Can Giroud help Arsenal seal transfer of Henry-like Mbappe?

The hopes of Arsenal winning the transfer race for the young Monaco and France star are pretty slim to be honest, with the likes of Real Madrid also said to be interested in Kylian Mbappe, but Arsene Wenger is apparently going to try to convince the 18-year old striker that Arsenal may be the best choice for him.

In that respect the boss already has one big advantage, as Mbappe has been compared to our club great Thierry Henry and Wenger gets a lot of credit for the way he turned the young Henry from a wide player into one of the dealiest strikers the game has ever seen.

Another possible boost came the way of Arsenal last night as well, with the France national manager Didier Deschamps electing to pair Mbappe up front with the current Arsenal centre forward Olivier Giroud and it worked a treat. The big man was a real handful for the three man England defence of Jones, Stones and Cahill and the fleet footed youngster was able to exploit that to great effect and cause England all sorts of problems.

Could this successful use of Giroud and Mbappe help Arsenal to sign the MOnaco star and perhaps give Wenger a blueprint of how to use them if we did?



  1. Having Mbappe or Lacazette with Alexis and Ozil will sort out our attack.
    I would also like Mahrez too as an upgrade to Theo on the right.

    But It’s going to be tough to get either.
    Real Madrid are interested in Mbappe
    PSG are interested in Lacazette

    1. Do you have the stats of how many goals/assists Walcott has scored in the last 5 years compared to Mahrez? Thank you.

      1. and King Theo has won how many EPL player of the year awards?

        We get your man crush on Walcott but comparing where the two players are currently would probably be a better comparison.

        Walcott making over $100K as a part time, headless chicken is a joke and indicative of why Arsenal as a club have been treading water aimlessly for years.

        1. Theo is an Arsenal player and has been a loyal servant of the club for several years. There was a reason Walcott is earning £100K. His performance at that time deserved it!
          You speak as if the board could have just thrown £100K at any player.

          Until we switched formations last season, he and Sanchez were our best players last season. I don’t understand the abuse he gets sometimes. Anyway, to each his own.

          1. Claiming Theo was one of our best players last season is absolute JOKE.
            I’m not sure why THEO is in this team . He has been at the club for the last decade and he hasn’t won any MAJOR honors .
            Considering FA cup as major coup would be suicidal and demean our status as a BIG Club .
            Its time we got rid of Debuchy , Paulista , Theo , Jenskinson and Gibbs [ although i like Gibbo a lot]
            I would be shocked if we could land Mbappe !

  2. Aubameyang (proven over several seasons)
    Insigne (a good replacement for Sanchez)
    Dembele (Celtic, a future star)
    Belotti (knows where the goal is, looks built for the EPL)
    Benzema (especially if RM gets Mbappe)
    Cavani (no one is talking about him now, but he was for a while the best striker in the world last season)
    Falcao (remember his chip against City? 🙂 )

    There are so many options to Mbappe. We shouldn’t make the same Suarez/Higuain mistake again

  3. It is probably too early to judge, but it feels like after all the talk nothing is changing. I realise that negotiations can be complex, but we seem to be dithering again. Dithering has been our prime enemy in the transfer market, giving players the chance to size everything up, while others jump in front of us. I’m not sure who is driving all the dithering, but if it is Wenger he should have no part in the negotiations. He should just say who he wants and have someone who knows what they are doing accomplish the rest. I don’t understand why the Ox deal hasn’t been done – why are we dithering on that?

    1. I have nothing against Theo but when it’s time for his contract renewal all of a sudden it’s hearts in mouths and everything stops at Arsenal until Theo’s new contract is not signed but when it’s other players who are worth keeping it’s so slow and laid back,it’s as if the club couldn’t care less if they moved on.

  4. gmv8.dithering.exactly.prob.penny pinching as well.but more of a joke is that “the ditherer” himself is prob to all intents on hols.i kid u not.while all other major clubs getting their business done.sums up the mess our club has been & currently will be for foreseeable future or hopefully till xmas because by then the disaster will be plain for all to see.yes.even his disciples.

  5. Wenger should stop dithering and sign mbappe for whatever it costs….don’t really fancy lacazette tho wouldn’t be a bad addition to the club/squad.

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