Can Aubameyang’s fight for the Golden Boot spur Arsenal on to glory

The race for the Premier League Golden Boot is as tight this season as it has ever been and right in the mix is Arsenal’s very own Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Be assured that for each of the players in the race to be top scorer it is of huge importance, they desperately want to be crowned the Golden Boot winner and that can only be a good thing for any club that has a player involved.

Of the four clubs fighting for two champions league spots, only us and Spurs have a player involved, Chelsea do not and neither do Man Utd.

Man City ace Sergio Aguero leads the pack with 19, Aubameyang is joint second with Harry Kane on 17 (this was written before Spurs played Liverpool and so Kane’s numbers can change)

Now, Aubameyang is not what you call a greedy player, unlike Kane, but he is as sharp as hell, he finds great positions, better than Kane in my opinion and is just as clinical a finisher as any other forward in the league.

The Gabon international is also our penalty taker and on paper, Arsenal have the easier run-in, so you have to feel that he has a great opportunity and he will know that, so will his teammates and he will be sniffing out goals right up to the final whistle of every game.

Being in the race to be the Golden Boot winner must give a forward extra incentive, I know they should have maximum motivation anyway but they are human, they are no different to any of us, having that bit extra desire means you can bounce back from missing a penalty against your most bitter rivals and not let it destroy your season.

The bottom line for me is that Aubameyang being in serious contention for the Golden Boot will give us a slight edge over both United and Chelsea, even if it is a really small edge, every bit helps.


  1. Absolutely, I think it’s a huge factor having a top tier goalscorer like that. We had been missing that 20 goal player since he who shall not be named, the left footed Judas. And despite Auba’s penchant for snoozing through a game or two, he has proven that he does have a great eye for a position behind the enemy lines and it has really took us a level up this season. What I like even more about Auba is that, as the author mentioned, he’s not a greedy type of striker. We are by no means a one man team, I would actually argue the opposite that we have reached a point where no one player is imperative to the success or failure of the team.

    I don’t want to jump the gun but I believe Auba just might snatch the golden boot this year if he gets a good run in our relatively easy remaining games. In the meantime, I’m going to put on my Pool shirt and cheer my compatriot Mo to destroy those spuds before they find their feet 😛

    1. Pharaoh, I’m sure you’re joking but surely you don’t own a Liverpool shirt, I’d use it as a tea towel.

    1. Aubameyang to be top scorer .Kane has his mbe for scoring some penalties.
      So thats sorted .
      C’mon Liverpool (for 1 match only)
      L3Mmy the Gunner

  2. Aubameyang can get the golden boot if he goes on a clinical streak like when he scored 10 goals from 10 shots on target. He has always been a volume scorer who scores more times than he misses rather than being clinical. His greatest skill has always been a world class attacking positioning.

  3. Some moron thinks Chelsea will win Europa league with the form they are in. Cadiff is suppose to be like a walk in the park for them but right now cadiff is leading 1-0

  4. Chelsea losing against Cardiff,if they lose this one it will be 4 matches without a win in the premier league and yet some stupid pundits still believe they willl win the Europa but we don’t have a chance?

    1. But the “mighty” Giroud has just come on so we are cooked! Or possibly NOT!! Come on Cardiff and Liverpool!

    2. Pundits don’t bother me anymore because i know they either hate us or don’t rate us and only give me pleasure when we prove them wrong. If chelsea lose pts vs cardiff it is game over for them with the fixtures they have left and it becomes a three way battle for champions league.

      1. Two incredibly bad decisions against Cardiff. Will the incompetent referee Craig Pawson be brought to book? Of course not

        1. Of course not, ref only get penalized for mistakes against referee association favorites teams like Liverpool or tottenham.

  5. Have to feel for Neil Warnock…. 1st ‘goal’ clearly offside, Rudiger should have been sent off…. yet another amazing performance from our ref/linesmen ??? smh

    1. We have the worst officials in Europe Sue but it’s water off a ducks back to referee supremo Mike Riley.

      1. Just amazes me Kenny…. Cardiff will probably end up relegated due to their incompetence!! Will anything ever be done???

        1. Even worst Sue, we could end up fifth because of it and to answer your question, nothing will be done while Mike Riley stays in charge of referees

          1. I just checked – we have Anthony Taylor tomorrow ☹ I don’t suppose it matters who it is – they’re all useless!

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