Can Giroud, Ox and Campbell get Arsenal going again?

Arsene Wenger is likely to ring the changes to the Arsenal team for the Capital One cup game this week, although after losing our last two games and having to face our local rivals Tottenham in the cup, he is likely to resist his usual tactic of playing a lot of young Gunners.

There is a good chance that Wenger will rotate his forward line though, with The Mirror reporting that Giroud is set to start against the spuds, as he has already been swapping between Theo Walcott and Olivier Giroud in the centre forward position and the Englishman started and completed the game at Chelsea.

I also think that Wenger will rest Alexis Sanchez as we need the Chile international fresh for the Premier League and maybe a little break will help him to get his best form back. Joel Campbell also looked good when he came on against Dinamo Zagreb so I reckon he deserves another chance to impress.

With Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain on one flank and Campbell on the other, we have pace to go with the hold up play of Giroud and even though Cazorla is suspended, there is a lot of creative talent to feed the forwards. But will the different front line be able to take their chances and get the goals that Arsenal are in desperate need of?

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  1. Greg says:

    A goal from each of them would have been a great way to respond to the arsenal cause!

  2. Gigi2 says:

    I hope they focus and leave the pressure off

  3. Hafiz Rahman says:

    We need a Lewandoski to score goals…..

    cant rely on these average players…Ox, Giroud and Campbell

    1. Robertthegooner says:


      He is only making £160,000 per week. That’s only £20,000 more than Alexis and Ozil and Walcott who are on £140,000

      We could easily pay him £200,000 per week.
      Even Gazidas and Wenger himself has said we could pay a player over £200,000 per week if he is good enuf

  4. Champagne Charlie says:

    Campbell… Lol he’s the new saviour is he? Not good enough since day one, but we’ve managed to hold onto him and watch his value plummet. Good management there. Could’ve sold him for 10/12mil post-world cup and now we couldn’t get half that.

    Now he’s being featured in articles suggesting he could get us firing once again. Good lord, how Wenger has such a strangle hold over some of you is scary. No Campbell will not provide a spark, proof is in the many failed efforts prior. I dont expect miracles from the lad the same way I don’t expect Jenkinson to go on and become the English Cafu.

    1. josh37 says:

      ‘Good management there.’ yeeeeeah.. So his value was that high because he’d produced on the biggest stage after a pretty successful loan spell. At that point in time there was a lot more of an indication he was a promising player which was reflected in his value.
      Out of curiosity, did you watch him at all at Villareal? When have these ‘many failed efforts prior’ occurred?
      I do agree, any form of expectancy for him to have a break out season is daft. But so is writing a player off based on limited appearances…

      1. Champagne Charlie says:

        No his value was high after post-world cup hysteria that creates something from nothing, don’t tell me hype from a World Cup isn’t one of the biggest cons in player inflation. Every WC there’s a player or two that become the ‘talk’, move for good money and are never talked about again. It’s like clockwork. Campbell was mereley the best player of a crap team in the WC, and bang average in Spain and Greece prior.

        Unless you have another reason for why he’s come back to Arsenal after “producing on the biggest stage” and can’t even produce for the reserves? He’s not Arsenal quality and it was yet another bonehead move by Wenger to hold onto him and diminish his value. Now fans are genuinely sitting and talking themselves into believing he’s gonna have some dramatic impact on this team.

  5. davidnz says:

    Good game for Giroud to
    get his confidence back

  6. Okayblack says:

    If Arsenal have a new manager, I will expect a good game from them. Buy it we are still hanging with Arsene Wenger, there’s not going to be anything different. We may win d game which we should, but not gonna change the team’s lack of ambition and no steel. I just want a change, Wenger should leave and the greedy board changed.
    Wenger Out, Board Changed!!!!!!

  7. Simon_MrMac says:

    Watched highlights of an old game with the invincible in action-

    I highly recommend it. Within a minute you san see the difference, and its huge. That team was not only talented – as I believe our current team is – but the hunger, the desire, the passion was palpable, and obvious.

    Put that same passion into our current squad – and we’d be leading the league with Man Shitty.

    Im not saying thats easy to do, to be honest I think you have to buy players that have that passion inside them. Perhaps Sanchez is our only player with the same determination and drive.

    More passion please!

  8. I foresee victory. Everybody should calm down and continue to endure with the current situation. It not ready, until it ready. Keep the faith..

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