Can muppet Piers Morgan PLEASE shut up about Arsenal?

It was painful enough having to watch Arsenal go from a slick team in cruise control; three goals up at home and looking like scoring a hatful, to allowing lowly Anderlecht to score three late goals, thereby ending all hopes of winning the Champions League group and even putting our qualification in doubt.

So the last I needed today was to read another embarrassing load of twaddle from famous Arsenal fan Piers Morgan. You would think that the man would have learned from his previous embarrassing outpourings on Twitter, but he seems to be shame proof.

As reported by The Mirror, Morgan got into an exchange of tweets with the Man City captain Vincent Kompany, who spent 14 years at Anderlecht, and ended by practically begging the Belgian defendcer to come to play for the Gunners if Morgan gave him Β£60 million and two Ferraris. Nice one Piers, give rival fans even more reason to take the mickey why don’t you?

This is the same man who used to spout bile about Aaron Ramsey and then try to claim that he knew the Welshman would come good. It is pretty clear that Piers knows very little about football and will change his views like the wind changes direction. Fair enough, I suppose, but does everyone else have to hear about it?

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  1. BOB, now you know what it is like to read tripe from so called arsenal fans who think they can write . a little of your own medicine seems to be hard to swallow for you sir have turned into the very worst type of author on here because you suit only yourself when you type out endless amount of blubber on here .you surely must be paid by the word and not by the quality of article , so , welcome to our world , and suck it up .

  2. well, wenger is worse by far than piers morgan. he is soo bad in coaching and so good in converting good players to bad that he managed to convert HIMSELF from invincible coach to specialist in failure πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

    Piers Morgan over wenger all day πŸ™

  3. You know if you have an insect infested plant at your home, you do not go around trimming it leaves one by one. You rip out the fu#king root and throw it away. I hope BOB you are getting the drift here. Or are you too stupid as your articles ??

  4. Why are you angry at Piers Morgan ?? We are the laughing stock all over the world. Whose mouth you will shut next ??

  5. In a game between eleven Messi coached by Wenger and eleven Bendtner coached by Moyes, who do you predict to win??
    Well, you are wrong! it would be a draw!! Wenger has perfected the art of drawing, even if it means dropping a three goal lead πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™
    #Piers is greater than Wenger
    #Santos is better than Wenger

    1. the guy hates to see his favorite team have a 3 goal lead at home only to see them let an equalizer in the dying minutes against a barely known team like Anderlecht.

      Don’t you hate to see your favorite team have a 3 goal lead at home only to see them let an equalizer in the dying minutes against a barely known team like Anderlecht?

  6. Abouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Diabyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Goallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll !!!!

  7. A few things.
    – The Vincent Kompany nonsense was absolutely out of line, I agree.
    – Piers Morgan admittedly said that he disliked Rambo back then and that Rambo proved him wrong. So when he says things now like “I’ve always backed Ramsey” he is just kidding.
    – Morgan talks waaaaaay too much. But some of the tweets he puts forth are dead on. Most of them are geared towards AW’s being tactically inept, which we’ve been talking about all season.

    He’s a famous. He’s an Arsenal fan. You’re gonna hear him say things about our club again and again. So getting mad at him won’t do you any good.

  8. Our out of form players and injuries and lack of depth is making selecting a starting 11 so hard.

    Out of form players include
    Ramsey (trying to be the worlds best player it seems, too many flick, wasting possession)
    Wilshere (too much dribbling and always wanting to do 1-2 everytime in opposition box)
    Ox (no 1 good game in 8 isn’t good enough)
    Welbeck (not getting in goall scoring postion isn’t wanting to make runs to receive passes)
    Cazorla (too many chances missed in last 5 games, alsmost all from the same position )
    Flamini (is not making enough tackles and isn’t commanding the midfied)
    Mertesacker (Has lost positional awareness, reacting late to situations)
    Scszesny (can’t make 3,4 or 5 good saves in a match, maximum is always 2)
    Monreal (although not really since he isn’t a CB)

    These players need to be dropped, the problem again is Wenger and not having depth because he didn’t get a DMF/or physical CMF and didn’t get a CB.

    Knowing Wenger he will go on to practically start almost all of those players mentioned above again in the next match against Swansea. And we keep wandering why we have played so poorly this season.

    You drop your out of form players every good manager does this. You also play players in their normal position unless you’re Mourinho and are parking the bus.

    Joel Campbell needs to come into the team at LW
    Walcott at RW.
    Sanchez moves inside to replace the out of form Cazorla at AMF. He creates many chances.
    Chambers needs to move in CB
    Bellerin plays at RB

  9. Hate piers Morgan for all you want …….. The fans won’t put the pressure on Wenger….. His AKBs tries to hide all his flaws and make him look Like a saint…. Piers is just a Tweeting freak …. How does he affect the arsenal game on the pitch? ….Look for a better scape goat Like gazidis, kroenke or Wenger to Lay blames on for the shambles in this club….. Let piers be

    1. Arsenal are screwed at the moment, how can anything improve with a manager who is clearly past it. The problem is that some financiers suck the life out of what they invest in – hence we have Vampire Stan (he ain’t going to fix the manager issue), then there is Sir Fish & Chips who is a Chairman clearly asleep at the wheel, next we have Ivan the terrible General Manager backing up Arsene Wenger who sounds increasingly like the Minister for Silly Excuses from those old Monty Python sketches.
      Piers Morgan is the least of our problems.

  10. adrian durham is being given ammunition every week by wenger.
    he says wenger used to be great but has lost it- doesnt sound unrealistic to me.
    piers morgan- is just banter an trollin – changes his mind every game
    stewart robson- bitter
    talksport- quality-

    stop being such a fanboy man

    1. I may not like Piers Morgan… but his stance about Arsenal is similar to mine. The truth is the truth!

    2. Adrian Durham, the guy who didn’t put Sanchez in his list of top transfers of the summer, but included Lukaku and Bojan?

  11. I’m fed-up with reading Piers back-paddling embarrassing twaddle time and time again. However, I don’t believe any true red-blooded Gooner (unfortunately Piers is one) should be gagged either following last night debacle.

    Let’s not adopt the Gazadis backed AKB Muppets and use piers as an excuse to detract from the continuous problems on the pitch which only one man is responsible – Lord (LOL!) Wenger.

  12. I don’t understand wenger; he is on the touch line fretting d whole game as his players squander a 3 goal lead then after d game he says his players were going for d 4th goal at 3-2 when they should have been more cautious; am like why didn’t he get that message across to the players; excuses upon excuses

  13. wenger requires a “Hairdryer” treatment from the fans …… Boycott the next few arsenal games….. Mount up big banners of “WENGER-OUT” and place it right opposite the Touchline where Wenger and BouLd can see it clearly …. This will send him a message that AFC (Arsenal football club) may as well mean AFC (Arsenal Fans cLub)

  14. @johnsouttar
    How long are we expected to accept the ‘world-class’ stadium as an excuse for not winning trophies? Another 5, 10 20 years? We can shout until we spit blood but lets be honest is it going to turn a second-rate defensive line into world-beaters? You are asking fans who spend the most on a ticket than any other PL club to accept the dribble of last night – delusional.

    ‘Football is not about winning every match’ – No but trying would be nice!

  15. who the f*ck are you?? are you Stan Kroenke?
    are you a businessman??, For a real football supporter, win every match is everything and the trophy is the maximum reward… the passion and pride of the fans can not be purchased with ” financial stability”. In fact, are the fans who pay the financial stability, so, we DESERVE SOMETHING BETTER that this sh+t….

    GTFO, you pathetic wengerite.

  16. To be fair, considering his reputation and history, are any fans, even man city fans, going to pay attention to that arrogant piece of (and I’m pretty sure Admin should let me swear considering the context and target) sh*t…

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