Can ONE game change the mind of Arsenal fans?

Can a game change the mind of Arsenal fans? By SK

Just a week ago, it seemed that every Arsenal fan was united against the club offering a new contract to Wenger! Series of protests before the kick off of games, only showed how fed up the fans were with Wenger. On the internet, on the streets of London, on the pages of newspapers, the discussion was all about how the Arsenal fans wanted Wenger out. This massive protest shook the club to the extent that Mr. Keswick had to come out to make a statement on behalf of the club. The fans showed how powerful they can be.

However on Saturday, towards the end of the game against Lincoln, a “in Wenger we trust” banner was visible at one section of the stands. I was surprised to see the banner; I thought nobody trusted in Wenger again. So what changed the mind of some fans? Was it because we white-washed Lincoln? Was a game enough to change the minds of some fans? Were they to timid to realize that a game was not enough for a man to earn back their trust?

The game against Lincoln was a welcome relief. We had lost form terribly and we needed a good winning game to assure us that our team was not as bad they have been playing. Beating Lincoln by five goals was sweet but it was not enough for us to believe the team was back. While not trying to disrespect Lincoln football club, I feel they are not the type of club we should be celebrating a victory over.

If we had beaten Bayern Munich by even a goal to none, I would have gone to the moon for a vacation. So, why trusting the man who denied me of my vacation to the moon, simply because he beat Lincoln FC? I don’t trust him again and no matter who he beats or how he wins, I still maintain my stand that he should leave Arsenal at the end of the season.

So folks, is one game enough to change your stand on how the club should act at the end of the season?



  1. Twig says:

    In the greater scheme of things, beating Lincoln was a disaster. Unless we hit rock bottom, we’ll never get to have a new manager 🙁

    1. rkw says:

      Sad but true … how will this depressing chapter in clubs history end … Not even clear that exit from fa cup and 5th place will deliver the needed outcome with the tax dodger and upper class twit ceding decision on his own future to the delusional one … No way to run a club unless your priority is the income stream

  2. Godswill says:

    No No No. I’ve already made up my mind

  3. N4NICOLAS says:

    It’s a pity, D board lacks d balls to sack Wenger… agony n pains of an Arsenal Fan

  4. gmv8 says:

    It seems as if the luck of the gods is on Wenger’s side. Looking at the draw, I thought Manchester City was our best bet of getting through (although yet to see the impact of Kane’s injury, but I’m not sure if that will degrade the spuds too much). They seem pretty confident they will win, but we really should’ve beaten them last encounter, if half the team had been awake, and although they have a strong forward line up, their defence is quite shambolic so the aim should be to press them hard and keep the ball in the final third.

  5. HairyCustard says:

    We beat Lincoln. Hardly a feat, no disrespect to Lincoln. As a top team we should be going into the game with the expectation of winning.

    The fact that there was an ‘In Arsene We Trust’ banner doesn’t represent the collective opinion of the fans, but it is obviously not wise for the Wenger-Out fans to put up banners in a game where we are winning.

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