Can Guendouzi turn things around like Xhaka did?

How the tide has turned! by Shenel

Matteo Guendouzi and Granit Xhaka seem to have switched positions. Not on the pitch but off it.

There was a time when Arsenal fans wanted Xhaka out of the club for his crazy, anger-fuelled rant back at the small select band of Arsenal fans who so disgustingly verbally abused him, for walking off at a snail’s pace at the Emirates around 9 months ago. But no matter the abuse, what Xhaka did cannot be condoned. A player with his experience should have known better, but then, on the other hand, you cannot blame him if they were being disrespectful towards his family.

Believing they had a ready-made replacement in Matteo Guendouzi, Arsenal fans were deemed to have fallen out of love with Xhaka and were not too bothered if he was to leave in the January transfer window. Which came close to happening as his agent had “confirmed” he had signed a deal to join Hertha Berlin.

However, Arsenal fans instantly fell in love his “replacement,” with the rash style of play that Guendouzi had brought in to the team, winning balls in midfield and not being afraid to go in for a tackle or two, his style was seen as that of what we have been missing for a long time.

But the roles were soon to be reversed when against Brighton away, in June, Guendouzi had been reported to have taunted the Brighton players, by bragging about his pay packet and earning more then they do and ever will. If the rumours are to be believed then his lack of respect to his colleagues, regardless of what team they are on, and his aggressive nature towards them at the end of the game, shows that he is not yet mature enough or even deserving enough to don the Arsenal shirt.

Our club motto “Victory through harmony” does not tolerate the lack of respect and uproar which has been linked to the club by Guendouzi and his actions. It can be argued that Guendouzi is still young and has a lot to learn, all the while he is in the process of maturing, growing and understanding his role that he has to play both on and off the pitch, but it does not excuse his behaviour either.

Fast forward 7 months with a new manager who shows and expects nothing but pride and respect from his team and we have two different players. Xhaka, having lost the captain’s armband for his on the pitch antics, has managed to turn things around and become a significant figure in the heart of Arsenal’s midfield. Whereas Guendouzi has turned in to the player that fans and the club do not seem to recognise.

He is yet to appear after his antics at Brighton and may not do so again if Arteta has anything to do with it it seems.

Do you think Guendouzi deserves another chance Gooners?

Shenel Osman


    1. Apparently for partey i think and ornsteins reports are rarely wrong.
      Partey will be a valuable addition….
      Guendouzi has great potential…

      1. If it does happen, it’ll be bittersweet. As Partey is a must… but on the other hand, like you say, Matteo has potential… and I saw him as our future! 🥺

      2. Arsenal Should give Guendouzi a chance. He is an idot for what he done at Brighton. he will learn to be respectful to players he has roar talent and young and heart ,this is what Arsenal need in their players

  1. Guendouzi is obviously talented but I don’t know how he fits into our current midfield set-up.

    Is he a DM? A 10? Or box to box?
    He does not seem to excel in any of these roles imo.
    The article says he wins the ball in midfield but I am not sure he does.
    If given the chance, Maitland will be more productive in the centre than him.
    I know he is young but If him leaving means we will get better players then i am up for it…The Xhaka incident happened before Arteta came in but Guendouzi has been misbehaving since Arteta took charge so I doubt if he could turn things around.

    I hope he changes though, if you have all the talent in the world with a bad attitude, you still won’t go far in your career.

      1. I will continue to say it. Guendouzi is not good enough to play in the midfield. He does not have the pace to play in the DM role. he cannot move with the ball. He is not what we need. He is so full of himself like he is some Dybala or Messi. He should be sold asap. It is not a coincidence we have won all the games we played without him starting. Sell him and bring In Partey. Guendouzi is Not strong enough.

        The 343 formation should be continue. having two strong midfielders in the middle is key. We should bring in Partey to partner Xhaka in midfield.

        Sell Guendouzi asap. He is not what we need..

        Thomas Partey signing is key. It is a no brainer.

      2. Are you all nuts? I think all you doubters have forgot one of the things that Guendouzi and Xhaka have in common. They are both passionate fighters that will throw their hearts out on the line. Then again, they can both lose their cool. But let’s talk the Xhaka case. After some time, Chaka went from a possible sellout to an essential part in the Arsenal midfield. And that, I believe, will happen with Guendouzi if Arteta gives him another chance.

        Trust me!
        Believe in the French No. 29, will you?

      3. Speed, agility, vision, passing,free kicks, defending, assisting, etc.

        And they’ll just increase the more he plays… which is why he needs to stay at Arsenal!

    1. You say Guendouzi is obviously talented then you quickly contradict yourself by saying he excels in none of the midfield roles. So what exactly is it that is Guendouzi talented in?????? He is a deadwood, that’s what he is!

      1. He is still too young to be called a deadwood don’t you think?

        That’s why I said I don’t see how he fits into our current set-up, he can’t play Xhaka or Torreira’s role, the best he can do is beside Xhaka but then he is indisciplined.

        If he was cool headed and willing to learn who says he can’t groomed, he definitely has the potential to be something special.

  2. Anyone can turn things around with desire and attitude to do so. First though, you have to accept you have a problem that needs addressing. Regarding Guendouzi, whilst he needs to calm certain aspects of his game down and be more respectful to opponents, you don’t want to kill the passion he plays the game with. As much as I really like him, if the swap deal muted is for Partey, I’d take it and run.

    1. Yes!!!!!!! Keep the Guendouzi here! Partey? Please. Stick with Guendouzi, Arsenal will be glad they did. We don’t need a repeat of the Gnabry incident.

  3. Yes he deserves another chance , he is a very good player and really works hard on the field. One of the best tryers

    1. Working hard is not what we need. Producing the result is. You don’t win games by working hard on the field. You win by being intelligent. Ramsey scores goals for us. He knows when to run into the box. He has energy. Compare Ramsey with Guendouzi, and you will see the difference. The best thing is to sell Guendouzi and use the money to buy Thomas Partey. We need players who can deliver now. We need to close the gap to Liverpool and Man city.

  4. Xhaka had a problem with the fans while guendouzi is having with the manager.
    The 2 are different cases under 2 seperate managers.
    Discipline is a must and i will back MA no matter what….

  5. I am a bit disappointed in it not working out. I think potentially Guendouzi could be a top captain and leader for most teams. He has that special fire, but if he isn’t willing to jump on the boat then he has to go.

    No player is above the club.

        1. Jo you just said he has no talent now your saying he could be a future captain make your mind up Please

      1. Yes Sue. I am with you on this one. I see Matteo as Captain material. I would be disappointed if he is moved on. He could be a very important member of Arsenal’s young core.

        1. Captains, PROPER ONES, are mature. Guendouzi is an immature, far too arrogant, overgrown schoolboy. I laughed at your naive comment.

          1. As a master of the English language, one would assume that you would be able to understand what “future captain” and “captain material” mean. It doesn’t really mean that he is ready/mature now, does it? It means that some people see other traits that could be useful for a captain such as passion, aggression, willingness to stand up for a teammate etc. He is 21, he will eventually be mature enough. I don’t agree that he is captain material, but I respect the opinion of my peers and try to make a dialogue.

          2. jon Grow up did you not do silly things when you were young or were you the perfect child

      2. The NLD comes to mind, probably his best game for us, positive play and showed leadership qualities that day!

          1. That’s right,I had forgotten about that one!by the way you’re right Orstein seems pretty sure about this one!

          2. Any educated person Sue can see the potential in Gouendouzi, the guy is has unlimited potential and yes Captain material. He does need a lot of guidance and coaching to get out of him the huge potential he has. If Arteta isnt up to the job im sure someone out there is. Real, Barca, A Madrid and Juve aren’t sniffing because he is a dud. If we dont benefit someone else will, Gnabry and Bennacer all over again.

          3. Someone else benefiting – that is a worry, Reggie. Please not another Gnabry…😩 I hope things can be sorted out!
            Great comment, btw, Reggie 👍

  6. I don’t want to blame anyone in particular but Matteo should have been better managed,very young coming from ligue 2 and playing for our first team,french cap in no time, someone should have been there to keep him grounded and guide him,he is not the first nor will he be the last young player who fame and fortune got to him,how sad if his arsenal careers was over I had high hopes!

  7. Shakir made an excellent point about Guendouzi misbehaving since Arteta’s arrival.

    Arteta expects hard work, discipline and unity within the team, and quite right too. If he doesn’t make an example then the others follow. Arteta had his work cut out to organise the rabble that was the squad during the later stages of Emery’s tenure, so he hardly wants these problems to resurface.

    It is down to Guendouzi to wise up now. Xhaka showed that it was possible to get back on track, for which I admire him. I hope Matteo realises his stupidity could cost him his career at Arsenal if he is unable to reign in these silly episodes.

  8. Matteo is talented and has great potential, always on the ball, gives continuity and life in the game, it could be a mess selling him especially to clubs like manu, barca and Madrid, total mess. its not up to the player its up to the training and managing team.

    how many times have we lost obvious penalty spots just coz of not claiming them, if a club is selling someone just coz of his spirit to fight for the team then its clearly coming to fight for survival next season, just look at the pool that’s what they do, they are so mad at everyone for every foul. just stop that Matteo blackmail coz its shit.

    1. You could not have put that any better Dannie!
      Enough of the trash about the lad. Did he err, oh yeah; but he didn’t kill anyone, did he?
      PROPER discipline is required at this level and being totally left out of match day for three consecutive games (just because of that crappy stuff) isn’t it for me. Pundits of the game have had their fair opinions on it and none called for his head.
      It was even surprising and shocking how Arsenal fans magnified/amplified that incident that the FA overlooked!
      This whole lot could be detrimental to the boy’s progress and future with the loads of potentials he carries.
      If he’s not being picked, let it be for something ELSE and not because of that Brighton incident please.
      Develop the man and not destroy him!

    2. Brighton incident is not why Arteta took him out the team. Maybe the breaking point, but there has been several rumors about bust-ups in trainings w/ Arteta. Guendouzi is not good enough to be as arrogant as he is. Even if he was, a lot of managers wont put up with it. SAF didn’t care who you were. He’d sell you if you didn’t listen to him.

  9. He’s young. Loan him out where he can grow as a player and mature as a man! He has all the qualities to be great but his head is turned by status and money. I don’t think he’s alone in this squad and others feel they have every right to looked upon as a better player just because this is Arsenal. Problem is, this club are no better than any other lower team until they prove otherwise. Guendouzi needs to be proving himself with his game and not his mouth but, he will learn. Maybe the hard way though?!

  10. All that Guendozi needs at his age and potential is a psychological education and only the club and coach can manage that.

  11. As Arsenal, like many other Clubs have been hit hard financially by the Pandemic, and are owned by a man who is unlikely to dip into his own pockets to assist our Club,swap deals become a vital ingredient of the summer transfer window.As most sensible fans recognise the need for a top quality CB and DM as a priority using Guendouzi in a proposed swap for the likes of Partey makes sense because the young guy is neither a DM nor an attacking midfielder and never will be.He has strengths in that he never hides on the pitch, has great composure on the ball and always gives 100% but he is one paced and rarely looks likely like scoring which is essential for a box to box player.All in all I would deal him in for someone like Partey or Sakaria .

  12. Guendouzi is one of the most useless midfielders I’ve seen at this club. I’d take Denilson over him, heck, even Flamini! Good riddance if he leaves on a swap deal.

    1. if we get freaking Partey for Guendouzi that is daylight robbery. Guendouzi reminds me of an ill-disciplined academy player.

      1. ts about fitting in the team and league, we have seen the likes of Sanchez at manu and Pepe as well, so blow less about partey Bro

        and don’t forget Matteo was bought for just 8m, we have a heep of loses but are never talked about.

        1. Dont see what your point is. Never buy foreign players because they may not fit the league? Our team is full of foreign players. How would Partey not fit in our team exactly. He’s one of the best CDM’s around. Would you also not take any of Atleti’s defenders just because Simeone managed them? if we were talking about Koke, you would make more sense, but Partey plays his role to a tea.

  13. Don’t sell him, I know he’s not the fastest nor is he the fairest of midfielders but the boy has heart and that matters.

  14. Personally, i dont know what Gouendouzi has done wrong but whatever it is, it should be nothing to do with what went on at Brighton. If there is something else that is a problem, it needs sorting and he doesn’t need ostracising. If it cant be sorted then an able replacement is needed and that isn’t xhaka. We need a midfielder who can tackle, not frightened to get stuck in and has energy.

    1. Reggie All his wrongdoings are well documented and in the public domain. You need to catch up on what’s happened, my friend! I don’t want Xhaka either as he is far too one paced and not mobile. But Guendouzi fits no proper role and is a wild man with too much self regard and overrated by some non wise Gooners.

      1. I think Jon the non wise are the blind ones who cant see the potential. Regard his hot headedness, thats not a problem, the trick is to chanel it in the right direction. Nasty streaks or dirty tricks are often traits like Mac Enroe, Keane etc including a few of our greats is not uncommon and doesn’t mean you dont have talent. The secret Gouendouzi needs teaching is the art of it. It would be very typical of Arsenal to let him go and he be coached by a top coach and turned into the player we missed out on. Even if you are appalled by what he did or has done, it isnt endangering anyones life and a little bit of directional training is all that is required. My favourite player for Arsenal Mr Bergkamp, didnt think twice about stamping on someone’s foot or elbow in the face but his talent shone through, that is called a nasty streak. Roy Keane and Vierra were thugs but they used it as a weapon to get one over on you. John Terry was a nasty piece of work off the pitch and on it but they all did it to win. If Gouendouzi has a nasty streak, he just needs it channeling, not booting out.

        1. Well said Reggie.
          Under a top coach like Simeone, he might turn out to be a very good player. But right now if we can trade him for Partey, then we absolutely should not miss such an opportunity.

        2. Reggie you need far more than just aggressionand constant running to have real potential. I see little inhis game that gives me any expectationat all of real potential to develop into a top player. YES HE IS A FIGHTERbut that is not much by itself. He doesn’t score, nor assist, nor tracks back reliably. I see basically a headless chicken with far too much self regard and far too little useful to Arsenal reason to have any real self regard. It matters little though what you, or I, or others think. I firmly believe MA wants him out as a rotten and arrogant apple and will use him in a swap deal next window. He has had several chances to grow up and has failed to do so. Top clubs do not and cannot afford to wait to see if arrogant little boys with less talent than they personally think they possess will ever grow up. That is NOT how top football works Reggie. One last point. “typical of Arsenal ” does not mean typical of Arteta, as he has barely arrived and is a complete change from the two previous permanent managers in this regard. Were you speaking of Wenger, not Arteta , I COULD HAVE AGREED WITH THAT LAST POINT.

    2. Granit Xhaka is by far better than Guendouzi. At least, Xhaka is a better passer of the ball. He takes risk with his long passes. Sell Guendouzi. If Arteta decides to keep Guendouzi at home for the remaining games, so be it.

      1. Really! Well i dont see it your way at all. You obviously want midtable obscurity not success. You must be a happy bunny then.

  15. No. If he were willing he’d at least be back on the bench by now. The fact he isn’t proves he is still a problem and not willing to listen to Arteta. Mikel gave everyone a clean slate when he took over as manager, so whatever Xhaka did before he came is not Arteta’s concern. Xhaka is committed now, and Guendouzi is not. Plus, Xhaka is a better player than Guendouzi. Hard facts we dont like to hear. What does Guendouzi offer? He is only good when we are bad because he cannot play in an organized system. His entire game is about running around like a headless chicken and leaving space all over the pitch.

      1. So what? He’s also not good enough. We can’t never sell players because they might turn out well in the future. You have to do what is best for the team. Xhaka>Guendouzi, and we are shopping for a CDM which makes Guendouzi a surplus that many teams will pay a good price for.

    1. I like your comment RSH. you just said the facts. Everything you just said is true about Guendouzi. I still don’t get it. The hype about him.

  16. I think we have seen the likes of Rooney with SAF, its abt the manager getting down to the player, understanding him, lead him through to maturity. Rooney was amazing in his final years at united. SAF was tough but patient whenever he so talent and team spirit.

    1. Rooney was a dirty, aggressive lout who SAF nurtured, he never tried to take away the anger, he stood by Keane, Cantona, Rooney, whatever they did, he was only bothered about the talent, not the fallout.

      1. This is not true. He shipped out Beckham with the snap of a finger. Tevez himself has said he left because he couldnt get along with SAF. Keane was gone soon after SAF took the captaincy away from him. Rooney had a bad attitude, but never towards SAF.

        1. No not true, look at the real reason he shipped out Beckham, it was nothing to do with naughty boy syndrome. Tevez as well was a totally different scenario. At least make your reply based on the argument, not a made up one. Beckham went because Fergie thought he was to big and flashy for his own boots and didn’t like his lifestyle.

          1. Reggie, All the MANC players you mentioned had huge talent and it was apparent to all at early ages. To try comparingGuendouzi to them EXCEPT in feistiness, is way off beam.

  17. The are both great players, but unfortunately they need someone better than them to play in higher quality aside so that they can get better. Gandouzi is playing as RM while Xhaka LM so far we have Torriera and Caballous in the same postition. But let’s be real, Gandouzi is a fighter more than them but he needs a guidance and to repsect the managers “if the reported cases were true”.

    A swap deal between Gandouzi and Partey sounds nice and if he wasn’t a good quality player then Simione wouldn’t even think of this deal happening.

    If Arsenal are really considering selling him out or swaping him with someone else then I won’t pay any extra money to get anyone for now. A deal between us and AC-Milan (Kessie x Gandouzi) sounds better than Partey as he older than Kessie and I believe that we will pay extra money to get him.

  18. Partey for Guendouzi is day-light robbery….

    It can never happen.

    No one in their right mind can see any talent in Geundozi whatsoever.

  19. Gouendouzi has disrespected maybe 20 Brighton players, but Xhaka has disrespected all Arsenal fans who were on the stadium that day. Besides that, the allegations laid against Gouendouzi are unjustifiable, but all television viewers who watched that game could see Xhaka literally insulting Arsenal fans. But on the field of play, Gouendouzi always comes tops

  20. Arteta and Arsenal will regret letting guendouze go.Guide him.Don’t “tame” him like a castrated bull. let him continue with that passion for the club.

    Every team needs at least one of such players who make their teammate feel that there is someone who will support them when they are bullied.The senior players were the ones who are suppose to do that but have refuse to.Football has been a game of psychology and will ever continue to eternity.
    ones ability to intimidate the opponent in order to win games is crucial.

    Mourinho has shown that in many occasions. I don’t think moh would have treated guendouze the way arteta is doing but would channel his passion to benefit the team.

    Talking of club “values” how many trophies have those values won for us in recent times?rather it tame our players and make them toothless.let’s build up our players to be “warriors”.look at Liverpool, juva etc

    If arsenal had three to four players of his kind I don’t think fans will worry arsenal players lack desire, passion and love for the club.

    Those team we lost to in previous and current season was not entirely because they have quality players than us but mostly because of lack of desire play and lack of respect for the fans and the club on the part of our players.

    If the lad is soo bad as most are saying,why are top clubs coming around sniffing?

      1. Matteo has the only thing elusive for coaches to instill on young footballers trough the academy, grit, and tenacity. We have had some of the most talented players like Hleb, Van Persie, and others, but they had no fight and were mentally weak and not brave enough to stand up to their teammates. That is the aspect of Matteo that we just guard jealously, the boy is a fighter.

  21. Guenduzzi is a typical Diego player, he is not different from Costa, and nothing makes him worse than Keane, Viera, Scholes, and others, Leno pointed at that player as he was stretchered off, meaning he felt it was no accident. Guenduzzi reminds me of Martin Keown, someone with the balls to stand up against bullying like Troy Deeney. I wish Arteta will see the passion and fire in the boy’s belly and help him channel the same towards fighting for his teammates and Arsenal. We will certainly regret once Simeone smoothens the rough edges that is the rough stone Matteo is currently.

  22. I’m glad Arteta has put his foot down with Guendouzi. I hope he’s the first player moved on in the summer. I don’t think he has what it takes to make it in the premier league physically plus he is extremely arrogant and petulant.

  23. Guendouzi please go. All these comparisons with great former players, really! He ha been here nearly two years and was fast tracked as an Emery protégé. The academy produces better, rounded players and are much more deserving of game time than a spoilt average brat with a higher media profile. Move him on! No loss. In Arteta we trust.

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