Can Newcastle United even afford to buy Kieran Tierney, due to FPP?

Financial Fair Play Regulations Could Hinder Newcastle’s Pursuit of Kieran Tierney

Newcastle United’s potential move for Kieran Tierney may face obstacles due to Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations. The Scottish international has been linked with a transfer away from Arsenal as he seeks more regular playing time, with Newcastle emerging as a potential destination. However, their plans to secure Tierney’s services could be hampered by FFP constraints.

Tierney’s limited game time at Arsenal, primarily due to the arrival of Oleksandr Zinchenko last summer, has sparked significant interest in the talented left-back.

Among the suitors, Newcastle and Aston Villa have emerged as front-runners, with the latter managed by Unai Emery, who brought Tierney to Arsenal during his tenure at the club.

Reports suggest that Newcastle would need to offer a fee in the range of £30-35 million to tempt Arsenal into parting ways with the 26-year-old. Arsenal had initially paid £25 million to acquire Tierney from Celtic in 2019.

However, Newcastle’s ambitious summer spending plans, which included targeting marquee signings, may be curtailed by FFP regulations.

Having already recorded a net spend of £250 million across the past three transfer windows, Newcastle’s lavish expenditure could force them to rein in their financial outlay in the current window. Such limitations could result in Newcastle having to abandon their pursuit of Tierney, thereby potentially opening the door for Aston Villa to make a move for the left-back.

FFP regulations are designed to promote financial stability within football clubs and prevent excessive spending that could lead to financial difficulties. While clubs strive to strengthen their squads, these regulations serve as a crucial safeguard for the long-term sustainability of the sport.

As Newcastle United navigates the complexities of FFP, their aspirations of securing Kieran Tierney’s signature may encounter challenges. It remains to be seen how the club will maneuver within the financial parameters to reinforce their squad while ensuring compliance with the regulations.

For Tierney, his future may still hang in the balance as he weighs his options and assesses the potential destinations that can provide him with the desired regular playing time he seeks.

As much as fans would like to see more of the former Celtic man on the pitch, the majority agree that Zinchenko gives an added dimension to Arteta’s young team.

If Tierney does end up saying goodbye this summer, it would certainly feel like a farewell that came too soon. But things in football, like life, never go the way you expect them to.

We can only thank the defender for his commitment and passion that he showed when times were dark at the Emirates, unless he stays of course!

Writer – Yash Bisht

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  1. The headline asks a question. . Well fair enough, one might think .

    But I question HOW the writer of this piece or the headline writer can possibly expect US on JA to know the answer.
    I venture to suggest the chances of single Gooner worldwide, having acccess to
    Newcastles internal financial situation, are as remote as are my chances of being chosen as the next Pope!
    Of course having already read very many articles about whether or not Tiereny will, will not, or should leave us already, the writer, desperate as he is to pen a piece, had TO TRY TO FIND A NEW ANGLE on Tierney, so he came up with this impossible to answer question and headline.

    Well, no doubt it WILL attract posts, so one could argue that his true mission is already accomplished.

      1. That WOULD be true, but as we both agree, it is NEVER going to happen.

        And THAT was the whole purpose of my post,. as I hope you have the wit to REALISE, even though I would NEVER expect you to acknowledge it.

      1. And irritating too Pat.

        In fact, you omitted MANY of my traits , most of which are designed to try to get more Gooners to THINK before they write the bleeding, simplistically, OBVIOUS and without attempt to delve deeper into the subject in question.

        Don’t supose you have noticed that of course?!!


        1. Well Jon,
          I’m afraid I can’t be on JustArsenal 24 hours a day no matter how much I want to.

          But I do have a life…. And I sort what I can, when I can.

          And I am happy I am doing my job, you obviously think you would like me to do more?

          1. Pat, Oh NO. I dont think you should do more. It is entirely your own decisuoon what you do anxd nothinh whatever to do with me. But I do notice many things in general, about all sorts of Gooners posts,and almost all of them go by unremarked upon by me, though SOME do not.

            I simply said you let a lot go by unnoticed, which is true, but nowhere in my post was any blame attached to you, or to anyone else, on THAT matter.

            A long standing problem I have on JA is that by using precise and correct English, which few others do, I am often misinterpreted and some think I mean things which I DID NOT SAY .

            IF I HAVE SOMETHING I want to say, then I say it and say it clearly That you think I BLAME you for having a life outside JA is just your interpretatIon, and an incorrect one too, of my post. I think actually that you work extremely hard and run your busines in a very successful way from your own point of view. A SINCERE THOUGHT TOO!

            I simply pointed out a fact, with which you seem to concur, but attributed NO BLAME ABOUT IT.

  2. You forget they have champions league money coming in. Even if they don’t qualify from the group stage, that money would be more than enough to get Tierney. Moreover, FFP is a joke. As long as you can afford good lawyers which of course the Toon army can, UEFA should go to hell

    1. dgr8xt, How graphically your post exposes the corruption within UEFA.

      The corruption ,in fact, that IS FIFA.
      You are ,of course, spot on.

      1. As much as I dislike City because of their cheating, I’ve always maintained that PSG is far worse. What is going on at PSG is like a known terrorist walking freely on the street with an AK-47 and shooting people while having police (who should be arresting him) as escort to save him from any harm. UEFA in this case is the police.

  3. If he leaves good for him and Inhope he becomes very successful, oppose to rotting on our bench as 3rd choice.

    What a waste of a top player.

    One of MA questionable decisions

  4. When is the last time Arsenal fan direct with the ball down the wings and put in an early cross?. We need Tierney to provide that service, also a Target man that can Header the ball, just as a plan B or to mix It up a little. Otherwise Arsenal have become too predictable. So keep Tierney and get a Tall or aggressive Target man that can hold up the ball and Headed a goal of flick on. Just to see out the remaining 20 or 30 minutes of the game. We are too predictable.Apart from Victor Osimhen not sure who is a suitable targetman? Anyway keep Tierney unless we get £30 million.

    1. Sorry, stupid spell checker, changed my word again( from RAN to FAN). I ment to say, when was the last time Arsenal RAN down the wing and put in an early cross? Anyway, that is why we need Tierney and also a TARGET MAN. KEEP TIERNEY, UNLESS NEWCASTLE OFFER £30MILLION. IF CHELSEA CAN SPEND £500 MILLION,then Newcastle can spend LARGE.

  5. I question the author’s assumption that the majority of fans think Zinchenko gives a better dimension at full back than Tierney.

    Quite literally, a defender defends and Tierney is the best full back defender we have.

    Zinchenko has been party to quite a few gaffes in his defending, while the same is not true of Tierney.

    However, the manager sees it differently and KT must decide what he wants to do.

    I just feel that with CL football next season, we need to keep our top players and Tierney is one of them.

  6. I do think his talents lie playing as a singer as he better at crossing the ball than defending.Anyway apart from Chelsea setting the spending benchmark with £500 million on transfers in a season and the FAs financial and law people still chasing Man City over financial discrepancies. Newcastle should have no problem buying Tierney for £30 millikn. Newcastle and Arsenal are way down the FAs pecking order for financial discrepancies.

    1. I did write winger and again spell checker changed this to singer. But who’s to say, maybe he is a good singer!

      1. daveg Of course another and far better option available to you is to learn how to spell by yourself, without using apparently faulty technology!

  7. Man City have good lawyers, they were charged with financial discrepancies and told they would have points deducted like Rangers and Juventus, but that has been swept under the carpet.

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