Can Chelsea beating Spurs save Arsenal’s season?

Although Arsenal will not finish the season empty handed, the Community Shield trophy and another place in the Champions League was not really what us fans were hoping for and expecting at the start of the current campaign, especially after we saw off last year’s Premier League winners Chelsea in the season opener at Wembley.

It has not turned out to be a complete disaster and it is looking like Arsenal will at least finish above the likes of Chelsea, Man United Liverpool and hopefully Man City. What would really improve the mood of Arsenal fans, however, is another St. Totteringham’s day.

That looked about as likely as Arsene Wenger signing Lionel Messi just a few short weeks ago but while the Gunners have rallied a bit, the spuds have lost the momentum that saw them catch and overtake us in our struggles. Three draws and a loss in their last eight games leave our north London rivals on the brink of failing to challenge Leicester City and as long as they do not win away at Chelsea tonight we will not have to endure their celebrations.

A loss to Chelsea, though, who are on a good run of form under their new manager Guus Hiddink, will have then looking anxiously back at Arsenal with just two points separating the clubs with two games to play. Their last two games are at home to in form Southampton and then away to a Newcastle side that might need to win to stay up.

And if Chelsea mash the spuds tonight it should give the Arsenal players a real boost and a proper goal to aim for in order to save the season from being seen as a complete disaster. What do you think Gooners?

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  1. How about banking on running a marathon with the wrist watch on another man’s arm?
    And win the ” no trophy in the cabinet” trophy.
    That is mediocrity right there.
    I would rather win the EPL or the champion league this season and finish 10th next season.

    1. If you look on the physical side of the modern football you can realize that the current arsenal crop is still far from complete.

      Just take a look on the Leicester back4: Dan Simpson, Captain Wes Morgan, Robert Huth and Dan DrinkWater. These guys are hugely physic and quick, Joy to watch them the way they attack and defend in numbers.

      I would like to see some new faces next season who can bring physicality and My Arsenal team of 2016/17 is:

      GK: Petri Chec the main man and bring bac Szezn and Matnez to provide cover. Sell Ospina

      RB: I will stick with Berrellin and bring back Jenkenson to cover him. Sell Dr Burch

      LB: Mon is still very important, him and Berrellin needed to provide necessary fluidity to the wings, so I will stick with him and the injury prone Gibs to cover

      CDs: Here I will bring Captain Morgan to partner with Kosheny. Gabriel and Chambers to cover. Sell Per Meet

      DMs: The physic Le Coq behind and that man Payet, I say Payet, many may prefer Ngolo Kante but for me Payet can offer many than Ngolo, so I gave him the box to box role. Young Elney to cover Le Coq and the injury prone Jack Wilshire and the aged Cazora to cover Payet. Sell Ramsey. I sell him.

      CAM: The genius Mesut Ozil. Young Iwobi to cover him

      Wingers: Buy Rihard Mahrez to shift the wings with Sanchez. Ox and Theo to cover them, so they are not for sale.

      ST: Buy Lewondowsk/Obameyang/Benzema. Welbeck to cover any of them

      Manager: Arsene/Koleman/Semione

      Assistant Manager: Thiery Henry

      Go on have you’re missed trophies

  2. If people wish to call the Arsenal bottlers then god knows what you call the spuds.
    Would love to see the Russians spank the spuds tonight. It will add a little gloss to a dispointing season.
    But I guess you have to come from north London to understand that.

    1. I do, and Chelsea beating spuds is small consolation to me.

      Rather see my own club get their own house in order than count on the favours of others. Still, that is what it has come to.

      1. Me too and although like you I’m more concerned about AFC, the Spuds losing out once again, Leciester more than any other team winning the PL and a remote possibility that we end up ahead of Spuds would at least make me smile.

        1. I think and hope Leicester will win.
          A triumph for the club that has owners that ‘invest’ in it, a manager who has nurtured, driven and sculpted a team of non superstars. Ranieri and Co have shown everyone else what is required and how it is done.


    2. Chelsea 0 Tottenham 2. How do you like that? And with better football than we’ve managed IN YEARS against Chelsea at Stamford. Pochettino goes one up v. Wenger this season yet again. Sad for us.. .

    3. You just said you want a physical back 4how the heck can you have Gibbs who is the weakest left back in the league as a backup for Monreal. CB

  3. Of course, if the Spuds get beat tonight then it will give us something to smile about ? Aswell as handing the title to Leicester City! And if that happens then I also agree that the spuds will struggle against Southampton and Newcastle.

    Arsenal finishing 2nd and above the Spuds, would be a nice consolation prize for me ? not that many fan’s on here would agree with that, but on a positive note, 2nd is an improvement from last season’s 3rd and the previous season of 4th… So who knows, maybe it will be 1st for us, next season? ?

    1. Haha! I’m not sure you realize the paramount characters who will be be joining the EPL next season. If we remain negligent and complacent then I’m afraid there’s going to be a whole different picture painted next year.

      1. There’s no guarantee that the new manager’s coming in will be successful in their first season in the EPL!
        As always, our own fate, is in Wenger’s hands!

  4. On the Other fLip of the Coin!

    What if spuds beat the hell outta chelski?……..what if Kane does a Hatrick?

    Will that silence the critics and have em believe They have done well this season?….. Far better than we have!

  5. OT: Wenger please sign Saido Mane now. And then convert him to a striker. Two brilliant hat-tricks against world class defenders and goalkeepers. Sign him. Sign him. Sign him!! Manu also after him now…

  6. It’s like that unattractive girl finding a great box of makeup to enhance her appearance. And over the years she keeps finding a better solution to enhance it but at the end of the day the problem lies in her face.

    The same is Arsenal’s problem. We have so many frailties within our entire club but still we choose to apply the make up of these meaningful Top 4 finishes. Where does it even lead us?!

      1. You mean the one where we ALWAYS get knocked out by the REAL big teams, THE REAL contenders before the quarters, whilst they move on in their AMBITIOUS search of glory? The one in which the only beneficiaries are The Bank, the Board and Le Boss?

  7. arsenal always depending on other teams before they can qualify!!!
    among us,leceister and Tottenham ,we had the easiest fixtures yet we managed to bottle it up!!
    we r now expecting favours .wow!!!
    this is an arsenal mentality

  8. Chelsea are playing like pregnant women, which puts it all the more into perspective what Wenger is doing to our club. We had every opportunity to beat them twice but got nothing out of it especially at Stamford Bridge. Shame on you Wenger. Get out Now!!!!

  9. Forget this season, bro. It was a disaster.
    I may be the odd one out, but I’d like Spurs to win tonight.
    Would like to see the title decided on the final day.
    I want to be thoroughly entertained

  10. Well its 2-0 to tottenham at half time so that is probably an end to us catching tottenham. To me there is little difference between second and third, who remembers the runners up? We just have to concentrate on finishing third, we do not want qualifiers for CL especially with the euros.

  11. I knew that someone would definitely write something about tonight’s game here. Just get over it,Chelsea beat us twice this season,whether they beat spurs or not won’t help us because we can’t finish above them this season. Spurs are really doing what we have been failing to do over the years tonight,being calm,composed and taking the game to chelsea. I personally dislike chelsea more than spurs,so I fancy them getting something tonight. If Arsenal Fans can be united to fight against Spurs fans during a derby match,risking police arrests,injuries or possible jail terms,why didn’t we get united and tell our manager who has been living in the past to quietly step down?

    1. @onochie
      IF you’re so concerned, then you should grow a pair and go down to the Emirates and do it yourself…And if you don’t live in England, then save up the money to fly over. Just stop harping on someone else doing something you’re not prepared to do yourself…

    2. No real Arsenal fan EVER wants Spurs to win anything or any game, unless it’s going to do Arsenal a massive favour. You obviously have no idea about the real rivalry between the clubs, and I’m not talking about the somewhat embarrassing St Totteringham day, which I’ve always thought of as pathetic.

      As for a few thugs, kicking sh!t out of each other, if you think they represent the vast majority of Arsenal fans your mad.

  12. Yet here we are moaning about our season. How did we not beat this Chelsea side this season is one of the worlds mysteries.

    1. All to do with gabriel being sent off in first game and mertsacker in second. Arsenal sucessfully appealed the gabriel sending off and costa received a three match retrospective ban for his behaviour in the same game. So costa should have been sent off instead of gabriel. Chelsea kept the three points though.

      1. Yeah I remember the first encounter, even with Gabriel off we were bringing it to them until Cazorla saw red as well then it was goodnight after that.

      2. And NOTHING to do with poor finishing, hilarious defending, and generally predictable and fanciful, ineffective playing, eh? Of course.

  13. Well screw me backwards spuds are somehow still going even this late into the season am hopefully will see Chelsea fight back in second half, we will need to secure 3rd place against city next week am back to normal we go lol

  14. Hahaha like it or not Tottenham have been the best team in London this season. The table don’t lie. For those who were praying for Chelsea to turn them over are better off focusing on us not losing to City at the Etihad. Truth is Southampton faced them at the best time before a CL match now we will face them at the worst time. Win or lose they can afford to field their strongest team and will want blood on their last home game whether they proceed or get knocked out of Europe.

  15. As long as we in the top 4, Wenger is content
    That’s the extent of Wenger’s ambitions

    Top 4 + low spending = profits= board happy = Wenger staying manager = £8 million per year for Wenger = Wenger and Board content

    1. Don’t know man, never heard Wenger apologize to the fans until after the Norwich game and a few placards waving. Really hope that somehow hit home with him and he rights the ship this summer.

  16. “Humorous man, honourable man, generous man, emotional man yet a man of steel”, these are the words directed to…….O stop- not Wenger, but Ranieri. Can never be said of our Pinocchio manager! Let him go and work for a finance firm not Manager of Arsenal football club. My heartfelt congratulations on two fronts to Leicester, one for being genuine Champions and secondly, for doing all true Arsenal fans a favour by denying the spuds the championship! Well done guys!!!

    1. There was a lot of Spud bashing going on at the Chelski ground tonight 🙂

      Thought only Arsenal fans sang ‘Stand up if you hate Tottenham’ (should be ‘Stan out if you love Arsenal’) 🙂

  17. Like I said before the game, if the press want to call us bottlers, what’s that make the spuds.

    Really pleased for Leicester fans, good for the club and league.

    Hope to see the spuds, lose thier next two and as is the norm we finish about them.

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