Can Emery take the Arsenal players out of their “comfort zone”?

Tomorrow’s game against Man City is the biggest test that Unai Emery could have got for his very first game as Arsenal coach. He has been drilling all his new players in the way he wants to play his pressing game, but it is probably more important for the Spaniard to try and change the mentality of the players that have only ever known one boss at the Emirates.

According to Bacary Sagna, this was the biggest reason why he decided to move on from the Gunners. Sagna said: “Arsenal’s players got too comfortable. That is the reason why I left the club.

“But the players need to show more desire out on the pitch”

“At a given point in your career, you need to get out of that comfort zone if you want to go forward.

“If you revel in that type of routine you risk losing everything.

“Arsenal have everything they need to be successful. They are based in London and have superb facilities and a great stadium.

“But the players need to show more desire out on the pitch.

“Arsenal can beat anybody. But in recent times they have been capable of the worst performances alongside the best.”

We have all seen this ourselves when Arsenal have weakly capitulated against teams that they should be beating easily, and going into big games resigned to losing. So it doesn’t matter what tactics Emery brings to the table, it is ironing the complacency out of the players attitudes.

Let’s see how well he has done that in tomorrows game against City…



  1. Chiza says:

    Has anyone noticed the exits of our greatest managers……..Herbert Chapman,George Graham and Arsene Wenger

    Herbert Chapman_died prematurely
    George Graham_stole and got sacked
    Arsene Wenger_forcefully thrown out by the fans
    Are we cursed when it comes to our managers

    Hopefully Emery will change that….I believe in Emery……do you believe in Emery??…please believe in Emery and let us pray that his successful career to come won’t end like those three great managers up there

    1. Declan says:

      Why do you keep repeating your posts? Just askin in a friendly manner so don’t you dare come back fighting?

      1. stubill says:

        Because he’s an attention seeker.

  2. Sue says:

    OT Soccer Saturday is back!!!

  3. gotanidea says:

    Yes, let’s see

    I predict Emery would chase set-pieces goals ala Mourinho, because Arsenal have strong players that can score from set-pieces and because they have to be cautious in their first EPL game

    If they really use that pragmatic strategy, I hope the attackers do not lose the ball too often

  4. kev says:

    I don’t understand why people here are saying that Leno shouldn’t start and that Petr Cech because Leno needs to be given time to adapt.This is the most funniest thing I’ve ever heard.I wonder if Arsenal still had Almunia as the keeper this would’ve been the consensus.If Arsenal had signed Oblak would people say he needs time to adapt?
    This tells me deep down people think Leno’s not that good and error prone.Just when I thought some said we should have faith in him for he has world class potential.In hindsight,this also means Torreira is what makes our window look good.

    1. gotanidea says:

      You know some Arsenal fans here are fickle and have double standards, @kev

      Some of them were clamoring when Arsenal were rumored in having interest in Leno, but then they changed after hearing Leno’s erratic behaviour in the field

      My suggestion to those that have fickle minded is don’t rush to a conclusion so fast, especially if the opinion is driven by the media. Cech should start because he has more experience in facing Man City and Leno is very important because he can push Cech to perform better

      1. Midkemma says:

        Gotnoidea, some people knew what Leno was like before we was linked to him this summer and knew he was a bag of errors with potential.

        I said before we signed him that we should look at resigning Szcz, I made an article and put it on this site if you need proof.

        Some people are not sold by the media when claiming he is the best thing since sliced bread, he isn’t! He has potential and with a good GK coach then he could become a top GK, that will take time though, currently we have a top man in Cech who was let down by Wenger and his lack of def training…

        I swear, some fans are fickle, moaned about Wenger being bad for AFC def… then refused to recognise that some players was let down by Wenger in the def department.

      2. kev says:

        Their logic confuses me.If Cech is indeed better than Leno don’t they know that Cech keeps his place for the full 18/19 season?So how does this also favour Leno?The normal thing will be to say is cup games.
        My point is simple.Im trying to prove that based on people’s comments Leno’s not that good and is error prone.I would’ve wished Cech could be been fully replaced this season.Our defense will expose his weakness too much.

        1. Kenny Rolfe says:

          Cech was awful last year and I’ve been impressed in what I’ve seen of Leno. I’d start him without a doubt.

    2. Midkemma says:

      I’m one of those Kev.
      I have been questioning the sheeple who go along with the thought that a new signing should start instantly and we shouldn’t make that new signing work for the number 1 shirt.

      Tell me why Cech is bad?
      Recent form? If so then do you not think that Peyton leaving and Garcia coming in would affect this?

      How about Leno recent form, the type of form that seen him get dropped from the national team like he was a virus or something. Not making as many saves per goal as Cech and Cech had Wenger training the def infront of him.

      Anyone who can think and actually applies their mind will have came to the same conclusion, Leno is a Szcz mk2. Got bags of errors in him and he can’t make as many saves per goal over the season as Cech. Doesn’t mean he can’t improve with good coaching and we have hope Garcia can make that improvement so we can have Leno for the next near decade.

      1. kev says:

        You’re not getting my point.If you’re one of those people who stood by your word with respect to Cech being better than Leno and us not signing Leno since he’s not that good in one thing.

        But for someone to say that we should have faith in Leno and along with the usual cliche of him having world class potential and at the same time saying Cech should start over Leno is a contradiction which doesn’t make sense.
        Because if Cech is indeed better than Leno I expect him to keep his place for the whole 2018/2019.All this means is Leno is a backup.

        I’m guessing you’re in the first scenario.

        1. Midkemma says:

          I guess I would be in the 1st one Kev.

          I do feel though that a lot of fans would have gotten excited about a new keeper and the initial “yay” feeling over it, once they look into the player more and find stuff other than YouTube then the people start making more informed decisions. There is nothing wrong with adjusting our own view when we get more data in to make a better informed decision. I know some people in RL who watched YouTube and stuff when we as linked to him and was all WOW! YAY! but over time when they could find more media to watch then their opinion updated. I do not feel it is a contradiction, people are allowed to update their thoughts when they are given more information.
          The other aspect is people believing that Leno has a future but we do not want to throw him into the deep end against the reigning champs and our bitter rivals in the Chavs. A bad start can hurt him, it may not be what Leno wants but keeping him as backup for 12 months gives him time to not only settle in the team but get used to the pace of the EPL without being jumped on by supporters for a couple bad games.
          Take our time, Leno isn’t nearly 30 and in his prime, he is reaching his prime…

          I’ve been reading people slate Cech for a while now and I am sorry if that frustration was let out on you, I am getting sick of people saying this player or that player should leave because they are not good enough yet they moaned about the ex manager being the fault of Arsenal being bad in def…

          So yeah, sorry if I was overly frustrated 🙂

          1. Kenny Rolfe says:

            So your happy with 6th place then

          2. Kenny Rolfe says:

            I noticed Cech’s done something about his fitness, he knows he’s got to improve. that should tell you something. As far I’m concerned Cech was finished when he started wearing a skull cap, let alone when he left Chelsea, his confidence was gone. I’d play Leno from the start. It’s what we bought him for. Should never have got rid of Szczesny.

  5. Adajim says:

    sagna burst all d burble and told us the reality we are struggling to understand. if Emery can’t demand more from the players I think he doesn’t deserve to be here. I hope tomorrow games entertain us as well as give us the fight we all want from our players. A draw will be d least I will be happy with. No silly defensive blunders pls

  6. mak4 says:

    Beefing up players mentally is OK by me but new tactics are highly required for arsenal. The players are becoming to one dimensiona predictabll. Emery should be backed by d fans cos I really do think he’ll do wonders

  7. Durand says:

    The real question is “Can fans take Kronke out of his comfort zone?”

    Otherwise his frugality and cheapness will keep us Europa League regulars, because Champions League and titles cost too much money to chase.

    1. Midkemma says:

      I doubt Silent Stan has sat down and micromanaged Arsenal…
      To be honest, I have more belief that Silent Stan has left everything to people he employs and he sits back watching an asset grow in value…

      For me, the real issue has consistently been Gazidis.

      1. Durand says:

        You do not know about Stan Kronke my friend, but you soon will.
        You think a billionaire let Gazidis run the show? Don’t be naive my friend. After dictator Wenger got sacked, why is Gazidis moving to another club then, if Kronke lets other people manage?

        Gazidis did the dirty work for Kronke, and now he’s off because Kronke runs the show, wasn’t Josh here proof of that? Gazidis been here for years, but why send his son, (never seen him around club before, have you?) to oversee change?
        Explanation is Kronke runs show.

        I’ve watched him for decades here in the States, believe me when I tell you this, proof all around here.

  8. kumssa says:

    i think he will do gud things!!!!#coyg

  9. Pauladonis says:

    Things can only get better from here onwards…

    I’d love to see the whole team show they can play mean and entertaining football at the same time.

    Take Ramos for example, no matter what people say, I always admire his love for his club… He is willing to play dirty if needed, no player can make him crumble or play him out of the game…

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