Can Cazorla smile help him on the pitch for Arsenal?

I am not too sure what the Arsenal and Spain international midfielder Santi Cazorla has to smile about at the minute. The 29-year old ballooned a couple of great chances to get his scoring off the mark against Sunderland miles over the bar.

The Spaniard has so far failed to take his chance to shine in the number 10 role in the absence of our German play maker Mesut Ozil. Cazorla did get Arsenal off to a great start this season, scoring the first of three goals as the Gunners comfortably beat the Premier League champions Man City in the Community shield. But just as that result was followed by a disappointing run of results for Arsenal, Cazorla has yet to score again and has been largely disappointing.

Maybe that is why he has hardly featured for Spain recently, which must be frustrating for the 29-year old. However, he has told Arsenal Player that he does not let these things get to him and feels that it is important for him to focus on enjoying himself, whether on the pitch or just in training and in the dressing room.

And Santi thinks that this helps him and his team mates and is really the only way for him to carry on. So he seems to be pretty confident that his attitude will win out and will help him to find his best form again on the pitch, especially with the happy recent memory of winning the FA cup with Arsenal in May.

The Spaniard said, “For me the most important thing is to enjoy myself when I play. Football is my life and if I don’t enjoy the game then I will have a problem in my career.

“I’ve been playing football since I was seven and I always enjoyed playing with my brother and friends on the street. Now I enjoy playing with my team-mates and that is the most important thing in football. I am very lucky to play big games in the Premier League and Champions League.

“Football is my job and I always play for the fans and the club. It’s always important for the players to feel happy on the pitch, in training and in the dressing room. I try every day to be happy for my team-mates.

“Sometimes it’s good to always be happy and sometimes it’s not that good. Having a good atmosphere around the club is important for me and the team. It’s the same on the pitch – if you train happy, you will play happy.

“Winning the FA Cup was one of the best moments of my career and I always thank my fans because I love the song they sing for me. They mean a lot to me and I hope we can win another trophy for them this year.”

So is it just a matter of time before our happy midfielder has a lot more reason to smile because of his performances on the pitch?

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      1. Bob, this is just one of the best sh*ts you’ve posted. Fantastic!!! Just the first paragraph alone and I was laffin my a*s off.

        The other day, Arteta was claiming credit for Alexis performance at Sunderland, that it was due to the combo of himself and Flamini that Alexis could play that freely upfront. What a monumental BS!!!

        I hope to hear from Mr Gru soon.

  1. Smiling is the answer to everything 🙂
    Smailing would help our defence 🙂
    Snailing is the French favourite food.
    Smiling assassins rule ok.
    Smiling Spanish Super Star Scazorla Smites Signficantly 🙂

  2. Santi can contribute a lot. For all who blames jack look at his stats. Actually he is quite good for us this season. There is no significant fact in stating we dont score enough when he is on pitch. Now i see a lot of us criticizing ramsey. Let him get back into his rythm. Be patient. Dont be so negetive. In all fairness whenever i visit this site the only rhing i feel is useless critisism n negativity.

    1. @pranavTrue Gooner
      If robust discussion is too tough
      for you it may be be wise to
      move to another site.
      I hear there is a true AKB site
      out there somewhere.

      1. Exactly, there is news of a true AOB site also 🙂
        May be some people can move there and pave way for constructive discussion at

        1. Now behold a poud AKB: @GoonerForever.

          There’s nothing like AOB.

          AKB is a registered name for guys like u.

    2. @Pranatrue, learn from Cazorla.

      When u come here and “feel useless criticism and negativity”, just SMILE.

  3. Santi is class. one of the only players who’s lethal around the 18 yard box and, the ONLY player in our squad at the moment who can really pass long balls and switch the play – and we desperately need some creativity.

    I’m feeling a beat down on Burnley this weekend who are bottom of the table and winless. I think it’s time we unleash THEO

    1. i know that they’re at the bottom, but we can’t take any team for granted. This is the premier league not La Liga.

  4. I have a feeling Burnley are going to produce the best performance of their season (if you know what I mean).

  5. Wenger ‘agrees’ for Paul Clement to replace him as Arsenal boss next season acc 2 media in spain I guess they spelt Klopp wrong.

  6. Well it’s cool to see that Santi likes to play for us. And that he likes his song. And that the FA Cup was one of the happiest moments of his life.

    I think what Santi needs to get him going is to score a goal. He hasn’t scored in the BPL since March or something right? That can’t do much with his confidence. So hopefully he can get one in against Burnley. That’ll be a good opportunity for him to hear his fav song again.

  7. mehn! … We need more “BALE-facial” appearances from d player …. Not smileys when a ball is missed nor smileys when a costly error’s made …..We mean business, not a puppet show!

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