Can Charlton do another Coquelin job for Arsenal with Sanogo?

One of the very few bits of news for Arsenal fans on transfer deadline day was the signing of our young French forward Yaya Sanogo by the Championship club Charlton Athletic. A lot of us might have forgot that he was even on the club’s books (or just hoped that he wasn’t) but Sanogo has been on loan with the Dutch club Ajax.

That loan spell really did not work out as he has only made four appearances for them and he seemed to get off on the wrong foot with the Ajax boss Frank De Boer right from the start and he was criticised for his attitude, fitness and effort.

So Charlton, who are struggling to stay in the second division of English football, have taken a chance on the out of favour striker. Now I know that he has not lived up to his early potential, particularly what he showed while banging in goals for the France international underage teams, but I was surprised to read some of the comments written on the Daily Mail about his latest loan move.

Useless and get rid of him was the general gist of what the Arsenal fans wrote, but we have seen signs that Sanogo could be a good player. Those four goals in one Emirates Cup game for instance. He also scored against Borussia Dortmund to get us out of the Champions League group stage.

And although his goals tally for Arsenal is pretty poor he did put in some good performances. And the fact that he has gone to Charlton should remind Gooners that another so-called useless young Gunner went there on loan recently. That was Francis Coquelin and look what happened to him. So could Charlton do us another big favour with Sanogo?

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  1. heres a fact for you:
    wayne rooney has outscored arsenal in 2016.
    yes ‘that’ wayne rooney

    amazing that 4 teams from outside the top 4 have brought us back to earth

    1. Another fun fact : United didn’t win a single game for the whole of December and are only a few points behind us

    2. Sanogo will never cut it in premier league . To think that Wenger sold the ready Afobe and kept this donkey.
      Go on YouTube and see his pathetic display for Ajax. He has no redeeming quality as a striker at the EPL level

  2. Hahaha ???
    Yep! … Things are really looking desperate, when we are hinging all our hopes on a team, who are fighting for survival in the 2nd division… That just about sums us right up! ?

    Apparently, Our mr postman San, Managed to touch the ball 30 times, whilst at Ajax…. That’s two more than Walcott ?
    Maybe we should have kept Sanogo and sent theo to Charlton instead? ? ? Hahaha!

  3. another fact for you:

    benik afobe has scored as many pl goals as theo walcott this season…
    he joined premier league 2 weeks ago


    Don’t cover up the matter on ground…..we are 4TH on the table….. Didn’t wenger think Afobe wasn’t good/suited for the EPL???

    Now u talk of doing a coquelin on sanogo… friend….go to bed!

  5. The table 3 Jan:
    1. Arsenal 42
    2. Leicester 40
    3. Man City 39
    4. Spurs 36

    2 Feb:
    1. Leicester 50
    2. Man City 47
    3. Spurs 45
    4. Arsenal 45

    lesson: this season is nuts

    1. The only thing that is Nuts! About this season. .. Is Wenger! ?
      For believing that he didn’t need to strengthen our squad,
      D. Setbeck is coming back!
      J.Wheelchair is coming back!
      Rosicky came, but, has now gone back!
      And last but not least… 4th place trophy, Is well and truly back! … But, Utd may have something to say about that.

  6. Not sure how reliable the source but it appears Wenger and Koeman exchanged unpleasantries in the tunnel following this evenings stalemate.

    Predictably Le Prof was whining to the head official about a string of missed decisions late in the fixture when Koeman essentially told him to STFU. Lol

    Like the Southampton chief more and more

  7. Sanchez plays best with Walcott upfront, let’s try that in our next game.
    Iwobi needs to be trusted more. The kid has been growing in confidence.
    El Nenny needs to be unleashed let’s see what he got.
    I’m still unsure about Campbell. Nice few touches for half an hour and then disappears.
    Flamini has done his best, it’s now time to rest.
    Ramsey hasn’t done enough in Cazorla’s absence to prove he deserves a start.

    1. Really ? Campbell set Giroud up numerous times with chances any other top striker would’ve put away.

  8. where are all those “We are Top of the League” ….”I will take a Draw” crooners?

    Did they really think sitting atop the League with a meagre two goal difference was the real deal?

    Now i hope they rue all the missed chances, all the useless draw against cheap teams….

    All those games we could have won….norwich, westbrom…etc….Hurt now?….sets us right!

    1. I’ll take you up on that
      I will take the draw.
      Not what I wanted,
      not what I expected.
      But it’s still early doors.
      Next week City v Leicester = a draw.
      Arsenal and Spurs win.
      Arsenal City Spurs 2nd = all 3 points behind Leicester.
      The week after Arsenal beat Leicester at the Emirates
      City and Spurs draw.
      So in 12 days time on the 14th Feb.
      Arsenal 51
      Leicester 51
      Spurs 49
      City 49

      We’re gonna do this 🙂

  9. Tbh… I was expecting a tricky game against Southampton,
    But at least we didn’t lose!

    I’m now expecting us to go on a unbeaten run for the remaining premier league games… I even fancy us to beat Barcelona at the Emirates ? But whether we will qualify or not, will depend on how many goals we win by (at home),
    Anything less than 3 nil and we are out.

    I’m not saying that we will win the league,
    but it will definitely go down to the last game of the season.
    And Goal difference will be decisive!

  10. Would have rather been in 4th moving to 1st than 1st dropping to 4th. We just continuously make ourselves a footballing laughing stock. Now with the power of social media you see not only are ours rival fans constantly have a go at us, it’s fans from different leagues, commentators, pundits, ex-players, neutrals, even other players… We completely blow the insanity theory out the water. WHERE WAS ELNENY??? Why wasn’t he not even the match day squad? Is he not better that what we have? I thought we were only targeting special players!!!

    1. Wenger didn’t have the balls to drop any of the other players from the subs looks as if he will only use Elneny for the Fa cup and in emergencies.
      Wenger has already stated that Elneny needs to adapt to the premier league ?
      which means, don’t expect to see him any time soon!

      Yes mate… wenger moves in mysterious ways! ?

      1. Yeah, I read he had a go at the ref in the tunnel after the game until Koeman stepped in and told him to STFU. The thing is if you have a team that has a strong mentality and usually dominant on the pitch then the ref has little say on the true outcome and less of an influence on being biased. You can start by scoring more goals than your opponents or in our case recently, score a goal period.

  11. Different players won’t change Arsene as manager. No sense of urgency, always saying “not a big deal”, always has excuses. Ref missed calls, too lenient on Southampton, blah, blah, blah.

    Truth is performance was not good enough yet again. Theo should be banned to U-21 squad. He actually makes Ox look decent this year, and makes Giroud seem like legit class CF.

    Is Pellagrini available? He won EPL twice already.
    (Only sarcasm, calm down)
    P.S. Leicester city better at bargain bin shopping then Wenger; someone quick tell the board!
    4th place again; home sweet home. At least we are consistent. Exit ramp from CL coming up soon too.

    Lastly, no jokes about Tottenham super chickens. They are different animal this year, bit concerned about St. Totteringham’s Day. Whistling past the graveyard ya know

  12. We are still very much in this season’s title race if only we can beat Leicester at the Ems on 14th Feb to cut them to size a bit. And before that game, also beat Afobe’s led attack Bournemouth team. These 6 points 2 games are the Key to Arsenal bouncing back into contention for the title.

    The Boss MUST therefore design a master plan to win these 2 games which will boost their morale ahead of our entertaining Hull and Barcelona in the FA Cup and the Ucl games.

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