Can Aubameyang win the Golden boot (and maybe the title for Arsenal)?

Auba to tear up Premier League by Iomie

Arsenal legend Martin Keown believes £50 million signing Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang will be tearing up the Premier League this coming season, but will he grab that golden boot?

The Gabon striker was one of Arsene Wenger’s final transfer buys, as the Frenchman lost faith in the struggling Alexandre Lacazette and ended years of speculation by finally landing the former Borussia Dortmund star. And the move could not have worked out any better for us as Auba scored 10 goals in just 14 Premier League games and looked like the striker we have been missing since the days of Thierry Henry.

His pace, power and pure finishing ability is just why Wenger decided to splash out such a huge amount on the striker despite many media publications suggesting he was not the right fit for out style of play, his hold up play wasn’t good enough and he simply wouldn’t work hard enough.

But despite the big wages, the flashy clothes and his new Lamborghini, the guy just wants to prove all his doubters wrong and show everyone that he is the world class striker he need to lead the side back into Champions League football.

And Keown agrees with us, admitting that Auba is the type of player that will ‘tear’ the Premier League apart.

‘Aubameyang is going to be a player that I think could really tear up the Premier League this season so we’ll have to wait and see how that happens,’ Keown said on the Metro website.

‘It’s great because in a week’s time all the talking stops and we’ll see who’s the best.

‘I think Arsenal will be well prepared because the manager’s had longer to work with his players than everybody else who’s been back to pre-season training.

‘You look at the number of players that still aren’t back properly, Arsenal have had that advantage that the core of the players have been back now for four to five weeks.’

Auba is a goal-machine and he proved that for many seasons at Dortmund, and now has the chance to prove that in the English top flight and take that golden boot away from Mohamed Salah.

It will not be an easy task for the striker to beat of Salah for the Golden boot, and even if he does he also has Sergio Aguero, Romelu Lukaku and Harry Kane to contend with.

But if I had to put my money on it, I would say Auba has a real chance to break the 30-goal barrier this season and tear defences apart, he just needs to adapt to Unai Emery’s style of play first.

What the hell, if Auba and Lacazette are scoring for fun, who needs a defence!



  1. Arsene Emery says:

    Cant wait to see both of them banging in goals for arsenal.
    How i wish we could sign one winger before the window closes.
    Well who cares
    What are smith rowe and nelson doing

  2. Yossarian says:

    If the team gets set-up right then he’s definitely got a chance. Barring injury set-backs he’ll certainly be up there. Really looking forward to this season. There will undoubtedly be issues to iron-out over the next few months, but Arsenal look in better overall shape than we done have for a long time, and having Auba is a major part of that.

  3. TheJad says:

    He’s not good enough or clinical enough for golden boot.

    1. Ted-Esi Samson says:

      says the smartest guy in the room

  4. Nayr says:

    He will easily win the golden boot.

    it will be aubameyang vs kane.
    salah will not replicate his form from last season.

    but realistically speaking i think the best we can do is number 3.
    winning the title with our defence is hard to see.

    my predictions
    2.Manchester city

    Golden boot-aubameyang 35 goals
    league cup-man utd
    fa cup-man city
    europa league-arsenal
    champions league-juventus.

    aubameyang will be the breakout star this season.

    1. jon fox says:

      But despite you thinking Salah wil not repeat last seasons success, you have them down as Champs. Exacly who do you think will then score sufficient goals to make them best the prolific City ro the title? I say you are clearly wrong and believe City will, again win the title with much to spare, though less than last year. Liverpool, clear second. i honestly think we are more likely to finish 5th or 6 th than 4th , let alone third. But i give us a 35% chance of fourth place and very little of third. But then , as a professional betting man I have to make my head rule my heart, always. Otherwise you lose money!

      1. A.ball08 says:

        We finished a poor 6th with the 2nd best home record behind city…don’t quote me on that and please can someone double check
        A piss poor away record. With 3 points in the bag on many occassion only to toss it away with lack of concentration and poor defending
        We were 12 behind Liverpool who finished 4th and approx 14 behind the spuds with same goal difference. That either 4 wins for 4th or 5 wins for the 3rd
        I believe the new man can get us more solid and compact on our away days and those wins are not a million miles away.
        It weather we can hold our home form togethe as per last season form
        Everything is possible

        1. A.ball08 says:

          Appologises, Sorry missed off the jo off your name – Jon

          1. jon fox says:


          2. A.ball08 says:


            I was taught
            Manners cost nothing
            Ignorance cost you everything
            So too all our arsenalites on here..
            Let’s be polite to one another.on here
            Get your point across and it’s all about opinon which makes this a great site
            We all have something in common on here and that is if we were all cut we would all bleed red and white
            Putting that aside we can all still slaughter the spuds on how we like
            No manners required for them

          3. ozziegunner says:


          4. Kenny Rolfe says:

            Alan Ball, at his time, the best one touch player in the game

          5. ozziegunner says:

            Kenny, a touch of nostalgia?

          6. A.ball08 says:

            And world cup winner
            Not many english players were able to say that ..God rest his soul

        2. TW14-TH14 says:

          “A piss poor away record. With 3 points in the bag on many occassion only to toss it away with lack of concentration and poor defending”
          Arsenal lost 11 away points (8 net points) last season to poor referee decisions as revealed by a new study. However, it doesn’t fit into the Wenger blame so hang on to the over rehearsed narratives.

      2. David Rusa says:

        There you go again Jon Fox! Ever the pessimist! What has caused this new wave of pessimism? Kroenke’s official take over of the Club? But the realist that you claim to be should have anticipated that. Anyone with foresight should have seen it coming. It was the logical conclusion to the whole Arsenal saga. However bitterness against Kroenke should not translate into negative feelings about Arsenal FC.

    2. Disgusted1 says:

      Simple… sell Ramsey buy a proven Winger play Mikit as a deep line midfield player.


      Tor/elneny Miki

    3. Things are changing says:

      I am going to let my heart speak:

      1. City – the whole squad knows what the manager wants and how to play after 2 seasons of Pep
      2. Liverpool – They were good last year and have improved their squad
      3. Chelsea – Too many winners in this squad to fail again under this new manager
      4. Arsenal
      5. Spurs – I hope the absence of new signings will make their squad stale. It is hard to do the same thing every year with the same manager and same players.
      6. Man U – I am hoping for a Mourinho implosion.

  5. Muffdiver says:

    Auba has a shot of golden boot
    As does laca

    League not a prayer .
    Not a church that houses your prayer
    Not a vehicle which gets u to said church that houses your prayer

    Defence is poor an still need to.unwenger this mob .
    Plus were too narrow . Plus gunnersaurus is infertile. Plus our deal with hotel Rwanda or whatever is not enough. Plus no ok no

  6. Goonerboy says:

    We still need a defence even if Auba and Lacazette are scoring for fun, just ask Liverpool.
    The much dreaded and famous SAS that failed to deliver any trophy,
    Karius in UCL final to mention a few
    To get the title the defence is as important as the offence.

  7. Sue says:

    Of course Auba can win the golden boot! Merson has tipped him to… Charlie Nicholas is going for Laca. Both will score a lot of goals for us this season, but will it end in winning the league? I’m not so sure…. ?

  8. Sean says:

    Kronke needs to release money so Arsenal can buy 2new star players to get us fans on board with him taking over. C’mon Stan silently slip Unai a blank cheque as no need more CEO etc… Now your sole owner! 2days left a lot can happen!

    That is the only way we get a challenge for Europa League & Top4 is by buying another couple of players & get Ramsey on a new deal…

    1. Winger – Martial 40m
    2. LB – Rodriguez 35m
    3. CB – Soyuncu 30m

    Get rid of the few players we need to also.

    Going to be very interesting few days in the transfer market to the build up on Sunday When City arrive for 1st game of season. COYG

    1. Sean says:

      Auba can then get his golden boot that he can defo accomplish this season if we get the defence & balance of the team stronger…

  9. Sue says:

    Just read we’re going to bid 89m for Dembele…..

    1. Goonerboy says:

      Where did u read that Sue, from a reliable source i hope??

      1. Sue says:

        On Arsenal news now (Arsenal mania)… who knows if it will come to anything!! Probably just another dodgy rumour!!

      2. stubill says:

        The only place I’ve seen it is The Metro, so not reliable at all.

  10. Goonerboy says:

    Guess we will have to wait then,
    Eventhough we need a winger, is Dembele the best for that price, with that money, we can get a CB, a left and a winger

    Dembele was plagued with injuries last season, and have not really delivered since moving to Spain
    But it seems no one is considering that
    For 89m
    CB: 35m
    Lb: 25m
    Winger: 30m

    1. Ryan says:

      Igbo man. Check it. You have already divided the funds of a star into three(3) places. Well done sir

  11. Chiza says:

    Aubameyang lacazette dembele
    That line up is terrifying for the premier league…i don’t care what others have to say.. But to me that’s the best attack in the premier league and one of the best in the world…tell me the attack that comes close to the record of those four guys in the premier league… They are all proven….with that attack we will open the gates of Stamford Bridge,anfield,old Trafford,etihad and spudshole with our giant leg showing no respect..we go for ambush.. And not to talk of teams coming to the Emirates feeling beaten already just like the old days

    1. GanjaMan says:

      I hope to GOD Dembele gets the #21, my favorite number and I would be on Arsenal Direct in a heartbeat… lol

  12. John Ibrahim says:

    if ozil and mkhi plays well then auba will win golden boot

    we have two deadly finisher in the team that have settled well in the team

  13. Nayr says:

    jon fox that is why i have stated clearly and categorically they are “my predictions”
    not jon fox’s predictions.

    feel free to write your own.

    1. David Rusa says:

      Completely agree with you Nayr. Instead of making his own predictions, Jon Fox opposed yours perhaps because they didn’t tally with his negative feeling about Arsenal.

  14. Chiza says:

    Aubameyang,lacazette,dembele and Ozil…in there we have two world cup winners..and two players that have won the golden boots in the respective leagues they came from..bundesliga and ligue 1…they are proven….not many teams can boast fact I dare say no team in the world can boast that for their me the team….two world cup winners and two golden boot winners…aubameyang,lacazette,dembele and ozil will slutter so many defences….mouthwatering.. Really mouthwatering…kroenke do the needful by getting dembele so that so many people can shut up

  15. Diana says:

    Nowadays, defense not attack will win you the title, so should be asking, will Mustafi and Sokratis win us league? But Auba will definitely challenge for golden boot

  16. Auba Arsenal of Lagos says:

    I vote for bailey over dembele.why?
    1.he’s a left footer that can play on both sides of the attack
    2.RWF is where we don’t offer much threat when we attack fully hoping on bellerin to deliver.
    3.the lad’s got some lightening pace even when doing his dribbles
    4.he has a good reading for pass reception on the counter
    5.he passes well And finally,
    This boy will score us exciting goals from the right side while also thrilling us fans with ridiculous dribbles against top defenders.
    Hmph! Here’s to wishing & dreaming with just roughly 40 hrs to go

  17. Innit says:

    Only if Ozil and Mkhitaryan play well

  18. ozziegunner says:

    Jeremy Corben is an Arsenal fan. How about inundating him and Mrs T May with letters expressing constituents’ concern about British football club ownership being moved off shore and the disenfranchisation of fans?

  19. Kenny Rolfe says:

    Ozziegunner, D’you think the FA would stand for clubs to travel 5500 to miles to LA for an away game. You never know, he might even move us to Sydney.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Kenny, I was talking about off shore ownership, not home games at the Ram’s Stadium. In the case that home games are in Sydney, I’ll travel 100 miles each waw and you’ll be able to see my ” Kroenke give us our club back” banners every home game!

  20. Malch95 says:

    I definitely share the writers optimisim but I don’t think arsenal will win the premier league, going from the fact that we’ve had a full preseason. Tottenham have weakened, Chelsea in turmoil and Mo’s 3rd season curse at United. Arsenal can definitely finish in top 4 but don’t see us challenging city or Liverpool for the title. Aubemayang & lacazette will definitely be up their for top scorer as well. Let’s hope Mavropanas breaks out or mustafi gets his #h*t together. I have confidence in Lichtsteiner and Monreal

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