Can Ospina help Arsenal to seal brilliant Benzema transfer?

There were some rumours in the football media last week that claimed that the Arsenal boss had made the opening move in this transfer saga by personally phoning the Real Madrid and France striker Karim Benzema to sound him out about a possible move to north London and the Premier League.

Whether this has any basis in truth or not I have no idea but today The Sun is reporting that the Gunners are ready to make a transfer bid of around £40 million for the world class centre forward, so you would assume that the phone call at least encouraged Arsene Wenger that he was not wasting his time by targeting his fellow Frenchman.

The theory is that Madrid might sell and Benzema might accept a transfer to Arsenal because the new manager at the Bernabeu, Rafa Benitez, has plans to make Cristiano Ronaldo the focal point of the Real Madrid attack. We might have to wait until La Liga kicks off again to find out but if so then Benzema may want to call it quits in Spain.

There would surely be plenty of other suitors though so the fact that Madrid’s keeper situation is looking dicey, with Casillas having left and them maybe having to wait until next summer to get David De Gea. How about selling them David Ospina or even better, loaning them the Colombian for a season? Would that give Arsenal the edge we need to complete this brilliant striker transfer?

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  1. why not do it if it’ll work? just get benzema or any WC striker… but i have this feeling Benzema wont be sold this season and we might get lacazette or Emerick.A …..#COYG!!

    1. Arsene Wenger denies #Arsenal bid for Karim
      Benzema. “It’s not happening at the moment.”
      Those last words give me hope. “at the moment”
      meaning we should expect it soon.

    2. Realistically speaking (I’m no pessimist), I think we may get the guy every true gooner knows we may actually end up getting: Nuh Whan.

    3. “just get benzema or any WC striker”- m8 this is the problem. “just”? it’s not fifa. you fans all make it sound soo simple. “just go and buy some milk”

  2. If we got Benzema, I’d be very happy. Better than Welbeck. Giroud will get good competition and our CF problem solved

    I think Madrid wants Koscielny
    Honestly, I would rather we KEPT Koscielny and NOT get Benzema, if that is the only option. We could always get Lacazette

    I’m just hoping we get either Lewandowski, Benzema, Lacazette, Cavani, or Ibrahimovic

    1. But better than Welbeck. We need two good CF

      Giroud and Lacazette would be better than what we have now

  3. Madrid only sell a player if they can get someone better. Selling 27 year year old Benzema to facilitate 30 year old Ronaldo who isn’t a striker makes no sense, moreover I don’t see why they’d accept Ospina on loan OR even let him go on loan.

      1. Yeah?…thank you.
        However chumpy….Arsenal is competing for 4th next season and Liverpool with Benteke have a better strike force than we do. Nothing you can do about that but dislike me for saying facts.
        Please do…I feed off hate.

        1. You need to get a grip mate – you start wetting yourself every time someone signs a player – last week it was United’s new dynamic duo, then Sterling and now the final piece of the Liverpool jigsaw, Benteke. I’m getting really excited thinking about Pedro to Chelsea and De Bruyne to City – total meltdown for you my friend. Also interested to see how you go if we turn up with a decent signing or two – see what sort of U-turns you can pull off.

  4. Why would Real buy Ospina now when they can get De Gea on a free next summer (assuming they will not get him this summer). Also, I don’t believe they are after Koscielny unless they sell Ramos. Do you see Perez doing the same blunder in the front of the fans by selling another Madrid legend in this window? I don’t say it’s impossible but the chances are very low. Ramos is in the prime of his time, why would you part with him now?
    Also, why would Real sell Benzema (anywhere) when Ronaldo is not a pure striker and the attack will have to rely on Jese and Rodrigues. Unless Real is buying a monster striker, I don’t see how will they do without Benzema next season.

    1. If Real need a keeper so bad, I say give them Cech we keep Ospina and get Benzema, after all a pure striker is what we needed in the first place…..and for those bedazzled with signing Cech cuz Ospina was not good enuff you are just as deluded as our Coach, we made third improving our piss poor status quo thanks to Ospina and Le Coq

  5. Madrid want Aguero I believe and wont sell Benzema unless they get their target, (which they wont I feel).
    Cant see Madrid selling or Benzema wanting to come to us, wev’e tried before with no joy!
    I hope we dont have all our eggs in one basket

  6. How stupid does last years bid for Suarez seem now, (£40m £1)?
    Should have bid £45/50m and just got it done.

    1. Yup if Suarez did that at Liverpool and he missed half a season what would he have done at Arsenal when we were at the top of the League?

      Looking back that HAS to be one of the biggest losses ever.

    2. Very true. Should have just bid 50M and got it done. Its insulting looking back. He really is worth 75M

      1. Another brilliant and insightful comment dude, I am impressed by your knowledge of world and football economics.

        Well played indeed sir.

        1. You must really ‘like’ me…hahaha
          Its sad because I don’t give a damn about you and your sarcastic patronization.
          Thank you though. What can I say, not all of us here can be ignoramuses if you can read between the lines to understand what I just said. I think I was quite clear.

          1. No patronization dude believe me.

            Your eloquence and even tempered view on football and name calling has fast made you an idol of mine.

      2. If he genuinely had a £40M buy-out clause then only a cretin would offer £50M. It said £40M on the price tag. Do you or many others who appear to be a bit clueless on this whole episode actually know what a “buy-out” clause is and how it operates. You offer the amount contractually stated and the selling club is legally obliged to let you talk to the player. But as we all know now, although many appear to have conveniently forgotten, Liverpool later admitted to lying to us.

    3. Suarez would have been gone anyway to Barcelona (he’d push his way just as he did from Liverpool). But I do agree with the fact that we may have had a MUCH better chance in winning the title two seasons ago. We could have won it that year.

    4. he had a 40m clause his agent pere guardiola (pep’s brother ) & wenger’s friend claimed that lvierlool’s behavior was pathetic + we could have taken it with the FA. wenger didn’t do that

  7. Ronaldo as central man? Well, that might limit his game style. However, if they do not go for some other classy striker, I’m not sure they will sell Benz, considering he’s one of the very few classy strikers out there.

    1. He the “safe hand” will be personally delivering a suitcase full of £40m in cash to Real Madrid to seal the deal!

  8. Wenger in press conference in Asia now. On Benzema to Arsenal reports: “That is not happening at the moment.”

    At the moment hmmmm ?????????????

  9. Palace supposedly want Joel Campbell but have been informed he’s more or less off to Sociedad. While Watford & WBA want to loan Gnabry

  10. Benzema has rejected 2 offers from Arsenal. His agent will travel to London for further negotiations

    but feel that wenger’s main target is reus

    Madrid are confident of signing de gea his agent menders are already assured the gk about the move

      1. this came from a la liga journalist he also claimed that wenger had a chat with benzema player doesn’t want to leave but situation can change if Madrid signs morata & lorentte from juve

            1. Rafa never had Morata under his rule. He may know him from Serie A but Madrid will not re-sign. Would make them look very dumb.

              1. madrid can care less about looking dumb and paying a grip of money for a player they just sold. that is the type of club real is i can absolutely see them buying back morata

  11. OT: Sanogo is going to Ajax, just confirmed by wenger.
    Great move, good luck Ya Ya.
    Now we just need to find a solution/buyer for Campbell and throw in Flamini free, (buy one get one free!).

    1. Yaya to Ajax, Jenks to WH, Serge to WBA(?) – is Wenger starting to copy Chelski and loan out everyone? Personally I am pleased for them – Yaya to Ajax seems odd though, he must be a bit better than many on here give him credit for if the famous Ajax academy/set up is gonna have a look at him and help his development.

      1. but idk if he should go to ajax, the dutch league is a big drop off in quality to the perm. and on top of it ajax is one of the top dogs so they are going to dominate 75% + of their opponents.

        1. I see your point but the lad needs to build his confidence – better chance of that I think out of the limelight in the Dutch League. And not many better places to improve his technique. Sounds a bit patronising now I re-read that – easy to forget Ajax one of the footballing giants of the last 50 years, up there with Milan, Barca, Bayern etc. How times change eh?

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