Can Cazorla really play for Arsenal again after his injury hell?

Arsenal’s little spanish maestro Santi Cazorla was the jewel in Wenger’s crown for many years until he was cruelly injured and he has since gone through a hell that has seen him sidelined for over a year, undergo countless operations, contract gangrene and nearly lose his foot. Because the wound kept getting re-infected the surgeons nearly had to amputate his foot completely but saved it by removing 8 centimetres of his tendon and grafted a patch of skin from his arm to cover the scars.

Santi Cazorla's foot

But no matter how hard it muct have been, Cazorla has been determined to get back to fitness and to try and regain his place in the side, but considering the Spaniard will be 33 next month he is surely fighting a lot cause. Arsene Wenger has tried to keep positive as well as he said recently: “The first signs are positive, but still he has not played for one and a half years.”

“He is not in full training yet, he needs a few games with the reserve team. So I think if all goes well, it will be after Christmas.”

But don’t you think that we need to be realistic here and admit to ourselves that we are unlikely to see our hero playing competitively for Arsenal again…..

Darren N


  1. To be honest I don’t think he will ever play again for us. He has been out for I don’t know, 1 1/2-2yrs? The doctors said he would be fortunate to ever walk again…he better not risk becoming crippled then in the name of football. He should just retire and become a coach in the club or something. He is probably also out of shape by now.

  2. Richard says:

    But wouldnt it be fantastic to see him playing for us again? Best of luck Santi!!

  3. deleny says:

    i saw this pic of his leg being operated upon. A slice of skin frm his arm was used to patch up his leg. For me,he shld just quit football totally and concentrate himself on smthing else that wldnt put him on the wheel-chair forever. Its a pity that one of finnest is gone like this. Its absolutely a pity i wldnt see our mid-field maestro doing his thing again.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      He got his tattoo removed for no extra cost, Wenger must be proud.

  4. Romeo says:

    One silly Wenger mistake and arsenal still paying for it. Arsenal was in red hot form october 2016 and definitely the team to beat with Ozil starting to score, Alexis flourishing in the central role and Walcott finally looking a player we hoped he would be. It was rosy and the pundits who said we would drop out of the top 4 once again (this time were right) were ashamed of their predictions but Arsene has a way of messing up. Santi Carzola just back from a long lay out was rushed back and not given adequate rest but Wenger won’t pass a chance to rotate as he would run the team down till it broke. You can predict an arsenal line up once you know who isn’t injured.
    Santi was in need of rest and against Swansea, Xhaka was given a straight red meaning he was out for 3 straight domestic games. Yet on the next Tuesday champions league match, Wenger still kept Xhaka on the bench and played the precious santi. Our second team would have beaten Ludogorets at the Emirates. Santi’s last contribution in the match was a long range assist in the match we won 6-0 and lost santi for the season and maybe forever. He’s still not recovered and has no time frame. We drew our next game against Middlesbrough at home where we played elneny and coquelin in a drab draw we were lucky to even sneak. It was the beginning of the end. With santi, arsenal has a win percentage of 65 and 39 without him. Playing Santi in dat game knowing Xhaka was out domestically was an unnecessary gamble. It cost arsenal an indispensable player, a title challenge and opened the biggest backlash wenger faced in his 20years tenure.
    Santi has been hiding the cracks in a talented squad but mediocre team and his absence was only managed when Wenger finally reverted to a 5 man midfield. Simple decision like this is what makes us scream ‘wenger out’.
    It seems Santi has played his last arsenal game and Wenger is to blame for that.

  5. Sue says:

    It would be nice…. but he’s had so many setbacks & his foot does look a mess. I hope he does play again, even if it’s just a handful of games

  6. Midkemma says:

    I wish he will come back and at least be a magician in times of need, if not 90 mins every game…

    I fear we have seen the last of his dazzling skills 🙁

    I want to see Wilshere play that linking role between CM and attack, he is the only CM who can wriggle out of a tight position and play a smart pass in our team and we really need that type of player alongside Xhaka.

  7. Break-on-through says:

    Don’t want to see that picture again, being told something v actually witnessing it are two totally different things. Gross, his arm tattoo on his achilles, something about that doesn’t sit right. I think this is the end of the Cazorla we knew, his game invites too many tackles, I just don’t see him coming out the other side stronger. Give him a good sendoff because he could be either a coach next season or else he could cause himself some long term damage.

  8. Ivan says:

    Santo has been our best player by a long distance since the golden days 15 years ago. Ozil and even Sanchez can only dream about being as good as our Santi. Fingers crossed he can get back for another couple of years.

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