Can Aston Villa persuade Smith-Rowe to ignore Arsenal’s new contract?

There is a weird Arsenal transfer rumour going around that Aston Villa have decided that they want Emile Smith-Rowe to join up with Emi Buendia next season.


The reasoning is that; as Smith-Rowe hasn’t yet signed his contract extension with the Gunners, Mikel Arteta may have to consider cashing in on the youngster if the stalemate continues through the summer.


Villa consider themselves (along with many pundits) to be a team on the up, and it would appear they are expecting a big cash boost from selling Jack Grealish to Man City, and intend to use this to fund another midfielder alongside Buendia next season.


Castles told The Transfer Window podcast: “Jack Grealish is extremely high on Manchester City’s list.

“They think there is a real possibility of getting him, partnering him with Phil Foden in an English midfield pairing.

“Correctly, City feel Aston Villa are making preparations to cash in on Grealish.

“I’m told Villa have a substantial budget to work with and are one of the best-placed Premier League teams post-Covid.

“They have signed Emi Buendia this week as a half-replacement and they are looking at other attacking midfielders.

“One of those without a doubt is Emile Smith Rowe at Arsenal.

“Something needs to be done by Arsenal in terms of extending his deal or they may see him tempted by other clubs.

“It would be quite damaging to lose a young talent to a club like Aston Villa.”

Obviously all Arsenal fans fully expect to see ESR extend his deal with Arsenal very soon, considering he has been with the Gunners since the age of 10, but the interest from Villa could be enough to turn his head, or at least give him some ammunition in his new contract negotiations…

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  1. “Correctly, City feel Aston Villa are making preparations to cash in on Grealish.”
    Correctly?… Source?

    1. Villa fan , as a Villa fan you will not be aware how this site thrives on far fetched rumours almost none of which have any credence. That is not to say thouigh that City will not be after Grealish. Who would not IF, unlike AFC, they had an owner who cares for their club.

  2. It’s not in Villa’s place to emulate what Man City did to us back then @SueP.
    They don’t have that pedigree IMHO!

  3. It makes no difference whether he signs the new contract on offer or not as his existing contract doesn’t expire until June 2023. Unless we want to sell him, he is not going anywhere.

  4. If Villa can spend £35million on a championship player, they should be able to table £60million for a hugely talented young player from one of the big six clubs in England.If they table £60million for Smith Rowe, then I won’t mind if Arsenal considers the deal, anything less than 60million is a joke.

  5. If he wishes to leave,he can player is bigger than the club&i wonder why he is delaying signing the new contract when he claims to be an arsenal fan

    1. That is the norms these day with players. He hold on, delays and buy their time to get good money. He is going to sign. Besides, he has 2 more years on his contract


      It is his career for Gods sake and serious minded fans would expect anyone to put their career prospects above being a fan , (which ESR is btw).

  6. I stopped reading when I got to “Aston villa has decided”… you can’t decide on what is not yours and just get it. It is our decision to make if they have him or not and it won’t be for free.

  7. i am fast replacing my long held least favourite words(that lot up the road) with the words Aston Villa.Sick of the sound of them already this window and slightly worried their owner worth 10 billion , is opening his wallet

  8. As a Villa fan I feel the nervousness within the Arsenal camp as you are going through the obligatory transformation of your side once more, but tbh you simply aren’t buying ‘Arsenal quality’ players. You are a long way behind the likes of Manure, Citeh, Chelski and the pool. To be honest I would argue Leicester are ahead of you as well on current form. Not too long ago we were a consistent top 6 side before our fall and if you aren’t careful you find you are getting close to the middle of the table not the top. Don’t worry no delusions of grandeur here, we are a project. Lets see if we can break the top 8 this season. The difference between us and you is that we are making the effort. The fact we are even linked with one of your best young talents should tell you its own story! I hope you get new owners as your current ones are dreadful.

    1. Dream on boy. It’s allowed. The last time I checked, only VAR rescued you from relegation just a season ago. Emi B doesn’t automatically makes u a quality side worthy of top 8. If anything it confirms your struggling position, seeing that he helped Norwich qualify for relegation just a season ago.

      Anyway, Good luck Jimmy. I hope you stay in the league next season.

  9. So Aston Villa have decided they want Smith Rowe, how about us deciding we want Messi, or shall we do away with the transfer system and all clubs just have whoever they decide they want.

  10. Once a club starts selling its best young players coming the development ranks, it rips its heart and soul out.
    Arsenal needs to augment what it has, otherwise the Club is heading for mediocrity with a capital M.

    1. Your words are so true. To read the rumors about AMN, Willock, Nketiah and Nelson being transfer listed to generate cash to rope in new players is truly shocking. These lads have been at Arsenal almost all their lives. And to pack them off without giving them a fair chance to prove themselves is not something Arsene Wenger would have done.

      How come Arteta and Edu not understand the values of the club is baffling, considering their past association with the club.

      Arteta is just the newer version of Mourinho, it seems. A coach trying to buy success. At least Mourinho proved himself at Porto before his cash-backed success at Chelsea.

  11. 333333333
    thats 3 more 3’s than Malcom Macdonald cost us.
    i would not be happy to let ESR go for less, and a 25% sell on clause

  12. Who are these clowns speculating about ESR joining Villa. Two things firstly Villa are not a club who will compete for top 4 let alone the PL in the next 5 years. Secondly, ESR is a Gooner, so why would he throw away his childhood dream before its even got going? Hes not in his late 20s like Kane so he can play for Arsenal for a number of years before trophies become an issue.

  13. Who does Aston villa think they are Man city or PSG all of a sudden? Once Grealish departs and he will sooner or later Villa will be hovering in the bottom half of the table.. they sign a player from Norwich and now they think they’re world beaters, lasts time I looked we finished above them even though at one point they had 20 games in hand!

    1. Funny isn’t it amazing how for once Villa aren’t battling relegation and they all of a sudden are going to conquer the world hoovering up talent from other big clubs. It cost City £2bn to lose a CL final.

  14. Never going to happen but as a Villa fan, I’d be delighted.
    He reminds me a lot of Grealish in terms of development, in that he makes mistakes, like dribbling but getting dispossessed, then next week improves on that skill/approach.
    Arsenal have got a gem & I hope they give him time to shine/learn but I can’t see Villa nicking him.
    Perhaps if we had a great season & get into Europe, we could nick him and Saka 😉

  15. honestly, i would not be too upset if ESR decided to leave. he is hugely talented, there is no doubt. but once again, i am harping on about his engine. i dont believe that he is a 90 minute player at all. an hour at most, then he begins to wilt. so, if we can get anything about 50 millions for him then, adios, nobody is bigger than our club, even ,at this dreadful time ,in our history.

  16. Keep this under your hat… but I’ve heard that Harry Kane has been seen with Saka in some training camp having a laugh. Allegedly Saka has been tapping him up… Whatever next 🤫🤐

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