Can Emile Smith Rowe be a replacement for Mesut Ozil?

Mesut Ozil will have to be replaced one day, could it be Emile Smith Rowe?

Emile Smith Rowe can’t seem to do any wrong at the moment. It didn’t seem like the right decision when Mikel Arteta allowed him to join Huddersfield Town on loan last month, but he has proven his worth so far.

The Arsenal youngster is one of the most exciting prospects to come out of Arsenal’s academy since Jack Wilshere. He was hailed recently by the manager of his loan side for his ability to find pockets of space.

That skill would be invaluable to Arsenal at the moment as the Gunners rebuild under Mikel Arteta.

For years, we have been used to Mesut Ozil unlocking defences for us by finding spaces, however, the German seems to have gone past his best right now.

Arteta is currently trying to get something out of the former Real Madrid man, but I believe that the time has come for Arsenal to look beyond Ozil.

Can Smith Rowe become our new creative force? I would say yes.

His loan stint at Huddersfield would expose Smith Rowe to some of the meanest defences in the English football league and if he can make as much impact as he is making now, then he can cut it at the Emirates next season.

Arsenal may struggle to sell Ozil, but I expect Mikel Arteta to use the next pre-season and build his team around Smith Rowe as the creative force.

This way, he would show that he has the club’s long-term future in mind.

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  1. Definately he would offer me than Ozil does right now. I think ESR is one of our most talented young players coming up right now but a lot have forgotten about him.

    Pepe ESR Saka

    That is the future right there

    1. the future is bright…heaps of internal coming through

      we need to build the core…..every winning team has one

      let the youngsters play together for at least 2 season together

      add in 3 to 4 seniors for experience and guidance and we are good to go

  2. I agree, the season is basically over apart from the FA. After that showing against Olympiacos, and the game being our only realistic chance for getting into the champions league, I have no faith at all with this senior bunch of players pushing or getting us top 5 with that kind of complacent attitude. my suggestion therefore is we start building the team around the young players and drop all the under performing players because it really does not matter if we finish above the 8th position we are in at the moment. I do not want europa next season again. lets start a new era at arsenal with our gifted academy players. my suggestion for the future is

    soares – Mari – Mustafi – tierreny
    torreira – willock – smith rowe ( if we casn get him back from loan
    pepe (i forgive for this season only) – Aubameyang(
    i suspect he wont stick around)/ martinelli – saka/ martinelli

    and the senior players like ozil, Luiz, xhaka,ceballos become back up even if they earn a billion dollars
    if they like, if not bye bye

    i think this is realistic – till we can buy 2 or 3 better player to add strength. this team hopefully is the future

      1. I meant for the remainder of the season, i dont get the point why we should play some senior players who we know are past it and have no future at the club. i’d rather we use this opportunity when we have nothing to fight for to test the other players potential. Luiz, Ozil, Lac, Bellerin etc have all been tested and what have we got? just arrogance and complacent performance after a few wins just like the arsenal of Old

        1. but if you are suggestion we make big money buys, am not that optimistic i want a future that involves all the best players from real, barca and city to be at Arsenal, but thats never gonna happen mate, but with the current senior players we have threy dont cut it either so what should we do? my opinion is of MA to give the other players a chance but its not like am demanding am spit balling here mate trying to cope with yesterday results and the reality that we are really crap. Man c won at real, we lost at home to olympiacos and i recon all of our starting players get paid more than any of olympic players except saka

      1. dont you think these players can play for atleast 3yrs in good form, or are we planning a future 10yrs from now? we still need some senior players who are not complacent like torreira and auba, as for soares the verdict is still out

  3. The way Pepe played yesterday was really annoying. Wonder what is he trying to do. Why was Martinelli not started. The kid has got an eye for goals and assists. Auba could have played in the centre and Nelson on the right. Laca could have come on as an impact sub. The way ESR is performing in the Championship, I am sure he has a future at Arsenal.

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