Can these Gunners really repeat feats of past to hand Arsenal title?

The job for the Arsenal team got a little bit harder at the weekend with the Premier League leaders Leicester City riding their luck to grind out yet another 1-0 win to move them closer to an amazing title win, but if you look at it another way it has not changed what Arsenal have to do, which is to win all of our remaining EPL games.

There is a strong likelihood that even that will not be enough, especially if luck continues to help the Foxes as it did again yesterday with their opponents Southampton having two good penalty claims turned down. Leicester have six games left and they need to drop points in three of them to give us a chance.

However, most people do not believe Arsenal would win the title even if they do open the door as we have not shown the consistency this season to suggest that nine wins in a row is possible, but Arsene Wenger has reminded everyone that two of his previous title winning Arsenal teams were in the same sort of situation and pulled it off, reports The Mirror.

The Arsenal boss said, “We had a game in hand.

“Suddenly we had a good run. Because we won at Man United. I don’t know if you remember but we played at Wimbledon and the electricity went off, it was down to betting.

“The game was cancelled and we won when it was replayed (in March); we won at Man United, and suddenly everybody thought it was possible.

“Unfortunately this time we have to fight with two teams.

“I have no secret, unfortunately. To find a team who clicks at the right moment, sometimes you have all kinds of reasons. Because your injured players come back, like Danny Welbeck, because of the emergence of some players like Alex Iwobi.

“I don’t know.”

As well as that 10 game winning run in 1998 that gave Arsenal the first title under Wenger, the Gunners won 13 in a row to claim the second in 2002. And before the Frenchman’s time there was that crazy finish when it looked like Arsenal had blown it but we managed to win it with a 2-0 win at Anfield on the final day.

It does seem to be a them with Arsenal, but can the current crop of Gunners do it again?

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  1. Us lifting the EPL title this season rests on too many factors, it’s not impossible but it’s improbable. Anything really can happen in life and football in this case. As long as there are odds anything is possible.

  2. Whether we repeat feats of the past or adopt new ones for the future, IF LEICESTER KEEP WINNING THEIR REMAINING MATCHES, THE TITLE IS THEIRS FOR THE TAKING!

    Simple logic….. Quit beating about the bush

  3. pffs…Whether we repeat feats of the past or adopt new ones for the future, IF LEICESTER KEEP WINNING THEIR REMAINING MATCHES, THE TITLE IS THEIRS FOR THE TAKING!

    Simple logic….. Quit beating about the bush

  4. You often wonder what goes on in the head of Wenger when he gives interviews and press conferences sometimes…yes, we have come from behind to win the title twice but we did that with group of players who just refuse to lie down and die, unless the present squad populated by nice guys and wimps who don’t need a 2nd invitation to throw in the towel, players who are not in the least ashamed of celebrating mediocrity with silly selfies and garbage sound bites….impossible is nothing but we need to temper our hopes with.a dose of reality, chances are as soon as LCFC drop points we will contrive to do so too, its the mentality in the squad because along with LCFC dropping point will come more pressure for us to deliver and even the moat die hard rose tinted spectacle wearing optimistic Arsenal fan knows we just don’t do under pressure cos at the slight hint of pressure we fold quicker than a beach deck chair…let us instead focus our energy on finishing ahead of Spuds so we can at least have the consolation of celebrating yet another St Totteringham day, which by the way will be the sweetest EVER because twy have never been in a position to win the title before until this crazy season so having all their hopes dashed after losing out on the title and then finishing below us will be the next best thing to winning the title….ao change of tacks Wenger, find a way to pass on a positive message to the players and fans but do be realistic and stop spouting bs!!!!

  5. Looking at Lei fixtures, there’s two in there that should be difficult to come away with all the points. Even if we were talking about us when we were strong or city when they were strong you would still say that those two away matches are going to be extremely tough to get wins from. They have to drop something before that manchester game though, otherwise a draw could see them all but lift the title. In between those games is Everton, end of the season Eve is different from when they’re playing for something. I don’t think the title is over so clearly as others are saying, I know it’s a long shot but it’s not nearly as long as some are stating. The bookies have us at 5/1 still, so they don’t think it’s clearly over otherwise they would entice people with huge odds to try and get some of the money back that’s being won on Lei. If they really believed it was over they would do that, or they would pay out for free publicity.

  6. It might sound cheap but to me we con not win the PL any longer but Leicester could lose it.

    I would gladly take an implosion of Leicester if it means we win the title but if that happens the conversation should focus on Leicesters collapse at the finish line and not on Arsenal’s great season. We made too many mistakes to be able to claim at this stage that we deserve to win the PL, even if we win our remaining games.

    Chelsea in 10th place is closer to Man City in 4th place (points behind) than we are to 1st place (11 points with a game in hand).

    You don’t make up these types of gaps with 7 games to go unless the other team(s) crumble.

    To put it in context; Leicester lost less than 10% of their 32 games and would need to lose 50% of their remaining 6 games for us to have a chance. That would qualify to me as a Leicester collapse not an Arsenal accomplishment.

    Of course I would take it but I am more afraid of Spurs winning it than of Leicester winning it.

    At some place deep in his heart most football fans should love a Leicester PL title. To some extend it would put in context the crazy amounts of money spend by the top clubs and it would highlight the possibilities when a manager gels with his team. Wenger for one could no longer claim that Chelsea or City won because he can not compete with their budget. Neither could he claim that injuries did him in. We probably have better players on our bench then Leicester in their starting 11.

  7. at this stage i ,d take Leicester winning the epl and us finnishing 2nd!!i wonder if the players realize that they could be remembered for being part of the”infamous” arsenal side that finished below the spuds for the first time in 20 years!if i were one of them i would hate this idea and would be doing everything possible&more to stop it from happening i think that during the next home game they should be reminded of it by our fans!!!

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