Can Mahrez transfer help Arsenal keep Alexis Sanchez?

I think that Arsenal and Arsene Wenger are going to have a tough task persuading our star striker to stay at Arsenal and sign a new contract, and that is what is going to have to happen because despite the strong words about not letting him go I really cannot see our club turning down something like £50 million and then losing the player in just a year from now for nothing.

I also think that the fight must be fought on two fronts, with his agent and representatives sure to want a significant financial upgrade on the current deal. Even if Arsenal do agree to match the sort of salary that Alexis could pick up at clubs like Man City and Chelsea, I still believe that he needs to believe that staying at Arsenal is not throwing away the chance of an EPL title winners medal.

So that is why I think it is vital for Wenger to make at least one big name signing in the very near future and with Leicester City’s Riyad Mahrez giving the boss the green light and the hurry up I think he would be a great start towards persuading the Chilean that we do mean business. What do you think gooners?

Sam P.


  1. While he is definitely an upgrade on right wing(Walcott/Ozil as pure winger), he does not somehow excite me as a player. Had an average year, and he is waiting as if Barca will come for him! His work rate is not that gr8. He has an eye for goal, but mostly one dimensional. Only thing he has added advantage in his profile is his EPL experience.

  2. We should go for James from RM or look to pinch Costa from Bayern, Mahrez is a good player but JR from RM will offer us more as well as experience in winning, a winning mentality.

    Something that Alexis wants in Arsenal.

    1. Costa will be a beast of a signing, but I don’t think it’ll be easier unless we give them Sanchez. JR is a better option I guess

  3. Big name signing should by far be Lacazzete (?), I truly believe the French league is a fantastic place to do business right now and with Arsen at the helm is should help lure some of them

  4. Monaco is taking a huge gamble not accepting £80M+ for Mbappe now. He might cost much less next season. Football is a funny game.

    1. very true, let them think he’ll be Ronaldo or Messi next season, but he might become Lukaku and regret the times when 100m and 130m were offered and they were hesitating like a virgin girl

  5. Mahrez will strengthen us but it’s not enough even with Alexis. We need another Top forward. We should get both Mahrez and Lacazette for example

    City, Chelsea and United will be much stronger in attack. We need to catch up

    We need to sign a WC forward and a forward who is better than Theo so that Theo is forced to improve

    We will always be top 5 and not PL Champions unless we become more ambitious

    1. Don’t worry, Mahrez will strengthen Juventus, they are in for him.

    2. Mahrez is a good investment but like you sad, we have to purchase an outright striker as in Lacazette or Morata, someone like that. What we don’t need is someone like bloody Sturridge which as been reported. If we are serious about keeping Alexis, this is the sort of thing that could sway him either way.

  6. This is why we never win titles when fans keep calling for signings like Lazy Mahrez

    Why not add mvilla, benteke, boatelli, jackson martinez and etc…to the list of must sign?

    1. Mahrez on his own won’t change much, mahrez plus a top striker would. Spending £100 million on a couple of decent attacking players and then some more on a defender would make a huge difference to the club. If we lose Sanchez then so be it. An extra £50 million from Sanchez plus another £40 odd million from clearing out the deadwood could come in handy to strengthen the team. The old dithering about that Wenger has been guilty of in the past needs to go, he needs to act fast and decisively.

  7. Breaking news!!

    Arsenal to block Sanchez’s move to City or even Chelsea, the club is willing to risk keeping an unhappy player for a year and losing him for free at the end of next season.

    1. More news elsewhere:
      Arsenal forward Alexis Sanchez, 28, fears the Gunners will block him moving to Manchester City – leaving Bayern Munich as the Chile international’s only option. (Mirror)

      1. And the more than likely outcome, that’s if he’s desperate to leave Arsenal:

        Bayern Munich are reportedly set to launch a bid worth €40 million (£35 million) for Arsenal forward Alexis Sanchez.

        According to German outlet Bild (via Metro), Bayern are still eager to snap the Chilean up despite already recently signing Serge Gnabry, and they are prepared to offer Sanchez, 28, terms worth €60 million (£53 million) across a four-year deal.

        The report added Bayern believe that, despite Manchester City being prepared to offer twice as much money to Arsenal to snap up Sanchez, the Gunners could be open to accepting their lower offer so as not to sell their star man to a direct Premier League rival.

        1. Don’t believe anything that the trashy media say, if Alexis does really want to leave, Arsene Wenger won’t stand in his way unless it’s to Man City of course. Who knows mate? He might even be staying for all we know. We’ll find out in time, yes I’ll be gutted if he goes but an extra £50 odd million will come in handy to strengthen the team.

      2. Do you honestly believe the Daily Mirror? Next you’ll be quoting stuff from Metro.. There’s only 2 or 3 people that know what Alexis is doing next season and they’re not from the gutter press.

      3. Fatboy what happened to your post the other day when you where claiming SANCHEZ TO MAN CITT IN THE NEXT COUPLE OF DAYS. Saying things like it will definitely happen they have already agreed the move and you heard it here first. I told you then and I’ll tell you now DON’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ ON THE NET WND IN THE PAPERS. Until you see it on either clubs official website it’s all crap.

  8. Lacazette talks on going, Lyon want £48 million up front and another £12 million in add on’s.

    1. That’s a more likely true story as Wenger and Gazidis have been spotted in France this last week or so. I can’t see it happening with the Monaco boy but Lacazette, I think is probably true.

  9. Arsenal submit enquiries for Bayer Leverkusen stars Bernd Leno and Hakan Calhanoglu.

  10. Arsenal have made an offer to sign James Rodriguez but the Colombia international is holding out for a move to Manchester United, according to reports from Don Balon, as quoted by the Daily Mirror.

  11. Mahrez will excell at Arsenal . He’ll be at home at the Emerates . Walcott will have to play in the cup games . Get Mbappe or Belotti up front to complete the frontline.

    1. if Mahrez and Lacazette come, I’ll personally pay for Walcott’s travel to wherever he goes. He had so much potential bit has failed to fulfill it after 10 years at the club. Wenger kept faith with him and cast away The Ox which was a mistake. It now appears that The Ox is the player that Walcott should’ve been and he’s come good at last and now plays first team football regularly and does it well. We should’ve offered him Walcott’s £100k contract and got rid of Theo.

  12. For me it’s simple, tell alexis he can honour his contract at £140k a week and or take a pay rise to £300k for 4 year deal, with an option to leave next season if we fail to qualify for the champions league. I would also promote alexis to main striker and bring in another assist king alongside ozil who also gets goals. Mahrez is one like that, turan another, but I am sure there could be better? To be honestly fair goals were not really our problem past season, I think we scored 121 goals in all competitions and under the new formation we looked more defensively sound with every player looking far stronger in that set up,

    That said I think our holding midfield is our biggest worry with cazorla and Wilshire currently both set to miss the start of the season, I am not sure I am comfortable with our current offering of xhaka ramsey with coquelin and elneny as back up. Although the double barrelled pairing of Jeff and aisles will add some youthful depth, I think we need at least one player there. For me Ramsey looks a much better player for Wales than he does us and I honestly think he would be better in one of the attacking roles or at least back up to those 2 roles. I would also say those positions best suit wilshire and iwobi too and I am really excited about the prospect of seeing reiss Nelson challenging for that position.

    So in short I think it’s more important to keep alexis than it is to sign a new striker, but only if we can sign another attacking midfielder and another holding midfielder. If we done that my squad would look like this lining up 3421
    GK – Cech Szczesney Huddart*
    Cb – Holding Mustafi Gabriel Mertesacker Koscielny
    Rwb – Bellerin Chamberlain
    Cm – New Holding Mid, Xhaka. Coquelin, Elneny Cazorla, Adelaide*, Niles*,
    Lwb – Kolasinac Monreal
    Am – New Attacking Mid, Ozil, Ramsey, Wilshire, Walcott, Iwobi*,Nelson*
    Cf – Alexis, Welbeck, Giroud, Perez

    It would mean goodbye to Ospina (sold) Martinez, Macey (both loaned) Jenkinson, Debuchy, Gibbs (all sold)
    Kamara, Toral, Campbell (all sold) Akpom, Asano (both loaned)
    The only remaining player born 1995 or before is Iliev. I would keep him at the club as an u23 player as he recently signed a new contract and is unlikely to get a club due to his injury record.

    1. why would you keep Walcott?? If Mahrez came, he would take his position and do it better and save us £100k a week. I’d remove Coquelin as well, he hasn’t done enough to warrant his position either.

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