Can Lukaku´s Man Utd transfer help Arsenal sort Alexis out?

I am not saying that the Arsenal and Chile international star is not in line for a pay rise. By any stretch of the imagination Alexis Sanchez deserves to be on a similar sort of weekly wage as the other top players in the Premier League, but there is a limit.

Even those of us who find the wages paid to modern footballers as mind boggling and maybe even morally wrong, we also understand that players and their agents will look for the best possible deal and will not want to be on less money than other players of similar or even less ability.

So Alexis Sanchez should be the best paid player in the Arsenal squad and he should be on the same sort of money that the other top EPL strikers like Sergio Aguero get. The problem is that the Chilean is apparently demanding a lot more than that and something like double the amount that the new Arsenal striker Alexandre Lacazette is on.

He needs to get real and wind his neck in a bit and perhaps the transfer of Romelu Lukaku from Everton to Manchester United might just help him to do that, because the Belgian striker is set to receive about £200,000 a week according to a Metro report.

Our Chilean striker surely cannot think he is worth twice what Lukaku is worth can he? Can Wenger point to this deal to get Alexis to realise that he simply cannot demand so much money?

Sam P.


  1. He is demanding that sort of money because he know it is unrealistic and that Arsenal will not be able to pay that amount as well. He would probably accept 200k at his preferred destination.

  2. why is it so hard to pay him whatever he wants?

    We need Sanchez and hes irreplaceable

    We still have not replace RVP, Viera, Henry

  3. Totally agree. He certainly needs to get real and show some humility. He is not as big as his demands. He is not getting younger either.

    1. Alexis wants to leave but he doesn’t want to hand in a transfer request and lose out on his loyalty bonus…that’s why he is asking for 400k per week, because he knows the club will never agree and will have to sell him.

  4. Though Sanchez is important player for Arsenal, crazy wage increase should not be sanctioned. It will affect other sphere of the club business.

  5. Personally I don’t believe the rumors about his wage demands. The press is always stirring things up and I think rumors of him demanding 500k per week can not be serious. No City, PSG or Bayern would pay that kind of money and I think Sanchez’s agent would know that.

    I think Aguero has been on 250k per week for a long time and since this would be Sanchez’s last big contract I would not be surprised if he would hope for 300k per week. I think he might be worth it.

    Personally, I am convinced Sanchez wants to leave to win things as much as being paid what he is worth. With Bayern or PSG he has a good chance to win a major trophy but to me, the biggest league trophy to win is the PL, not the Bundesliga or the French League 1. If you are a real competitor you want to win the most difficult to win trophies no?

    1. There is a report that Arsenal are willing to part ways with $anchez if he really wants out and they have told City to pay 80m if they really want him that bad and if they can meet our demands we are ready to do business otherwise the club is really willing to take a risk by letting him run down his contract… For me personally this is a good news ( we want no bad vibes in the dressing room when the season starts) if city are really ready to do business that will be good for us as we can use the money we get from $anchez sale to bring in Mbappe and Lemar and maybe James Rodriguez as he also wants out of Madrid.. COYG

      1. To sell Sanchez to City is idiotic. To sell Sanchez if he wants to leave is fine. You do not give a weapon to your enemy. We are trying to win the league. What happens if City won it and we were a couple of points behind.Sell him abroad or run his contract down. Let Wenger be a ‘MAN. Wenger would not sell to City anyway after the Van Persie fiasco. It’s great to use the sale money to finance players. But please be more resolute. No sale to City whatsoever.

        1. guy you need to wake up aswell… if he runs his contract, he can sign a pre contract with Man City by new year and go for free… Is that now being sensible?

          1. Unless they have recently changed the rules, that pre contract agreement when there is 6 months remaining only works with clubs from outside of the Premier league (UK)

            1. Does it makes sense to run his contract down, then he goes to city on a free, then city wins the title 2019, IS THAT RATIONAL, DOES THAT MAKE SENSE.

              Many of us as fans are allowing our EGO or PRIDE to get in the way of COMMON SENSE. If a player does not want to play for us anymore fine, sell to the highest bidder and get suitable replacement which improves the team. There is no like for like players each player have attributes that are different from previous players and have many things similar.

        2. If City will pay 80 million pounds then sell him to them. He’s only got a couple good years left and I’m not even convinced he’ll be a regular in the City squad. He’ll play but I’m not sure he’ll play every game. After all, Pep had him on the bench often at Barcelona. Bring in Lemar and Brozovic with the proceeds and I’ll consider this the best transfer window for Arsenal in years. Fine with us selling him but we’ll need a couple more quality signings.

  6. This guy should be real, no one in these top leagues can pay him that amount, he is no Messi nor Ronaldo, may be if he goes to China that will be possible. 300 will be really enough for him and with quality additions that are targeted, we might start winning major trophies with him around

    May God fulfill my dream

  7. If man city will be willing to pay the said £80. Let him the money that will be derived from other sales, we can tempt Monaco into selling mpabbe and lemar. That will be nice business. He is replaceable. Who cares about him anymore. So arrogant. I don’t know whether he is forcing a move to city because of champions league football or trophies. As for the league, I don’t think it belongs to city next season. Sell him for that price. Bring in lemar, if we can’t bring in mbappe, then a quality midfielder to partner xhaka and mahrez will be OK to me.

  8. Sanchez isn’t asking for 400k p/w though! It’s a made up story, or a piece of propaganda from Arsenal via the Mirror, to smear Sanchez. Cannot believe why so many people believe everything they read in the papers or online haha!

    I guess if I read in the paper today “Messi pines for Arsenal move”, or “Ronaldo is on the verge of a move to China”, then they must be true!

  9. What’s the point of letting him run his contract down, he will still end up at City for free, if he’s really bent on going to city, get the best possible deal and let him go, we are signing new players, we don’t need that negative vibe around them, I love Sanchez, but arsenal will always come first..

  10. If Sanchez is adamant to got o city despite the ambition being shown by Wenger this season then he is welcome to go. He may be a very good player and might give 100% every game but it is also a fact that he looses the ball quiet often trying too much. There is reason that barca sold him inspite of his tremendous talent.
    i would love if sanchez stays but no one is above the club

  11. Please can we stop over hammering on this Alexis issue? Its begining to get boring here. Same old posts, same old complaints…lets talk about the future and leave Sanchez to his decision and move on. I want to hear news of possible transfers and not Alexis posts

  12. honestly no player is bigger than the club!we had cases like this before,if truly hw wantz out let him go bcos i dnt see man city bigger than arsenal in any ways! all player we sold to man city got disgruntled and weeded off,so making him relevant lik a mini god is absolute rubbish for a player to be holding a club to ransom !The best we can offer him is 300k a week,outside dat sell him nd re-invest the inflow to bring in quality! if sanchez realy wants to win trophy or the elite cup in europe,he shudnt be thinking of man city bcos dey r nt better than arsenal in any we need,iz player dat are focus nd gud team leaders! bring in lemar,mahrez cavalho cudrado to replace outgoin bellerrin,arsenal will be a team to beat!!!

    gud bye sanchez

  13. Funny how Sanchez “wants Champions League football” forgetting the fact that HE was a part of the team that failed to qualify for it for the first time in 20 years. A real man and warrior would want to right that wrong. Also our form dipped when Sanchez started having pathetic strops on the pitch for all to see. Let him go to City, as long as we find a suitable replacement!

  14. To me if City can pay the 80m and we can get Lemar and Mahrez (Mbappe fee is insane judging from Martial) let him go. He doesn’t want to stay. 280,000k/w is quite okay for him.

  15. I don’t know what is wrong with Sanchez. He should stay so his name can be written in our history books and become and Arsenal Legend. He has already scored over 50 goals for us. Why stop now! because of greed? Alexis please stay with us and become an Arsenal Legend Please!!

  16. The club, like any business, should plan beyond any player. If he wants out, we do business preferably with a club out of the premier league and move on. Such is life, getting obstacles, finding solutions and moving in.

    Arsenal knows how to move on in these kinds of situations better than anyone else because a did move on after Anelka, Viera, Thierry, Van Persie and many more. So what’s so special with Sanchez that we fail to see another day?

  17. The world moved on after world war 2, we are actually looking forward to world war 3. Who is Sanchez that we can’t move on

    1. Michael….are you craaaaxzzy ! who is looking forward to world war 3 ? is your real name Trump ?

  18. Let’s see if new arrivals change Sanchez mind and if not use the money from sale to buy top winger

  19. Alexis is a good player with individual skills. Arsenal style of play is suited for team players so I say Sell him

  20. No club in Europe will pay him £400k a week,he better sign £300k with us or risk losing his value should Mr Wenger decide to hold on to him for the remainder of his contract.#better stay

  21. Where have all these rumors come from? I’ve not heard Sanchez nor his agent talking about this. Let’s all forget about this media bullshit & wait to hear from Sanchez himself. These contract uncertainties are only there because the club didn’t sort them out early, and let’s be honest… We’ve not been able to show great ambition in the past few years. If we want to keep our best players, it’s up to the management to show their ambition & start handling big players seriously. Unless we have a very serious replacement for Sanchez, we shouldn’t let him go. We all know how long we’ve waited for an RVP replacement.

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