Can Man United take advantage of “shambles” Arsenal and Tottenham?

Just a few weeks ago, Arsenal were the hot favourites to take the last Champions League place with Man United dropping out of contention like a stone.

Then Tottenham came to the fore with a 4-0 win over Aston Villa making them look like they were hitting top form, while Arsenal suddenly hit a massive slump.

But this last weekend was a disaster for both Arsenal and Spurs with both losing unexpectedly badly 1-0, while Man United struggled to beat Norwich 3-2 thanks to a Ronado masterclass.

The Tottenham legend Jamie O’Hara was completely exasperated by his old club’s performance where they failed to register a shot on target in the defeat to Brighton, and can’t see either of the North London rivals now taking Fourth, which leaves the door open for Man United.

O’Hara told talkSPORT: “What are we doing?! What are Spurs doing? What are Arsenal doing? We’re both a shambles!

“Does anyone want top four? I feel like this happens every season.

“The worst thing that’s going to happen is that Man United are going to get fourth!”

His co-presenter Simon Jordan agreed that the race is far from over at this point, when he said: “We’ve got a real race for fourth spot between three mediocre sides.

“I think on the balance of probability, and I can’t believe I’m going to say this, I’m still going to make my case for Manchester United.

“It’s wide open again. Despite the fact they are [rubbish] and the club’s in disarray, I can see a script where Tottenham can implode, because they’re capable of it.

“The 4-0 against Aston Villa, as compelling as it was, wasn’t really a final victory because Villa were very much in that game.”

With Arsenal fully expected to lose to the European Champions Chelsea on Wednesday night, all etes will be on the Saurday clash between Man United and Arsenal, which could end up being the crucial decider after all.

Isn’t this just the craziest end to the season?

Can you see Man United nicking Fourth spot?


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  1. I think for them a lot will depend on how Ronaldo is mentally after the dreadful news of his baby boy being stillborn.

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