem over the years have been poor recruitments by the people in charge of signing players in arsenal.
    The same year Chelsea signed Kante, arsenal signed Xhaka. Kante is the better player between the two.

    There was opportunity to buy hazard, but we delayed and he joined Chelsea. Tieleman was available and we did not go for him and he joined Leicester. We instead went for Torreira. we signed mustafi for 35m, Signed sokratis 17.8, paid so much for average players . We need to work on our recruitment, that’s very key to our success. No matter what kroenke pumps into the club and it was not used for better players, we would still be struggling.

    1. Grantygooner says:

      Uche I disagree about the Kronkes not being the problem, but you are spot on about the “crap” recruitment policy. My feeling is that if the owners were more engaged, then more attention would have been paid to the choice of players signed and to the really poor contract extensions we are famous for.

      1. jon fox says:

        Exactly right and that is true perspective.


        1. Grantygooner says:

          It’s Gazidis who should have been labelled “anti-football” jon!

      2. Uche says:

        Thank you.
        It could be correct to assert that Gazidis messed up arsenal. He should not have been given the opportunity to lead arsenal when David Dein left arsenal.
        I could remember in 2012, I saw David Dein in Lagos,Nigeria. He came for a beach soccer tournament. After taking pictures with him, I told him that we really missed him in arsenal and we still do.
        It is true that within them (The old arsenal board members before kroenke), would regret selling their major shares to Kroenkes. But Kroenkes problem is that they don’t care. Football business require immediate statement is intent but we have to remember that the best manager in English football history was given so much opportunity to settle down in man utd and we all know the history thereafter

    2. ozziegunner says:

      Uche, I disagree, the Kroenkes are part of the problem, because responsible owners monitor the performance of their managerial appointees to ensure their best interests are looked after. Unfortunately, the Arsenal Board and senior management team have failed to competently manage the Club’s financial and player assets virtually since the departure of David Dein.

  9. zert says:

    Ironically, if Kroenke was passionate about Arsenal, no way Arteta would have been employed. And even if he was, he would have been sacked ages ago.

    Given the level of performance, Arteta should be extremely grateful he has a job.

    1. jon fox says:

      If Kroenke was passionate about Arsenal, he would sell the club and recognise that as he knows nothing about our sport he is not fit to own us.

  10. ken1945 says:

    HH, a perfect answer to a question posed.

    I suspect not one genuine Arsenal supporter actually WANTS kronkie as the club’s owner, but what we want and what we have got are two different things.

    I don’t think my friend Jon has lost a minutes sleep over the kronkie dynasty and I am fairly certain he wasn’t at The Emirates showing his distaste for the owner either.

    As for the discussion about MA being in kronkie’s pocket – it seems yet again, that he is given a free pass, compared to AW and UE.

    Jon, how many times have you said that AW lost contact with the fans and reality, by not coming out against Kronkie?
    Yet, to my amazement, you are now arguing that MA has a legitimate reason to do this, as he wants to protect his position!!!

    So why are we still judging MA differently, especially on the back of our worst position in decades?

    1. jon fox says:

      Hi KEN . that untrue post of yours needs a firm rebutal , so here goes. Firstly, you are expecting me to treat a long serving manager who was an institution and here many years before Kroenke came, the same as a near rookie manager who has has his foot in the door a mere 18 months. That is unfair and NOT PRACTICAL .

      AW has and had enormous world wide respect and his voice was and still is listened to across the globe MA has not that status and could not expect it so soon in the job.

      I dislike comparing like with unlike and try not to do it. You seem not to believe in that concept, I AM DISAPPOINTED TO NOTE.
      You are correct in saying I do not lose sleep over something as trivial as mere football. I BELIEVE MY LIFE PRIORITIES ARE IN BETTER SHAPE THAN EVER TO DO THAT.

      1. ken1945 says:

        But my friend, you have very neatly sidestepped my question regarding the way you seem to allow MA such leeway!!!

        It doesn’t matter one iota if a manager has been in said position twenty years or twenty months – they are surely judged by the same criteria regarding kronkie?

        You called AW out for not challenging the owner and yet you say MA is only protecting his own position… so please explain the difference?

        I did assume that you wouldn’t be at The Emirates, it seems that was the case – if someone like yourself, who has shown your absolute contempt for kronkie, can’t be bothered to plan and be at these protests, how can you expect others to?


        1. jon fox says:

          No KEN I did not sidestep at all. I explained precisely why but my explanation fell on your wilfully deaf ears. I totally disgree with your second paragraph in particular. As a democrat, you will, I presume, allow me my opinion, even though it is clearly not yours?

    2. Highbury Hero says:

      Thanks Ken and apologies for late reply.

      @Jon when English fans are not pleased it is easier for the owner to notice because it is happening there at the Emirates with media coverage.

      International fans are from different parts of the world and what I have observed at least from my country fans don’t care at all about ownership. If they criticise and that rarely happens they do so to the manager and players.

      When you hear them say unpleasant things (and that happens on a daily basis) it is directed to Man Utd and to a lesser extent Chelsea and Man City and their fans.

      The issue of ownership and how it affects the team we learn it when engaging in sites like this. But when engaging with ourselves we only discuss about what happens on the pitch.

      1. jon fox says:

        HH We will have to completely differ on the so called “English fans only influence” that you oddly believe Kroenke would take notice of. I find that a bizarre view which the evidence of the past decade renders as nonsense, frankly. If you can provide any evidence at all to support your view then please do so.
        English Gooners(and global fans too) have been actively calling for Kroenkes head for a decade, with no effect whatsoever. I rest my case!

        1. Highbury Hero says:

          Calling only does not have any effect. If fans take action to force him to change or leave, it is the English fans that can make him take notice. Global fans are many but scattered all over the world.

          I think I should not take the experience in my country to mean it is the same all over the world.

  11. Gogo says:

    After the way we crashed out of the EL against Villarreal I was very quick to join the ARTETAOUT wagon. But on a more critical thought looking at our last 24 games I Dan clearly agree that our manager is intelligent. Being only 2nd to city on the table from December after the accidental emergence of Smith Rowe.
    Why he kept playing Willian over Smith Rowe I may never know. These are the things are should get from a manager who is learning on the job. Do I think he will be able to take us to the top? Not really. But doin want him sacked now? No. There are only few coaches I can take over Arteta now Otherwise in would give him the first few games in the next season.

    This brings me to our owners and their ambition. Last summer we needed a Partey and Aouar, did we get them both? No we got only Partey and Willian. This now put him under the prwpressure to play Willian game in game out and we know the rest.
    we are in another summer and every fan know what the team needs now, will they go and get it done? Time will tell but to think that MA should come out and oppose his employers will be professional suicide just like Jon stated.

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