Can Mesut Ozil be Arsenal’s very own Leo Messi?

Okay Arsenal fans, I am well aware that when I compare our very own creative star Mesut Ozil with the Barcelona and Argentina international forward Lionel Messi I am going to have to ignore one very important factor if the German is going to come out favourably. Messi has all sorts of talents but it is the incredible goal scoring on top of them all that makes him the best player in the world, and Ozil is not even close in that regard.

But that is not really what I am getting at here. When I say that Ozil could be the Gunners’ version of the man about to win the Ballon D’Or it is not their ability I am thinking of, although if our number 11 was not a special player I would not even have started.

One of the other remarkable things about Messi is the amount of football he plays. As long as the little Argentinean is not injured he plays just about every minute of every game and funnily enough he hardly ever picks up an injury. For a player fouled as much as Messi that is quite something and I think it has to do with his appetite for the game, something that magical Mesut has been showing.

Ozil also used his last injury lay off to work on his physical strength and since then, touch wood, he has stayed fit. He has probably played more minutes and covered more ground than any other Arsenal player this season and yet he was the main man again in the Bournemouth match, so there is no sign of him running out of steam like we saw with Alexis Sanchez.

Could we have our own version of Messi, in the sense that Ozil can just keep playing and at the very peak of his powers?

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  1. Maybe but I’d still feel more comfortable if he could get a rest. Hopefully he will be rested for the FA Cup, maybe by pushing Ramsey up or moving Ox into the middle. It’ll be fantastic to have Little Mozart back in a few weeks. Jack? I fear the worst

  2. “He has probably played more minutes and covered more ground than any other Arsenal player”

    Most minutes played – Petr Cech
    Most minutes played (outfield) – Nacho Monreal
    Most ground covered – Couldn’t locate that stat unfortunately

  3. OT but we should put a bid in for Lukaku, if not in January then definitely in the summer. Giroud isn’t getting any younger either. We need a new #9 since Podolski vacated that slot. Young and Premier League proven. Add Wanyama to that who dominated our midfield and we should be set. Looking forward to seeing Elneny play though, really excited regardless of the fee.

  4. Hahaha ?
    Ozil is our Ozil. … And he is just like our very own Ozil ?
    There’s no need to compare him with magnetic boots Messi.

    Ozil is a unselfish TEAM player,
    Whereas Messi is the complete opposite!

    1. Messi selfish?since 2008 Ozil has 102 assists with Messi having 100 so stop talking nonsense,Messi is the best player in the World while Ozil is the best player in the premier league!

  5. Ozil is more important
    to Arsenal than Messi
    is to Barca. When Messi
    was out Barca just ticked over because
    Barca also have Neymar Suarez
    Rakitic, Pique, Iniesta, Busquets
    Alba, Mascherano and now Turan.
    Ozil has been excellent with less talent
    around him and a changing landscape as injuries hit.
    If Arsenal win the Premier League after so many years
    he and Cech deserve to be Ballon d’or nominees.

    1. That’s because Barca have more world class players than us obviously they can handle losing Messi,Wenger is to blame for not bringing in more quality like Ozil or Sanchez that’s why we can’t compete in the champions league!

  6. it ll make perfect sense if Ozil is rested for both the newyear’s game and Sunderland game, 2weeks of rest would do him a whole lot of good.

    against Newcastle we can play Ramsey in AM and Chambers-Flamini in midfield or Flamini-Chamberlain.

    against Newcastle Alexis can slot in easily behind the striker

  7. Yes I also think its a good idea to give the guy some rest, he has been amazing this season so far. But remember, Wenger (seems like it) asks the players ‘DO YOU WANNA PLAY?’ Ozil be like ‘YEAH prof’, lol…

    I don’t think those decisions should be made entirely by all key players, Wenger should rest regardless of player opinion…we don’t need Ozil to have a Sanchez type injury where management could have prevented it.

  8. Please this team is reliant on one players form , look at Alexis both Wenger and that chile head coach sucked the very life out of the man who is injured. Tell me can anybody in the team pick up the mantle excluding Cech. Because of Ozil Giroud looks good. Arsene Wenger has already stated to the world please man mark him by running praise after praise. Arsenal have the most wasteful attackers in Giroud and Walcott. Arsenal should have taken Bournemouth apart.

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