Can marriage help Wilshere rebuild his Arsenal career?

Unless she has some serious skills or magic powers that we have not been told about, the new Mrs. Wilshere will not be able to help Jack overcome the persistent and frustrating injury problems that have dogged his playing years so far, and that is the major thing that our player needs.

However, it often appears as though the 25-year old’s attitude is not quite right. There have been the photos of him smoking and generally seeming to enjoy the party lifestyle a bit too much, which might not be an issue if he was as fit as a fiddle and playing out of his skin on a regular basis.

Let’s just hope Jack enjoys married life as much and that it helps him to knuckle down, prove all the doubters wrong and make himself an Arsenal legend.



  1. I don’t care if it has a positive effect on his career. Just Congrats man !???? and ??may your marriage never be like your Arsenal’s Career???

    1. Well I hope his marriage is like his arsenal career. He has been in his marriage to arsenal a long time, so I hope he can stay in his marriage to his wife a long time too.

      As for his injuries many of them were down to arsene and his addiction to be lime Tika taka Barcelona. It hasn’t worked and now he has finally looked at a system change, I hope he drops Tika taka for good. It simply failed in the premier league as the need to play that style meant holding onto the ball too long, thus risking late tackles, fatigue, strains, over stretching etc.

      Hopefully wilshire can change his style, and start spreading play with long balls and simple passes too. He could emulate either of ozil or cazorla, it’s up to him and wenger which one. I honestly think we are just 2 players short of a decent starting and back up x1 and have enough depth in the squad to give us a strong 25 plus 8 decent youngsters to genuinely give us 3 players for each position, with 3 slightly different formations

      Cech (3412)
      Mustafi Mertesacker Koscielny
      Bellerin xhaka (new signing) kolasinac
      (new signing) alexis

      Szczesney (3421)
      Chambers Holding Gabriel
      Chamberlain Coquelin Cazorla Monreal
      Wilshire ramsey

      Huddart (343)
      Pleguezuelo Bielik Sheaf
      Niles Elneny Adelaide Bramall
      Walcott Giroud Nelson

      Obviously if we lose any of the above they will need replacing.

      And it’s farewell to ospina, martinez (loan) Debuchy jenkinson gibbs and the very unfortunate perez who I would actually rather keep than walcott, but it’s obviously not going to happen.

  2. Hopefully he’ll do the right things now he’s more settled, but that doesn’t make a difference in terms of his injuries though. Was a huge prospect, but hasn’t really kicked on when playing regularly, as we saw at Bournemouth last season, and it’s huge risk to extent his contract given the injuries as well. Currently out with yet ANOTHER injury, so do we want another Diaby on our hands?

    I’d try and get some cash for Wilshere before he goes on a free, and only offer him a pay-as-play contract if he were to stay on. It’s a shame because he was so gifted, but he’s turned into just an average pro footballer. Was decent at Bournemouth, but that’s about it.

    1. What do you mean by average?I doubt you watched him closely at Bournemouth.He was their best player and was running the show until the injuries came in.He always starts playing a bit like his old self when he plays string of games.Then just when his about to remind us then the injuries come.Anyone who says he was average at Bournemouth obviously didn’t watch him.Also I feel the word “average “is used ignorantly a lot of times over here.I quite remember people here saying Serge Gnabry was average and deadwood.However,those that were watching him and knew his talent knew he wasn’t average.If Arsenal sell Wilshere then they must pray that he doesn’t have an injury free season because if he does he’s gonna be one of the best.

      1. I’ll admit, average was a bit harsh, but I just meant he’s not at the level that WE need to succeed. At Bournemouth he probably was one of their best, and Jack would be great in most teams in the Premiership, but not for the big boys though. For example, it wouldn’t even be up for debate between Cazorla, and Wilshere for the CM role. We need more players of Santi’s ability to win the big trophies, Jack just isn’t at that level.

        1. The guy is currently not a key player for us but he’s got the required quality to be a 2nd or 3rd option just in case.We have to be smart in allowing him to go or not.Honestly speaking Arsenal’s injury situation is more of a curse.He should be sent on loan next season to a spanish team.He needs to go to a league which is not so physical.I believe he can excel over there.However, I still believe that Jack can be one of Arsenal’s best players in the future.Allowing him to go is still a wrong choice.We need to loan him to a spanish team.

          1. Yeah he’s a quality backup option, but he’s rarely available though. He made his debut nine years ago, and considered a regular for the last seven years, but we’re still waiting for him to kick on, like so many other players. So when do you draw the line? That’s a ridiculous amount of time to wait for some consistent performances, and one of the main reasons we keep failing to challenge.

            We’ve been waiting around a decade for this British core to perform! Top managers would only wait one/two seasons max.

  3. This injury thing is really killing our players.I wonder what the reason for all this is.Long term injuries to certain key players have denied us the EPL trphy in the past.We really should check this thing because I just don’t get it.Why do most if not all of our players who leave the club have less recovery periods for the injuries they get and why do some hardly get injured?

  4. ridiculous
    title concept-whole shabang

    she looks fit tho cant front, shame she aint packing more ‘weight’
    big booty is life

  5. Well, give it a couple of months when she starts nagging him and he will be turning up for training early and leaving late just to get out of the house…thats the only upside i can see…

  6. If I’m not mistaken, he’s been married before and already has kids. So congrats, but no, it ain’t gonna do any wonders for Jack’s Arsenal career.

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