Bellerin to help Arsenal sign Spanish hat-trick hero?

The Arsenal right back Hector Bellerin and his Spanish under 21 teammates got off to a cracking start at the European championships at the weekend, putting five past Macedonia without reply on Saturday and setting a marker with a stylish, classy and effective performance all over the pitch.

The stand out player was not Bellerin, though, but the Real Madrid forward Marco Asensio who opened the scoring with an impressively overhead finish and then completed his hat-trick in the second half. We can only hope that Arsene Wenger has sent our full back off to Poland with the instructions to have a word with the exciting young prospect.

According to a report in the Daily Star the 21-year old is ready to ask for a transfer away from the Santiago if Zinedine Zidane brings in any players likely to stand in the way of more first team playing time. They are apparently going to sell James Rodriguez and Alvaro Morata this summer but probably not to open the door for Asensio but to finance a move for new players.

Arsenal are reported to be one of a number of clubs keeping an eye on the situation and after the way Wenger gave Bellerin a chance to shine at a young age with Arsenal I think he could be the perfect person to convince the striker that the Gunners could be the club to join. Keep an eye on this one Gooners.



  1. His buyout is 308 million
    So no
    Focus on losing sanchez
    An not getting mbappe


  2. lewandowski has fallen out with bayern munich
    his agent has confirmed this

    wenger –
    aubemeyang lewandowski morata mbappe lukaku costa lacazette


    1. Wenger has had no excuses for years, yet he endures. For him, this will also pass. He can’t be touched and can do no wrong. Don’t hold your breath this summer

  3. No to this. I think the media reports the Mbappe has decided to go to RM are flat wrong. That is NOT saying that he’s going to Arsenal. However, JR-A and KM are apparently friends from their days as youth prospects in France. Word is that, R-A is going to have a good chance to make the team next year as a youngster. Perhaps KM will or can be swayed by him. KM is also a fan of Alexis and Ozil.

    Maybe it is wishful thinking. But maybe these guys PLUS the guarantee of first team play and building team around him can get KM to N. London. So long as money is the same or close, I don’t think it is a far cry.

  4. It was Saul with overhead kick, but still a brilliant hat-trick from Asensio. Would love to dump Ozil for this guy! Cannot see Real selling him though as he’s a huge prospect, but if he doesn’t get enough game time (which could easily happen at Real, no matter how good you are), then he may be more obtainable over the next couple of years.

  5. This weekend Mbappe actually clicked “like” on both Alexis and Ozil on instagram

    It may mean nothing but I hope he isn’t having a laugh

  6. I hope Wenger isn’t dithering … this season is going to be very tough, and absolutely essential to get the transfer window right, with regards to players coming and going as well … it looks like AS7 is dependent on the right players arriving. I don’t believe all the rumours about Citeh, they have a lot of talent up front Jesus, Aguero, de Bruyne, Sane, Nolito, Iheanaco and any potential recruits will be worried about game time. If they are purely after money, they would probably just go to China. I am not seeing renewal of existing key player contracts, which should’ve been done over a year ago. This is a key problem which the board have failed to resolve. If we don’t strengthen significantly and enter next season without AS7 and the Ox, it won’t be easy for Kroenke and Wenger next season.

  7. Southampton are demanding £70 million for Van Dijk

    Such a ridiculous price for a Defender. I wonder if there is a club willing to pay it. I can’t see it.

    1. Crazy price, but then again PSG paid £50 million for Luiz, who was shocking at the time, and City paid £50 million for Stones, who is average at best. Mbappe for over £100 million, only after a brilliant half a season. Football is getting even crazier!

      If Stones is £50 million, then Holding must be around £80 million haha,

  8. Never mind Bellerin influencing players to join arsenal, We need to worry about Dennis Suarez influencing Bellerin to move to his club. You know the one, exciting to watch, win lots of things.

  9. Some Arsenal fans are so deluded, Mbappe, Asensio, O Dembele is never coming to Arsenal THIS transfer window.

    Our most realistic targets are Henry, Morata, Lacazette.

  10. I just hope Wenger doesn’t miss the train in his usual character(haggling till August 31st) let’s go for players within our reach and resources.

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