Can Mikel Arteta bounce back from the humbling loss at Man City?

Arsenal restarted the season with another depressing result as the Gunners were beaten 3-0 by Manchester City.

That result confirmed the fears of most of the club’s fans who expected us to be beaten by the Citizens as soon as we were paired with them for our first game.

Looking at that game from that point of view takes away the fact that we did start the game well and if David Luiz had not entered the match, we may have gotten something from the game.

Mikel Arteta will feel bad after his fine preparations for the game. We started the reign of the Spaniard very well and we were unbeaten in domestic competitions this year before that loss.

However, we also started Unai Emery’s reign very strongly and at some point, it felt that the club was on the right track.

But when the bubble burst under the former PSG boss, we went downhill until he was sacked.

I am not trying to make a big deal out of Arsenal’s loss to Manchester City, but it is obvious that games like this can change the course of a team’s season.

Our players will have been very confident heading into that game, but all their game plans was undone and they might struggle to pick themselves up again.

I trust Mikel Arteta, but I wonder is this the beginning of the end? Or can he get his players to bounce back immediately with a win against Brighton the next time out?

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    1. I thought he was on loan but apparently signed for about £14m. Just looked it up as there was hardly a fanfare welcoming him to the club

      1. 14million is too much for him, 10million is ok… Well he has signed, hopefully he wouldn’t be another one of them

      2. It makes me wonder… it’s being reported that we paid the 5m in January… pay 3m now…then add a further 1m for every 10 games he plays, up to the limit of 8m….. 🤷‍♀️

          1. From what i have seen of Mari, i think he is way way too slow and cumbersome, Mertadonkeyesque . We are in trouble if we are looking to him for the future. Well we are in trouble anyway but you know what i mean.

          2. Well, Reggie, we have Saliba on his way… I’d love Tyrone Mings to partner him, but that’s just a pipe dream!!

            Mertadonkeyesque 😂😂

    2. There is a report of Leroy Sane leaving Man City. He does not want to extend his contract. Can Arteta take advantage and bring him to Arsenal. This should be the right moment. Very important.

      Asensio, Sane, Fekir , Lewis Dunk and Thomas Partey..The signings we desperately need to compete at tge required level.

      Arteta and the board should act fast

      1. Can you imagine our offer would be to pay in installments over 50 years!!
        I’d love to have him at Arsenal, unfortunately he’ll be too costly for us! And he’ll end up at Bayern!

  1. Then Luiz should go because I see the similarities between them
    Good result at tonight
    The players can bounce back, though it’s difficult with injuries and suspensions, am not even sure who will partner mustaffi tomorrow, but if our team is ambitious, this is the time to stake a claim and show their commitment.
    I reckon 18point is achievable out of the remaining 27, 58points are enough to place us between 4 and 6th

  2. So, I missed the Manc penalty as I had to turn over to Celebrity Gogglebox 👍 but I saw De Gea’s poor attempt at keeping out Bergwijn’s shot!! He really has picked up where he left off! Once a howler always a howler 😄
    Great score though, happy with a draw!

    1. I think it was a really powerful strike, hot his hands on it, but couldn’t deflect it away from goal. They both dropped points, so that’s good for us, we have to take advantage.

        1. Should’ve put the hand sanitizer on his hands not his gloves 😂😂 the United faithful will be calling for Dean Henderson!!

        1. Me too, actually 😀….. one of the joys of being a gooner, eh?…. Arsenal should set up a health insurance scheme for us fans 😂

  3. Finally getting that we have no coach but cheapest option , an assistant with no head coach experience!

  4. It all lies with the coach, his team selection and his tactics. As I have mentioned umpteen number of times, if you expect a draw minimum(forget a win) keep the famous five (Mustafi, Luis, Socrates, Xhaka, Ozil) at home to take care of their pets, let the boys do the men’s job.Think that we do not have these guys on our roster and groom the reserves to fill in.For the sake of results and table position, let us all unite and forget their wages and compensation, think it is given into some accident, and start fresh for the rest 8 games. We might some, lose some, draw some, but this will serve as the building block for next season, time for the players/coach to gel without bad influences around the training grounds. Forget Europa (I’ve forgotten what UCL is all about), since we cannot and do not want to win it, why participate in it? Take 10th spot with a junior team, bring in 1-2 new faces (not some mega flops) and focus on the EPL and FA next year, try for a top 4 and compete the following year when the team or should I say the Arsenal organisation will be free from the shirt merchant and his distractions once and for all.
    For the Brighton match, Xhaka and Luiz are out, 3 calamity players still can make it, my heart wants a thumping win, head says a draw.
    I want Auba to bang in at least 2 goals to stay in contention for the golden boot.
    Mikel Arterta Amatriain; my evening happiness lies in your hands, do not let your gunner family down.

    1. Sokratis is out also… so we’ll definitely see Mustafi, not sure about Ozil. Zech Medley has been added to the squad apparently.
      Wouldn’t it be nice, just for a change, to feel 100% confident of a win?!!

      1. Three of the famous five out, Ozil doubtful, then we have every chance to win.Happy for Zech, big tall strong lad, wish he plays and does well. Hope he benches Socrates. Any case Luiz has 10 more days as a gunner,so not bothered about him, only a foolish person will give him an extension. And hope Zech proves Arteta he was wrong to hire Mari. Next season we will have Jordi Osei Tutu back at RB, Bellerin looked good against City, doubt we need Max Aarons.

        1. We need Thomas Partey. That is a priority. Leroy Sane is also available. He is leaving Man City. Arsenal should act fast on these two signings

  5. Getting a result against City was always going to be an up hill struggle and I’m not dishearted by the loss. I think we need to come to terms with what’s going on. The likes of Ozil, Luiz,Socratis, Mki and Elneny are likely to moved on. Lacazette, Torriera, Pepe, Kolisnac, Niles and maybe Xhaka and Mustafi will be on the market. The rumours of Papa Gueye and Partley are exciting as signing both would completely change the dynamic of our midfield. All the forwards can be replaced even Abameyang, as him playing from the wing leaves us exposed and clearly Arteta prefers a more physical player for the cf role.

  6. Luiz out
    Xhaka out
    Mari idk
    And ozil has hinted that he will be in this match in his insta story so atleast he will be in the squad

    I really want to try ceballos and torreira as our double pivot if we are to keep 4231

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