Can Iwobi play the Cazorla role for Arsenal today? (Poll)

Yesterday morning, I asked the question of ‘who could replace Cazorla’ against Middlesbrough in this afternoon’s game.

My favourite suggestion was Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain after his improved form this season, and also because it has been his wish to play through the centre for some time. This could be his chance to prove his talent to Wenger ahead of Santi’s retirement in the next couple of years.

But most commenters thought that Mohamed Elneny was the better choice because of his experience in that position, and a few good performances in the middle last season.

But according to a quote from Arsene Wenger in OwnGoalNigeria, Le Prof also thinks that AlexIwobi could cover for the little Spaniard. Wenger reportedly said: “We have options despite the absence of Xhaka through suspension, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Mohammed El-Neny and Alex Iwobi are all players who can come in for Cazorla without affecting the balance of the team.”

I don’t think any of us have ever seen Iwobi play in that position, but if Wenger has seen that ability in training then why not take a chance today against Middlesbrough? This would then leave the left-win slot available for either Chamberlain or perhaps the new boy Lucas Perez.

Can anyone see Wenger doing that this afternoon?


Who do you think should replace Cazorla this afternoon?

  • Elneny (67%, 220 Votes)
  • Iwobi (21%, 68 Votes)
  • Oxlade-Chamberlain (12%, 41 Votes)

Total Voters: 329

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  1. Wenger obviously thinks very highly of Iwobi,but my money is still on Elneny today, although it would be interesting to see if Arsene is willing to experiment.

    1. I don’t think iwobi can play in that position IMO because he doesn’t defend very well and he will be a liability for us at the middle of the park. but then again what do I know? If le prof believes he can play in that position after all he’s the coach and he knows all the players capacity… But I will pick Eleny ahead of him and chamberlain any day, any time

      1. A reason for Arsene seeing this with Iwobi could be that Cazorla is soon enough to be on the way out, and Adelaide will be soon enough on the rise one would imagine. Depending on how good Jeff becomes will depend on whether Iwobi becomes a ACM/CM. Also dependent is Alexis, not just signing, being our CF.

  2. The safest option we have is Elneny, as he’s natural CM/DM so we have no problem with defensive part of the act either.
    But if we are willing to go all out attack (a bit of gamble) then I will go with Iwobi then Ox on the left, as Iwobi is a very good passer and at the same time dribbler of the ball, who has a great vision too.

    The Ox too is worth a try but he lose possession obtain which cannot be afforded in the middle of the park.

    Up to you Arsene.

    1. Arsene describes Iwobi like this:
      “I’ve seen that there’s something in him that is quality of vision, quality of give and go, of movement… He can BREAK THE LINES with a pass and individually as well…”

      For this very obvious reason, I have full confidence and trust in the Iwobi’s ability to provide us with a sufficient amount of “the Cazorla effect” if he plays in CM.

      However, for safety reasons, I prefer the safer option: MO’ Elneny!

  3. When a player is fighting to earn a place in the team and then through injury he gets his chance, I don’t think it is fair to take someone from another position to stick in ahead of him. This isn’t like Alexis stepping in for Giroud and taking Perez’s shot away from him, we tried Alexis here last season and are only getting the rewards for it now. Elneny can get forward and shoot if he’s allotted the freedom, Coquelin himself was very good against Che at giving us another target and giving them someone to keep track of. I don’t want to see us use Iwobi for those reasons as well as his total lack of defensive awareness. CM is too important to have such a one sided player in. The battle is won and lost as they say, we need to treat Middl with respect. A one goal lead can be a b**** to make up sometimes, you can be lucky to get a late equalizer now and then, and all because you were at home and didn’t take their threat/stubbornness seriously enough. Elneny for me, because he’s a professional lad who doesn’t put himself into too much trouble.

  4. Walcott
    Alexis Sanchez
    Lucas Perez / Welbeck
    Hector Bellerin
    OX / Iwobi

    Isn’t this Arsenal side the speediest/fastest attacking side in PL? Or Europe even?

    No wonder we are killing on the counter. This + the fact we’ve got Xhaka, Santi and Ozil -3 of the best long-ball experts in the continent.

  5. I’ll go with Elneny as CM is his natural position and he keeps the ball safe and simple. Iwobi may have vision and skills awareness just like Cazorla but lacks the defensive ability and stamina required for that role. Chamberlain is the worst as he looses possession way too often (remember Monaco ?? last season in the Champions league and many other examples). So for me Elneny still remains the best option.

    1. Monaco was two seasons ago, Barca was last season. Not as often as you might think perhaps. For me any player who totally neglects defensive duties is hands down the worst defender, it might not resonate with some people because they don’t witness a mistake but the biggest mistake of all is avoiding any responsibility. It’s amazing how long some people can hold onto a mistake but yet a player who hides or goes missing gets away scot free.

  6. I have seen iwobi play in the middle for u21s, he did ok. But for me it has to be elneny, it’s his natural position, do not underestimate boro and lack respect by playing players out of position.

  7. I think Iwobi can play the role, but maybe not immediately. El neny will probably start though. The OX has played the position before but he’s not good defensively.

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